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Generally, both the unique processes of designing and building a website requires systematical and frugal planning when it is mainly subjected to the vital factors of cost and delivery. An important point to be noted that the invoice should be determined from the outset and also to give a guarantee that the project is a successful one from both the end-users (client and design studio). A good estimate points out the major differences between an intendable growth & over rate failure.

Pulse Rated factors


In some cases, the client can be in a dilemma about an organization’s estimation of the final bill, total time consumed to complete the project too. Most of the web designer professional charge considering the hour calculation. To crown it all, the final cost of the entire project reflects the total duration of the project completed as a whole.

Of course, there will be huge differences in the pricing factor when there is no pre-planning into the concerned project management of the design and development process. Consider a scenario where a minimal web design project is undertaken by a company.


At any time, this project can turn out into extremely expensive and time-consuming too if there is no proper care invested in the project management. Here, in this article, an entrepreneur can come to know in solving an overall cost riddle completely. With the aid of tips and techniques, one can gain an in-depth knowledge of increasing the accuracy point of the estimates and the projects carried out precisely in a professional way.

Important facts to be noted



Initially, the essential points to be kept in mind is that understanding of client’s needs and overall requirement concern. Then go ahead with the skype meeting to know the needs exactly and they are opting for too. If any changes are asked from the client-side later on, a literal increase in the terms of budget and time frame can be requested. Mostly, clients will not express everything in one sitting.

Making use of estimation techniques


Web Development Company in ChennaiAfter understanding the client’s needs, it is important to process a project estimate. Here, three major approaches are provided such as task-based, benchmark, and tools based. The first approach is well-known and a common one which is designed for exclusive web design firms. For the estimation of the task-based approach concern, take a note on the following steps.

  • Analyze the project completely and partition into smaller tasks.
  • Determine the total duration to complete the tasks.
  • Discuss with the team and calculate the rate based on the hourly rate to each subtask.
  • Integrate all the prices for the subtask and add some principle amount too.
  • Finally, send a document through the mail presenting about the estimated cost and time to the client.

The above-discussed method may take some time to perform but the results are more accurate.


The next one is the benchmark approach, a reliable estimation method, where a privileged web designer who processes a similar work in a loop manner. The differential time tracking concern helps to create a comprehensive benchmark too. Intending towards the tool-based approach, it is a simple one. By getting usage of the project estimation tools, everything will be processed smoothly.

Different tasks and phases


Web Development Company in Chennai

To add it to a nutshell, every designer possesses of project phases subjected to the client’s phases. For the apt creation of the accurate estimation based on the longer-term duration, just partition the project phases in a typical consistent manner. The several stages include a series of steps such as the pre-planning, reliable solution design, web design, development process, content, testing and launching of a website, etc.

The per-examination of the site includes gathering of the data and proper project planning.

Then an integrated solution design points an exclusive creation of the wireframes, sitemaps and user work-flow. In the design stage, the homepage will be designed, adding of the web pages
and adding quality content. Once the design is completed, the technical task will be started by the respective developers.

Generally, there are two stages of development such as the front-end and back-end. Initially, the first one consists of the precise browsing fixes and the building of differential templates. Next, the mobile design is carried out by the code builders in pointed with the existing design.

The second one is completely different from the front-end development which includes the CMS setup and configuration process. A list of functionalities is created in this stage. Finally, content is uploaded and the functionality is also tested. An important point to be noted that content should be 100% quality. Once the above-mentioned steps are completed, the website can be shown to the client and get their feedback. A greater benefit is that it can improve the overall workflow and also eliminates procrastination completely.

Making mistakes is a common thing and it is a human’s nature too. Only in this way you can come to know more about the project and acknowledging is a major thing. Proper and clean planning helps to come out of during the development process.

Exclusive usage of Time Tracking tool


Web Development CompanyIdeally, the time tracking is used for both the ends web design organization and the client. For an accurate billing process, it eliminates the overtime for the project phase. It also helps to calculate the average billing hours per week. The tracking of the independent tasks provides a piece of precise information which is referred to as the establishment of the estimate for the upcoming projects.

Final Thoughts!!


From this article, you come to know about the estimation of a web development project and its differential strategies. The major key point for successful project management is to gather data at an earlier period. After that, information is processed and processed accordingly to the needs. Do not skip the step of calculating the overall budget. It is a vital step and it is a turning point too. Mostly, professional developers explore the pitfalls in the earlier stage, before the development process is started with Best Web Development Company.


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