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KarIoT is an IoT-oriented Smart Water Management System that controls the flow of water and measures the quality and quantity of water in real-time. It is applicable to different fields such as Industrial, Residential and Commercial. 

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Real-time monitoring

Monitors the flow of water & consumed water and supply of calculated water to different units

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Pay the bill as per consumption and provides in-depth analysis of reports

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Automatic shut off

Triggers on the overflow of water and adopting reduced electricity power

Major goals of

Smart Water Management

The main objective of Smart Water Management is the utilization of water at the regional level and its objectives are described below

Scada & RTU Alternative

  • The PLC/SCADA systems need skilled operators and higher installation cost and hence it is replaced with well-defined IoT system through cloud access. 

Water Quality Monitoring

  • Monitors water quality sensors and measures PH level, TSS, BOD, COD, etc.
  • Monitor the entire operations from a centralized location, examine its efficiency, and automates the runtime of pumping points.

Water Meter Monitoring and Analysis

  • Tracks the flow rate, monitors water-supplied areas, and enables water balance. 
  • Monitors the inlet & outlet of different treatment plants like WTP, STP, and ETP, etc. 
  • Successfully executing water balance

Predictive & Analysis

  • With the aid of advanced predictive analysis, automatic sensors are involved in the consumption of water in real time. 
  • This feature permits the identification of water consumption patterns and forecasts futuristic water needs. 

Tank and Ground level monitoring 

  • Real-time monitoring of different treatment plants and digitalization of Ultrasonic flow meters is feasible.
  • To prevent overflow and enhance pump operations, the KarIoT device monitors the level of water in storage tanks.

Pump and Valve Monitoring and Automation

  • Our IoT-enabled device monitors energy consumption and enables valve control, and the automatic motor shut off based on the overhead tank level.
KarIoT Flow

How KarIoT Works

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KarIoT device is easy to install and can be integrated with the existing water meter.

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The user pre-defined settings for the entire set of equipment limits and priority-enabled instant alerts.

water quality
Real-time Monitoring

Energy usage is monitored through both the mobile app and dashboard in real-time.

water quality

Our IoT integrated Smart device real-time updates about the total consumption of water & leakage.

What Is a

Smart Water Management system?

Smart water management system technologies may make a water delivery system more robust and efficient, reducing costs and increasing sustainability. Digital meters and sensors, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, and geographic information systems are examples of high-tech water solutions (GIS).

How much water does each person use at home?

  • Team Tweaks are one of the leading IoT companies in India that offers deployable & robust solutions for all your needs. As per research, most of the household water is used, for flushing toilets followed by showers and baths and that is nearly 80 – 100 gallons of water per day. We just blame our neighbors, and we don't keep a check on our water usage which leads to too much water going to waste.
  • As per research, most of the household water is used, for flushing toilets followed by showers and baths and that is nearly 80 – 100 gallons of water per day. We just blame at our neighbors, and we don't keep a check on our water usage which leads to too much of water going waste.
  • According to the World Water Development (UN) Report, water scarcity may affect about 50% of the world population and India is one of those developing countries that should be alarmed. And it is said that 70 percent of the Indian population, will leave India by 2050, because of this crisis.

Why should we use KarIoT?

  • As we all know that the future of each and every field in the world is in some way or the other connected to the Internet of Things (IoT). KarIoT is an IoT based technology that more features like checking for water wastage or leakage. It is a product by Teamtweaks technologies which is a smart choice or solution for farming, households, industries and other commercial establishments. To measure the rate of water flow, analyze leaks and control them, ultrasonic technology is used which sensor based that means it sends pulses from one sensor to another. Our experts have developed the standard asset tracking system to acquire the real-time monitoring data of enterprise assets.

Why should we save water?

  • One of the main reasons or contributors, to water scarcity that every country is facing, is water leakage, which occurs due to old and corroded pipes, damaged pipes or a pipe burst, etc. When the pipes are underground, it is difficult to detect leakage and also, such leakages mostly go undetected and unnoticed.
  • Accountability for every drop of water utilized by the household, is ensured by some of the developed countries, such as USA, UK, Singapore, etc. by charging the households, and even though, India, being the second largest populated country in the world, isn’t worried and is not taking any steps to save water in the households.
  • Saving and conserving water is an essential behavioral change that we need to adopt soon or will surely feel sorry later.

Our Clients

KarIoT Working

Case Study

Our goal is to transform water management into a digital, sustainable, and cost-effective solution for every individual.


Awards & Fundings

KarIoT has won multiple awards, especially the highly-privileged TN Seed Award from Tamil Nadu Government

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dots 30 Lakhs

Seed Fund From Startup India

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Best Energy Tech Startup Of The Year 2021

dots 20 Lakhs

Received From Amrut 2.0

KarIoT Demo

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KarIoT uses a new standard for water technology to meet the needs of industries, businesses, and homes. The efficient system, connected with IoT technology, monitors the quality and quantity of water distributed to every household.

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