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In today’s competitive market, IT enterprises of all shapes and sizes must produce efficiently. The pace and quality with which products are developed, tested, and improved is crucial to their success.

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Suppose you are a leading web technology company that provides excellent web solutions. If the Development and Operations team fails to launch new features and does not resolve error issues, it would immediately result in low production. This would eventually upset the consumers and cause immediate losses.

Such situations are bound to occur in pre-DevOps enterprise environments. The indifference and lack of collaboration between both the Development and the Operations department prevent optimal production outputs.

We are home to professional DevOps engineers who offer outstanding DevOps consulting services. With our expertise and experience, your company’s Development and Operations department will stay informed, think alike, and share responsibilities. Through our careful adoption of the DevOps culture, your company’s production rates, deployment frequency, and infrastructure management are bound to increase at great lengths.

Benefits of DevOps

DevOps has genuinely revolutionized how IT enterprises function and plan. The advantages it brings along with itself are abundant. It promises a transparent relationship between the Development and Operations team that results in seamless communication. From continuous delivery, configuration management, and rigorous testing phases – DevOps is the key behind successful IT enterprises of the modern world.

Reduced deploy time

Researchers are exploring for vital platforms to reduce the time phase. DevOps can effectively aid in reducing such a time phase that allows testing and implementing features relatively at a minimal period. Through complete test automation and single click provisions, there is no need for QA to make mock-up testing. The development team can directly incorporate new features to see potential results. This one can save enough time for multiple products and improve sales for the business.

Enhanced recovery

Incorporating infrastructural elements are feasible for installing new types of DevOps tool. It is more flexible through the infrastructure-as-code approach and utilized in terms of zero impact, through the series of developed systems, at minimal time. Thus, reliability on system-wide protection is possible against failed concern which can be able to restore its function in case of emergency. Service can be prolonged effectively by restoring this aspect in the original state of the system.

Rapid solutions

For software support and development, DevOps give complete provisions with new facilities. Thus, many developers are adopting their system towards implementing DevOps, an effective one. It acts as a preliminary solution provider for fixing any types of issues in a single hand. For large or medium enterprises, this type of parameter is the source to kick start the progressive nature of the IT team. Through the comprehensive configured DevOps toolchain, successful manipulation is possible at high success rate.

Enlisted below are the underlying benefits of 'Team Tweaks’ DevOps services.

Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration

As a leading DevOps service provider, Continuous Delivery (CD), and Continuous Integration (CI) are crucial to us. Our DevOps engineers bridge the gap by ensuring that the process of experimenting, testing, and delivering does not stop. We assure that by employing the most advanced and relevant DevOps automated tools.

At its core, the Continuous Delivery philosophy follows a streamlined process, known as the continuous delivery pipeline. It begins when the developer commits his code and passes it to the source repertory; this is where Continuous Integration takes the lead. CI ensures that the code curated by different developers is integrated into a familiar repertory. Both the CD and CI lay the foundation of the seamless DevOps culture of a successful enterprise.

By choosing Team Tweaks as your DevOps service provider, you can expect CD and CI pipeline to enhance product quality, reduce bugs, and prepare high-quality codes that are ready to be deployed whenever needed. Additionally, it’s an agile methodology; so our devops engineer will facilitates the development team to achieve the business requirements, best code quality, and security because the steps of deployment are automated. 

DevOps Automation

Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is salient because it manages coding infrastructure and determines how all IT departments perceive it. Team Tweaks, as a DevOps service provider, recognizes the Infrastructure as Code as an automated programmable infrastructure. Our experts ought to collaborate with your Development team and enable them to develop software solutions that have no parallel. Also, we will provide effective resource management through cost-effective automated tools.

By choosing Team Tweaks as your DevOps service provider, you can expect real-time deployments, improved production consistency, and immediate scaling-up of servers.

Devops Implementation

Configuration Management

The benefits of Configuration Management in DevOps are abundant. It is crucial because it establishes and maintains the consistency of a product’s performance and design. As a part of Team Tweaks’ DevOps solutions, we offer CM services and solutions that have no parallel. We will improve your code’s quality and provide customers with a ready-to-use server.

Through this service, we aim to ensure report management actively and make the process of configuration immediate and accessible. To do so, Team Tweaks employs automated tools that single-handedly manage the Operations and Development department.

DevOps as a service

Continuous Testing

As a part of our DevOps solutions, our team carries out a series of Continuous Testing. They break down more extensive codes into smaller ones and test the software as much as they can. Rigorous testing works best at the early stages of Development, as it ensures high-quality codes are deployed. Besides, it also promises that the end-product is error-free and works like a breeze.

We employ tools like Selenium, Apache, and Blaze Meter that allow us to maintain high-quality Continuous Delivery (CD) at every step. Continuous testing will enable your company to develop reliable features within hours instead of months. It also gives rise to a speedy flow of feedback that helps the developers in understanding the customer needs more closely. Also, it is bound to evaluate the production risk before deeply investing.

DevOps Consulting

Continuous Monitoring

To ensure that the DevOps culture functions efficiently, it is imperative to incorporate Continuous Monitoring across each IT operations lifecycles. If done adequately, the process is bound to improve the infrastructure’s health, performance, and reliability. It works on the core concepts of Continuous Development and Continuous Integration. Just like these processes, CM also aims to help developers and operations to deploy software solutions productively.

As a DevOps service provider, Team Tweaks is dedicated to providing continuous monitoring documentation. Our professional team employs the latest DevOps tools like Dockers and Kubernetes that provide 24/7 automated monitoring. Through this service, you can expect the tracking of network traffic, scheduling timely maintenance beforehand, and automatic bug fixes.

DevOps Services

Microservices in DevOps

You can understand DevOps’ Microservices as independent building blocks that are developed and overseen by various departments of the IT realm. When these micro pieces of functionality are combined, they make applications easier to craft, test, understand, and deploy.

Team Tweaks’ experts have carefully tailored such Microservices to serve as a standard tool between all IT departments. This is where all the teams can work together towards mutual objectives like fixing configuration and scripting issues. As an essential part of DevOps solutions, we also ensure effective deployment, independent scaling, and modifiability.

Devops Engineer

Serverless Compute

Serverless and DevOps go hand in hand. The framework has gained wide popularity in software development, owning to its simplified nature. It is a cloud computing execution model that breaks down the system into smaller, more manageable pieces.

Through our Serverless computing framework, your IT developers can depend on fully-managed third-party platforms, save resources, and cut down on costs. They can rely on these cloud providers for operational tasks such as fault tolerance and scalability. We will enable you to upload application or software codes that will be looked after and run by them. With this service at hand, your developers can focus on other software development solutions, save time, and be more productive.


Service Discovery

Service Discovery is essential for modern application development and deployment. It eases inter-app and inter-device communication. It allows servers to identify crucial service information such as: what services are accessible on the link and which ports and IP addresses are linked with them. Sure, it can be carried out manually by human admins as well. But the process itself, by nature, is time-consuming and tedious. It demands a tremendous amount of work that human admins cannot handle. Moreover, the quality can be affected, and the costs might be higher.

As an aid to carry out Service Discovery, we, as DevOps service providers, will link you to reliable and trusted discovery tools that will collect service information on your behalf – without any difficulty or fuss.

Service Discovery

Improved IT Service Delivery

On the whole, with DevOps software expertise at hand, no hurdle can slow your enterprise down. With its abundant benefits, DevOps is a promise of improving IT service deliveries. Through our DevOps solutions, you can reach new limits of efficient IT production. We will enable your Development and Operations teams to combine forces and produce instant application updates.

Improved IT

Step by Step DevOps Implementation Process



First and foremost, our expert DevOps team will analyze the company’s vision, IT infrastructure, the portfolio, or any other important aspect related to software development.



It is essential to understand that DevOps culture works differently for every IT enterprise and boils down to the quality of your IT production and willingness to flourish. As DevOps service providers, we employ a top-down approach that increases the frequency of software deliveries and improves user experience.



Implementation plans are carefully tailored to meet DevOps-specific challenges. We employ the containerization approach. It facilitates software portability and enables it to function uniformly across all environments. Additionally, our team implements the Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration paradigm that ensures that maximum DevOps benefits are obtained. We use high impact, full-featured, automated tools like Zabbix, Nagios, and ELX.



Once the implementation speeds up, our team will provide sufficient support until the software is crafted, deployed, and officially launched – without facing any last-minute errors. To certify that all the hard work of your and our DevOps team does not go in vain, we will continuously stay in touch to maintain a smooth software infrastructure transition and provide a uniform load distribution.



Once the application, new or updated features are live and visible to consumers, our work as DevOps service providers are yet to be completed. There are chances that the product might get attacked by bugs or errors that might have been missed during the pre-production process. Now, this is a standard scenario that needs to be tackled smartly. For this purpose, Team Tweaks deploys an automated security scanning or integration that scans these errors, within minimal time.


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DevOps Tools - Automate & Measure Your Delivery Process

Presenting the most popular on-premise & on cloud DevOps tool for Enterprises continuous delivery option

Amazon AWS

Pipeline A Continuous Business Delivery With DevOps

DevOps solutions breaks the barrier between development & operational services


Stand-alone DevOps solution

Precise CI/CD

Designing an automated DevOps for your organization will no more be a burden with our assistance. With our user-friendly approach, reduce the feedback loops; create and deploy within a short span of time.


Test Automata

Find the ideal talent hidden within your organization with computerized test reports. Maximize your organizations perform and compete your competitors with utmost confidence, by bringing out the full potential of the developers.

Prompt Intimations

Get notified upon the completion of every module by the organization members. You will get a better view of the changes taking place in the work and alerted over every step.


Surplus features and options

Enhanced transparency

You can get better in-depth insights of all the work happening around you at ease. Better visibility of the workflow is assured with more DevOps design.

Quicker On-boarding

On-boarding will take place in no time with the systemized approach designed with DevOps.


Impeccable Incorporation

All you need to do is fill in the repository details and relax. DevOps will take care of the rest; incorporation from testing to deployment will take place without any flaws.

Mechanized Test Reports

Analyze the abilities of your employees via automated assessments. Unleash their caliper with detailed test reports of each individual.

Value for money

Save your money invested over individual tools. Cover all under a roof with a cost-effective solution.

Kubernetes Consulting

Kubernetes Consulting

If you are thinking of using Kubernetes as well but find it difficult to deploy it then a well trained and experienced team of Tweaks DevOps engineers can help you in this regard. We can help you with complete deployment of Kubernetes including container orchestration without having to worry about the sage you are in. It could be implementation and understanding of containerized application concepts or even automating existing pipelines on the Kubernetes platform, we are here for you. Team Tweaks DevOps engineer will guide your every step of the way so you can become a Kubernetes expert yourself.

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Here, at Team Tweaks, we provide the following types of DevOps services.

  • DevOps consulting
  • CI/CD
  • Container Management
  • Infrastructure as a Service

By making use of DevOps services, you can reduce the time required both for testing and updating the project. There is no need to compromise with quality or reliability. It is also assured with the standardization of development environment which also affects the final product quality & development pace.

Generally, DevOps managed services helps the organizations to explore vulnerable areas to enhance code & services continuously.

Here are some of the services listed, where the DevOps approach can bring to your project:

  • Quality control
  • Accelerated Development speed
  • Scalability
  • Continous Integration/Continuous Development (CI/CD)

Lists of popular DevOps Tools

  • Selenium
  • Puppet
  • Chef
  • Git
  • Jenkins
  • Ansible
  • Docke

Centralized Version Control System

  • Every file versions are stored on a central server
  • The developer does not have any copy of the files on the local system
  • If there is an unexpected crash in the central system, the entire data will be lost.

Distributed Control System

  • The developer contains a copy of different versions of code on their typical systems.
  • The team members can work offline and does not depend on a single location for backups
  • In case if the server crashes, there is no chance for happening of threat

Step 1

A complete assessment of the existing process and implementation is done for about two to three weeks to determine areas of improvement so that team can create a road map from scratch to implementation.

Step 2

Next, create a Proof of Concept (POC). Once it is accepted & approved, the team can go ahead with the actual implementation & roll-out of the project plan.

Step 3

Now, the project is ready for implementing DevOps by using version control/integration/testing/deployment/delivery & monitoring which is followed step by step gradually.

In DevOps, continuous monitoring is a process of detecting, identifying & reporting threats in a complete infrastructure of the system.

First, check that services, applications & resources are running on the servers properly.

Track the status of servers and check if the applications are working correctly or not.

Approves continual audit, transaction inspection & controlled monitoring.

Flexible services - There is no need to install or set up the software. It provides ready-to-use & flexible services.

Built for scale - Managing a single instance or scale to thousand is possible by making use of AWS services.

Automation - Automation of tasks and processes is done in a shorter period.

Secure - With the aid of AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), you can set user permission and policies.

Large partner ecosystem - It supports a huge ecosystem of partners that easily integrate with & extend AWS services.

In this present era, streaming services such as Netflix & social media platforms like Facebook are investing in DevOps to automate the application deployment, and it has helped them to grow their business to its peak level. By taking Facebook as an example, the continual deployment models helped to scale up, assuring the best quality of experience at the same time. The code is implemented, without affecting its quality, stability & security.

Netflix, streaming & on-demand video company follows similar standard practices with complete automated processes & systems. While describing the user base, It has more than 100 million users, and Facebook has 2 billion users globally.

These are the best examples of how DevOps can help companies to ensure top-notch success rates for releases, lower the lead time between bug fixes, streamline & continual delivery through automation process, and an overall reduction in terms of manpower costs.

The different core operations of DevOps are listed below

Application Development

  • Code building
  • Code coverage
  • Unit testing
  • Packaging
  • Deployment

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