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What is Google Flutter

Flutter is an open-source mobile app development framework from Google. Developers now love it for being able to use it to create Android and iOS apps in record time using the same codebase. The mobile app SDK allows building high-fidelity, high-performance apps for iOS, and Android. Team Tweaks can use the powerful, flexible, and popular framework to build your mobile business app with one codebase, quicker, and with the extensive features, you need. Google Flutter 1.7 is the latest version of the framework, and we are proficient in using the same to develop your iOS and Android mobile apps. Leading companies such as Alibaba, AppTree, Tencent, JD Finance, Reflectly, Hamilton Musical, and Google itself are using Flutter for various brands under them. Flutter is open-source, which means there is a community of researchers, developers, and designers supporting the framework. When that is the case, development times and costs shrink, while the trust and security factors boost.


Advantages of Flutter App Development


Proprietary widgets

Flutter helps follow material design by offering several widgets for cross-platform mobile app development.


Code reusability

Flutter leads to efficient code. A single codebase can be used for a majority between an iOS and Android app


Low testing and maintenance

As there is less code to take care of the testing and maintenance process is faster in the case of Flutter mobile apps.


Fast, high-performance apps

User experience no hanging and cutting while scrolling with Flutter apps. Flutter apps work smoothly and exhibit high performance.


Quicker development cycles

Since Flutter allows the developer to create IOS and Android Apps using one codebase, it accelerates development time, reducing the time-to-market.


Appealing user experiences

With Cupertino widgets and material design, Flutter enables mobile app developers to create stunning user experiences that are functional too.


Support for older devices

With Flutter, a mobile app looks and feels the same on an old version of iOS or Android. Essentially, there are no additional costs for supporting the older versions.


Native look and feel

Flutters widgets reflect all platform-dependent differences such as navigation, icons, scrolling, fonts, and so on to give a native performance on both Android and iOS.

Flutter App Development Services

At TeamTweaks, we offer a holistic range of services in Flutter mobile app development


Custom server-side APIs

We provide you with custom server-side APIs that address your specific needs and business use cases.


Flutter Consulting

If you are doubtful of Flutter being the right framework for your mobile app needs, we can help you reach a decision. Our consultants help you weigh Flutter app development services against other structures.


Migration and Updation

If you are looking to migrate to a different framework or update your outdated mobile app to a newer version, our migration and updation services are the hiccup-free options you were looking for.


QA and Testing services

Our quality analysts and specialists are included in the development team from day one, so they can oversee all security and quality aspects. We ensure your app exhibits a seamless user experience across devices and screens.


Support and maintenance

We don’t step back from the extra hand-holding you might need to post the deployment of your mobile app. Whether it is to respond to a glitch or a tiny bug, we promise round-the-clock availability and abide by it.


Cross-platform mobile app development

We help you understand the breadth and depth of your mobile app requirement, ideate your app features, chalk out a timeline, and then implement your app with rich features and attractive UI/UX. We deliver end-to-end implementation services to offer you a robust, secure, and scalable cross-platform mobile app.

Our Differentiators

Here are a few reasons why TeamTweaks is the ideal mobile app development partner you are looking for


Proven expertise

We have tried our hands at mobile app development, and the result is massive industry recognition and customer satisfaction.


Excellent minds

We are a creative+programmatic bunch with the right blend of art and science- both of which are critical components in any mobile app.

Industry insight

Industry insight

Over the years, we have gained in-depth industry insight to build your app from an understanding point-of-view rather than as an outsider.



Our mobile app development services don’t come cheap, but are cost-effective considering the RoI you can potentially secure from them.


Quality-focused development

We develop mobile apps keeping the customer in mind. We understand that quality and performance are the necessary amenities for a mobile app user.


Captivating user experiences

At TeamTweaks, we understand that user experiences go beyond eye-pleasing. Our UI experts create experiences that revolutionize the overall working of a mobile app, making it more alluring and highly engaging.

Flutter Industry Solutions

Wondering which industries are perfect to be serviced by a Flutter mobile app? Here are just a few


Media and Entertainment

Flutter is a go-to framework for creating media and content distribution channels, online promotion solutions, and so on.


Real estate

Mobile apps for real estate can be created with the right combination of functions and features with Flutter.


Social networking solutions

We can build social communities, forums, and collaboration and communication solutions using Flutter, in a cost and time-efficient manner.


Retail and e-commerce

TeamTweaks can use Flutter to create your online retail marketplace with the right security and robustness built into the mobile app along with captivating aesthetics.


Travel and Tourism

Our agile methodology and Flutter app development services can yield travel solutions aimed at reducing operational cost and improving RoI.


We have developed more than 180+ mobile and web apps

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