Essential Ideas Gained From UI/UX Working Functionality

May 13, 2020

While contrasting a product it has to be verified in various aspects to measure its quality of functions that does not cause any false occurrence...

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The ultimate guide of building a successful app for startups

April 2, 2020

In this digital platform, many small-scale companies are arising day by day. First, they have to create a successful mobile app to take their bus...

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Director Kapil Dev’s Vision Aligns Team Tweaks Technologies With the Path to Emerge as a Globetrotting Technology Partner

March 25, 2020

Founded in 2013, Team Tweaks Technologies Pvt Ltd is a leading mobile app development company. Headquartered in India, the firm also operates fro...

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New Android 11 Privacy Update: What is the impact on Ride-Hailing Companies?

March 3, 2020

Ever since the news of the new Android update hit the webpages, every Android user and developer are excited to know what the latest version offe...

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Flutter, React Native, Xamarin: A cross-platform comparison

January 28, 2020

In this era, most of the entrepreneurs have their ideas in the building of an exclusive mobile app. In further steps, the overall development pro...

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Profitable growth of top software development externalization countries in 2019

January 23, 2020

Day by day the software outsourcing development organizations are growing at a peak level. They can save a huge amount of money by procuring high...

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Imperativeness of cybersecurity in the contemporary world

January 2, 2020

As of now, we are living in a complete modernized digital era where acknowledging with the private data is a more vulnerable one in a typical con...

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Methodologies to check your product with professional testing tools

October 23, 2019

In this digital platform, the major core skill of testing process is adaptability. Generally, tools, technical skills & domain knowledge giv...

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These industries have the potential to change the on-demand economy’s future

March 22, 2018

The On-demand services have bought a huge change all over the world especially in the industrial field along with its development of mobile apps ...

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Do you think your customers are getting a clear picture of the product value in a realistic manner?

February 21, 2018

In order to know whether the users are realizing from the product or not; it can be proved with the aid of factors such as metrics, reviews, and ...

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