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On-demand Handyforall application for every business

Handyforall is a multi-service On-demand application, which is compatible with both native Android & iOS platforms. The deployment of the apps is feasible in the cloud to initiate your On-demand handy services application instantly. The transaction is completely encrypted, and hence it is 100% secured. We have earned a good reputation and standing at the top-notch place in terms of On-demand app development companies in Chennai.

On-demand application
  • On-demand-Mechanic
  • On-demand-Tow-Truck
  • On-demand-Cleaning
  • On-demand-babysitter
  • On-demand-Dry-Cleaning
  • On-demand-Doctor
  • On-demand-Massage

Versatile uses in a single app

By installing our peculiar app, the customers can gain immediate access to multiple services. This single app can be used for different services to develop your business. You can enhance and accelerate your business with the best on-demand delivery app development.  We are the leading on-demand delivery app development company helping clients to facilitate their business workflow units.

User App

  • otp register
    OTP Registration

    For the registration process, OTP verification is mandatory. The user can sign directly into the app by using the OTP. 

  • schedule-job
    Schedule Job

    Our exclusive app comes with the reliable option to schedule a job on the upcoming dates.

  • emoji
    Emojis Rating

    Nowadays, emojis rating is a popular one where the users can rate the tasker once get done successfully with the work. 

  • maps-oriented
    Maps-oriented service list

    Users can access the list of available services by either entering location details or allowing automatic location navigation.

  • service-selection
    Service selection

    Users can select the most suitable service provider by considering real time ratings and reviews.

  • reviews-ratings
    Reviews & Ratings

    Customers have the option to submit reviews and ratings based on their booking experience.

  • task-alert
    Instant Task alerts

    To know the real-time status of the task, both the users & taskers gets instant task alerts through the notifications from the application. 

  • job-flow-status-tracking
    Job Flow Status Tracking

    The customers can view the task & locate the exact working flow. The real-time monitoring of jobs helps to know the updated status of the task. 

  • promo-code
    Promo Code

    The admin can send the Promo Codes to the users through the form of push notifications. This feature helps the admin to stay in touch with the users. 

  • multiple-payment
    Multiple Payment options

    Both the users and the taskers can opt for the cashless payment with Handyforall. The available options are wallet money, credit card, debit card, or PayPal of their preferred choice. 

  • custom-profile
    Custom Profile

    Customers have the option to register their profile by filling up the information such as a profile name, profile picture, location details and specifying their most preferred services to complete the custom profile creation.

  • user-wallet
    User Wallet

    Both the users and the taskers can make use of the cashless transactions with the aid of an in-built wallet module. The consumers have to load the wallet and the amount gets automatically deducted once the task is completed. 

Tasker App

  • my-jobs
    My Jobs

    Examine the completed & pending tasks on a single screen. 

  • recent-task
    Recent Task Details

    The tasker can view the task details in the app before accepting any job. 

  • availability-day-wise
    Availability day-wise selection

    The taskers can set the availability based on the date & time

  • add-material
    Add Material

    The taskers can add multifarious charges to the task within the app. 

  • customer-rating
    Customer Rating Visibility

    A simple tap on this option allows the service provider to access customer ratings.

  • profile-creation
    Profile creation

    Service providers can register their profile and configure the referral option by manually entering basic information.

  • language-selection
    Language Selection

    The service provider can effortlessly switch to different languages based on their preference.

  • chat-call
    Chat, Call, SMS, Mail

    By making use of this feature (chat/call/SMS/Mail) the users chat with the taskers to know further information.

  • category-add
    Category Add/Edit

    The taskers can manage (add/edit) the categories efficiently within the app. The different categorization of the task is feasible and groups it for further usage. 

  • bank-account
    Bank Account Information

    Our app has an in-built module to store the authenticated bank details. The admin can use these details for the depositing purpose of the tasker payments. 

  • weekly-earnings
    Weekly earnings detail

    The taskers can examine weekly earnings within the app. Customization of data is possible & view the revenue details in the graphical format. 

Additional Features

Know more about the more features that we offer in our unique platform 
new leads

New Leads

Based on the availability, the tasker can either accept or reject the job. 

account details

Account details

The taskers can add the account details directly to the app for the initiation of payouts. 

wallet payments

Wallet Payment

Once the payment is completed, you can check the wallet for the respective working service obtained. The Admin can use these details for transferring purposes too. 


Document Upload

An identity verification solution is mandatory to check for security purposes. The admin manages this process and rejects the improper documents. 

Browse & Book

Browse & Book

Once choosing the date & time, the users can view the nearby taskers. By sending a request, the users can read the comments and select the task.


Specific service provider booking

Customers can select a specific service provider by quickly analyzing reviews and ratings.

User Website

Application For Business
Admin panel
  • dashboard


    Through this highly advanced admin panel, the admin can view both the user's & the tasker's insight. 

  • notification

    Push Notification

    The users can be engaged all the time by using the push notification. Here, the admin sends regular updates to the customers. 

Mobile App Development
  • promo-code

    Promo Code Generation

    Owners and Admin can effortlessly generate promo codes from the dashboard panel.

  • subscriber-list

    Subscriber List

    The subscriber list can be imported or exported directly from the dashboard. The admin has the capability to view the list of subscribers along with their corresponding dates and times within the panel.

  • exports

    Exports User/Tasker/Task

    The admin can utilize the dashboard to export the list of both users and taskers. And can conveniently download it as a CSV or Excel file instantly.

  • service-provider

    Service Provider Management

    This feature allows to add or block a particular service provider depending on their punctuality in task arrival and completion.

  • categorical

    Categorical Oriented Service Management

    This feature is responsible for overseeing a variety of services in the app, with the ability to manually add or delete categories.

  • feedback

    Feedback Management

    Reviewing all user ratings and prioritizing the respective service providers at the top of customer searches to increase their revenue for punctual service.

App Screenshot
What we perform White Labeling in App & Website
Apps & Web Reskinning

The customization process is not made an easier one with our app. We are full-pledged to deliver a prominent reskinned web & mobile apps to all customers. They can change the panel colors according to their wish.

24/7 Support

Our experienced technical team is available at any time to fix the bugs & issues.

On-demand apps
Android & iOS Apps installation in stores

We provide the standard Native Android & iOS Apps to all the customers. Initially, we help with the installation process in both the Google Play Store & iOS App Store. 

PayPal & Stripe Payment Gateway

Both the PayPal & Stripe payment systems are directly integrated into the app. The users can go ahead with their convenient payment system.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I establish a revenue model for my On-Demand app? arrow

Tailoring the revenue model for your On-Demand app depends on your business specifics. Options include transaction-based commissions, subscription plans, in-app advertising, or partnerships with businesses for exclusive deals.

What's the estimated cost of developing my On-Demand app? arrow

The development cost varies based on factors like app complexity, features, platform, design, and development company. Costs range from a basic app's few thousand dollars to a comprehensive one costing several hundred thousand dollars.

How long is the typical development time for an On-Demand app? arrow

The development timeline varies based on complexity and features. On average, it takes weeks to months to develop and launch an On-Demand app.

Does your On-Demand App Development service cover marketing and promotion? arrow

While our primary focus is technical development, we can offer guidance on effective marketing and promotion strategies to help launch your app successfully.

To what extent can the app be customized according to my business needs? arrow

We strive for high customization levels, aligning On-Demand apps with your specific branding, features, and functionality requirements.

What industries do your On-Demand mobility solutions span? arrow

Our On-Demand mobility solutions cater to diverse industries like food delivery, ride-hailing, home services, healthcare, logistics, and more. We can customize solutions to suit different business needs within these sectors.

What types of clients do you typically work with? arrow

Our client base is diverse, ranging from startups and small businesses to larger enterprises. Our goal is to tailor On-Demand app development services to meet the unique needs of each client.

How do you envision the future of On-Demand apps? arrow

The future of On-Demand apps is promising, offering users convenience, efficiency, and personalized experiences. With evolving technology and consumer demands, On-Demand apps are expected to continue growing across various industries.

What's your process for developing On-Demand Apps? arrow

The development process involves concept discussion, requirement analysis, UI/UX design, development, testing, deployment, and ongoing maintenance. We follow an agile development approach for efficient and timely delivery.

What advantages does On-Demand mobile app development bring? arrow

On-demand mobile app development offers benefits like enhanced customer convenience, increased operational efficiency, streamlined processes, real-time tracking, improved customer engagement and loyalty, and revenue potential through various monetization models.

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