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In this advanced technological world, we keep findings solutions for our problem related to technology. We have come a long way from landline phones to cell phones and desktops to laptops. Similarly, software and operating systems are also updated according to new standards. Are you in need of a DevOps consulting company for the development of your project?

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Kubernetes: Significance, Features and Benefits

Some people often find it difficult to deploy containerized application and there are many solutions to it. Kubernetes has emerged as the best possible standard for containerized application deployment. We are going to tell you all about kubernetes and how you can also use it in cloud environment. First, we need to know about what kubernetes actually is. Our exclusive DevOps consulting services help you to attain the firm’s objectives efficiently.

Kubernets as a service

What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes has become an essential part of enterprise’s business requirements and Tweaks DevOps team’s daily workflow. It is of utmost important to deploy an application from one computing environment to another computing environment with efficiency and reliability. The need for container technologies has emerged in recent years in order to make application deployment and management easier for teams of different sizes. Kubernetes is the new protocol for deploying containerized application in computing environment. Kubernetes or K8s is an open-source system and it helps you automatically deploy, scale and manage containerized applications. It can b used in hybrid environments, private servers and even public clouds making it an all-rounder.

How does Kubernetes work?

Kubernetes is a Greek word which is a root word used for cybernetics and governor which says a lot about it. Kubernetes work by grouping containers which make up an application into different logical units so the management and discovery is easier. Its orchestration system also works great for enterprises deploying at scale. It increases efficiency and it is time effective because it made cluster groups of hosts running Linux containers and manage these cluster effectively in all types of cloud environments. It is made to make containerization of application easier across all types of cloud environments. Team Tweaks can help you understand its working with its experienced and trained engineers.

Kubernetes Devops

How does Kubernetes increase efficiency

Kubernetes is helpful in variety of ways, but most importantly it increases your work efficiency and helps you achieve your target in virtually no time. It increases your efficiency in following ways.

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  • scaling-kubernetes
  • glitch
  • predictably
  • hardware

Features of Kubernetes

Kubernetes is already a favorite and it has a number of exciting features to impress the users. Its efficiency is talk of the town but there are many other important features which make kubernetes one of a kind. Here are the exciting features of kubernetes.

Automated Rollbacks and Rollouts

This is probably the best solution to your application deployment needs because kubernetes gradually rolls out changes in your application or the configuration of application. It does so while monitoring the health of application so your instances don’t get killed in the mean time. You would be glad to know that Kubernetes rolls back the change for you if something goes wrong in the application. This could be a real time saver for you.


While providing you application deployment solution Kubernetes automatically restart containers that which were failed. It also reschedules and replaces these containers when nodes die. Moreover, it only advertises a container to the client when it is ready and kills the one which does not respond to user-defined health check by the customer.

Run Anywhere

You can move workloads to the most important and needed part because Kubernetes is an open source and gives you freedom so you can take advantage of on-premises including hybrid or public cloud environments.

Configuration and Secret Management

Kubernetes can update and deploy application configuration and secretes without exposing these secret in your stack configuration or even without rebuilding your image.

Batch Execution

Your CI workload and batch can also be managed by Kubernetes as it replace containers which are fail, according to the requirements.


Kubernetes is flexible deployment solution as it flexibility keeps growing with you and it modifies and grow with your needs.


Kubernetes has scalability and it can scale without putting burden on you ops team. You can scale your application both up and down with simpler commands or with a UI or automatically by simple CPU usage.

Bin Packing

Kubernetes places containers automatically on the basis of resource requirements and other constraints and it does not lose availability during the process. It mixes up critical and best-effort workloads so utilization is driven up and more resources could be saved.

Load Balancing and Self-Discovery

You don’t have to modify your application in order to use a strange or unfamiliar device discovery mechanism because Kubernetes provides the Pods with their own IP addresses and a single DNS name for a set of Pods and load-balance is done across these.

Orchestration of Storage

Storage orchestration is also automated and it automatically mounts the storage system of your choice as it can be from local storage, a public cloud provider like GCP or AWS or even a network storage system like NFS, Ceph, Flocker, Gluster, Cinder or iSCS.

Benefits of Kubernetes

Some of the most exciting benefits of Kubernetes which will help your business and management will be made easier by using Kubernetes are given below.

  • infrastructure
  • scaling-application
  • replication
  • machines
  • automated
  • containers-hosts
  • declaratively
  • hardware-usage

Kubernetes Deployment

Container orchestration which is done to for containerized application has become new gold standard for enterprise’ DevOps nowadays. In Team Tweaks, we have well trained engineers with extensive experience in Kubernetes architecture as well as Docker can help you deploy these. It has been used by some of the major users in so they can make their application to speed up. Kubernetes has been used by some of the huge managements systems in the world including Box, Capital One, Wikimedia Foundation, Sling TV, The New York Times and Squarspace.

Kubernetes Deployment
Kubernetes vs Docker

Kubernetes vs. Docker

Comparison between Kubernetes and Dockers has been in discussion for quite sometimes in cloud computing environment. First of all, we need to understand what these two actually are and how they work. It is of utmost importance to understand the importance and working of these two so you can run your business effectively.

According to some experts, the comparison between Kubernetes and Dockers is not even a fair comparison because they are not alternative to each other. These are independent and either can work without the other. However, these two can get benefits for each other but can’t be use as alternatives.


Docker is software which is standalone and it can be installed on any computer available so the containerized applications can be run. Containerization helps an application on your computer so that it can run smoothly and independent of other running applications in the system. Docker is the software which enables the computer to manage, run and create containers on an operating system.

Kubernetes Microservices

Microservices are one of the architectural styles that make a structure of an application as collective services which are highly maintainable, independently deployable, organized around business capabilities, loosely coupled and testable. Kubernetes, which is a container orchestration system, is highly reliable to use for automating the management, deployment and scaling of microservice applications. Kubernetes can be used to manage hundreds or thousands of containers at production scale. It is highly feasible as it can run anywhere due to its backing of the open-source community. Companies like Google, Github, Ocado Technology and IBM use Kubernetes technology which shows how incredibly efficient and reliable Kubernetes microservices are.

Kubernetes Microservices

Similarities between Kubernetes and Dockers

Kubernetes and Dockers do share some similarities but they should not be considered as same. Here are some of the similarities between Kubernetes and Dockers.

  • kubernetes
  • docker
  • docker
  • kubernetes

Differences between Kubernetes and Dockers

We explains to you the differences in Kubernetes and Dockers. Here are some of the most important differences of Kubernetes and Dockers.


Kubernetes is able to work with any containerization technology and the two most popular options are RKT and Docker. On the other hand, Docker has the most mindshare which also leads to putting extra effort so the integration between Docker and Kubernetes can be perfected like no other containerization technology.


The manufacturers of Dockers offer offer its own container orchestration engine known as Docker Swarm. Kubernetes has become the need of the hour so much so that even Dockers used in Desktop (MacOS and Windows) comes with its own Kubernetes distribution.


Interestingly enough, both of these projects have accepted each other and they are being extremely benefitted from the symbiosis among them. Kubernetes and Dockers have their own importance and work to make orchestration easier for you.

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