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Monitor the Weight of Beehives through IoT

The world went through industrialized previously and became industrialized world but, now after implementing IoT (Internet of Things), it has become a computerized one. Today, technology has helped to monitor the beehives, which also simple and robust.

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In the olden days, bees mostly make their hives at high altitudes like walls of buildings, trees, etc. and to get honey, people went to forest or climbed building as they took the honey with their bare hands.

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The traditional way was difficult to do when you setting beehives to harvest honey because they had to monitor and then, extract honey which is a hectic method. A special suit was worn, to manually check and the suit covered most of the body to protect the person from bee stings.

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Beehive Monitor - Why special Beehive Monitor - Why we are special

What do we do and why?

Beehive monitoring cannot be done so frequently by beekeepers because rapid inspections on the hives will interrupt the everyday activities of the bees which results in a decline in honey production. To examine the bee yards, most of the beekeepers travel longer distances.

Now, you wouldn’t believe if anybody says that you can know the quantity of honey that the bees have accumulated, without even going to the beehive location but, it is possible. Yes, it is possible in real life.

If you think that you are dreaming, pinch yourself, it is a ‘Beehive Monitor’, which is used to monitor the weight of the beehive round the clock using sensors and to know that they must be fixed at the bottom of each beehive. This device will automatically message the weight of the beehive to the person.

Alert Beehive Monitor Process

Beehive Monitor Process Beehive Monitor Process
Beehive Monitor Process
Beehive Monitor Process
Beehive Monitor Process
Beehive Monitor Process

Beehive Monitor is a unique application which is used to study and communicate the conditions in and around the beehive. Regular measures are noted regarding the weight, temperature, and humidity of the hive, improve the conditions in and around the bees.

Beehive Monitor
Beehive Monitor
Beehive Monitor
Beehive Monitor

Features for Beehive Monitor Device

Statistical information like weight, temperature, humidity is aggregated, and the beekeepers are allowed to quickly approach the beehives for honey collection using our device.

Using our device, measuring the enhancement of competences and crops, and hive productivity, for beekeepers has become easy.

Tracking features like tracking humidity and tracking temperature are used by beekeepers to analyze the sudden hive deaths.

Beehive Monitor Device Beehive Monitor Device

As our device messages you all the necessary information, the unnecessary visits by the beekeepers have reduced which led to the reduction of transportation expenses.

Our device alerts the beekeepers with a notification or by a message, from the respective mobile application, where it gives all necessary information.

This device, Beehive Monitor is GPS embedded (means is embedded with Geo Positioning System) which helps it to locate the beehive when necessary.

Technology Corner

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