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Axure Wireframe

Internet marketing is the present business trend where most of the people are starting their business on online and offer their service on online sites. We offer our Axure Wireframe and Balsamiq design web application service to the customers and fulfill their requirements with excellent designs at affordable price. We use Wireframe software Axure RP Pro 7 to design all kinds of contents, interfaces, interactive prototypes, visualize navigation and many other designing services to the clients according to their requirements. We completely analyze the user’s requirements and our experts discuss about the requirements with the clients before starting the designing process. We host all the completed wireframe works in our server for easy access http://axurewireframe.com       

We follow three main steps to create a site design by means of using the Axure Wireframing software. First, our professionals add the required widgets to design the user’s wireframe by the simply process of drag and drop to start the designing process of wireframe. And then, our designing experts use the formatting tools to present the designs and style for the website wireframe with attractive objects, colors, fonts and high image resolution pictures. Finally, we do the linking process for the pages with some interactions scenario dynamically to present the created website wireframe without any coding. We had separate team for the client’s site maintenance team with regular updates and useful information. Sample of our interactive wireframe links are given below,







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