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Imagine living in an environment full of technological devices that can communicate with you and act according to whatever you say. That is the future that we are looking forward to. A future completely dominated by voice-controlled smart devices!

Voice assistants will help people who are incapable of moving, people with any kind of disabilities, and it can even help someone who wants to command their devices being at their convenient places. Some of the most used voice assistants are Siri for IOS, Cortana for Windows and Google Now for Android devices. These assistants are doing a great job making use of all the advanced technologies available today. But people are not satisfied with the bugs and flaws that affect their user experience. We can see people complaining about ending up on a wrong address after using voice assistants to guide them through Google map. Voice technology is not accurate now, but it the most reliable medium to build a smart future.

As of now, mobile applications can detect basic voice recognition, but with bugs and restrictions. A lot of people are getting frustrated with the functionalities of the voice recognizing software. It has its advantages and disadvantages. Some of its basic functionalities are; converting voice messages into text, weather information, setting reminders, internet searches, and voice navigation.

Some of its Advantages are,

  • With a good accent, voice recognition software can be fast and accurate. We can get search results sooner than we expected and the accuracy rate will depend upon the clarity in our accent.
  • We are used to typing long sentences in keyboards or touch pads which consume more time. A study says an average human can type 30 words per minute whereas, the average words humans speak ranges from 100 to 130 words per minute. This clearly explains that we can speak much faster than we write or type. So, voice recognition has a clear edge here.
  • We all use a navigation system to travel from one place to another. While driving, constantly checking the screen for navigation is a huge risk that may result in a road accident. Using voice guidance with navigation can save so much time from checking the screen repeatedly and can help us to focus on driving.
    People who had Amazon Echo or Google Now are finding it hard to live without them. Most of them find them to be one of the most essential parts of their lives.
Destined to rule the future

Voice-activated apps and devices are gradually making their way into our everyday lives. Well, most of us are not even aware of the basic functionalities that a voice assistant can do. A lot of people around the world are completely starting to depend on them for any kind of assistance like; when they are traveling, in their home or maybe it can be any kind of emergency. With lots of bugs and limited access as of now, it has already intrigued the interests of people with its functionality.

Soon, voice technology is going to play a huge role in helping people with disabilities and people who are incapable of moving around due to medical conditions.

Voice technology is already helping people who are in need, with access to internet searches, opening their favorite apps and TV channels. In a few years, voice-controlled devices will be a friend in need, for every person with disabilities.

Our future is going to depend on voice technology interfaced with smart devices everywhere. We will be able to communicate with all kinds of devices like in an interacting manner which will include gaining full command over all kinds of smart devices like smartphones, smart watches, fitness bands, TVs, computers, and many other electronic devices. We may even control all the home appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, etc., voice controls can even be interfaced with door locks to ensure tight security and with home furniture to make it easy for us to access.

Being able to communicate with a door or furniture, or how about a voice-controlled car or any other vehicle that can drive according to our instructions? How cool will that be?

Voice authentication is access to the future

According to a report from Microsoft, more than 40 percent of users are concerned about their security and privacy while using smart devices. Other than written passwords, there are numerous ways to secure access to one’s personal belongings. Some of the secure authentications are fingerprint access, facial recognition, and voice authentication. Facial features can be confusing with a certain set of people as technology need more time to adapt and it is proven to be inconsistent. Most of the Smartphone companies are providing fingerprint access in their smart phones, as it is simple and cost-effective. But it is not as unique as voice authentication which can be integrated with any device without altering the appearance. It also saves more space than using a fingerprint scanner.

The most important feature of voice technology is security, as every one of us has a unique vocal tone, it will be easy for us to secure our personal belongings with a voice recognizing software. Even banks believe them to be the most trustworthy form of authentication.

Voice-controlled apps are going to flood the market

Already there are tons of apps out there to fulfill our every need. There are apps available for both occasional and everyday use. Social media applications, browsers, Google maps, and fitness apps are used by millions of people every day.

As the whole world is moving towards a voice accessed future, each and every home will be filled with furniture, smart appliances, and smart devices integrated with a voice command. Each of these devices is going to need an application with voice recognition for us to command. Soon, there will be thousands of apps with advanced voice features, fighting their way into the market.

Voice-controlled fitness

Already there are tons of fitness watches, bands, and apps available in the market for both Android and IOS platforms. There are some fitness apps that can navigate you throughout your run and remind you to walk whenever you are idle.

Voice access will build up a smart environment

Imagine living in a house filled with all the smart devices ranging from a smartphone, computers to TVs, doors and even voice-controlled vehicles.

What if voice technology is able to detect errors? With improved details in a few months, it will be able to detect errors and will provide a stable result to all of our queries. We can gain full access to everything with just a command. Especially, this feature will improve the functionality of search engines in smartphones. Search engines will be able to do advanced searches with complex keywords and can fetch us fine results. This will be a huge factor concerning user-friendliness.

Mobile applications are going to represent the future of voice technology!

Here are some statistics,

  • According to Gartner, more than 30% of all searches will be done without using a screen by 2020.
  • According to ComScore, more than 50% of searches will be voice searches by 2020.
  • Approximately 55% of households will have a smart speaker by 2022
  • As per a study conducted by Technavio, the voice recognition industry will have 600 million worth by the end of 2019.

Voice assistants only understand certain languages. Sometimes, it won’t produce good results because of a bad accent. To solve this issue, hundreds of languages will be added to assist the consumers to suit their needs. Their accuracy rate will be drastically increased to help it to fetch good results. And their recognizing capabilities will be enhanced to understand and adapt to bad accents from customers.

Voice integrated AI

New inventions are being invented every day. A voice assistant that can understand and respond to our questions with logical answers will soon be here. Imagine having a thoughtful conversation with Alexa or think of having an intense argument with Siri. The future is going to be more innovative than we ever dreamt of with voice technology integrated with Artificial Intelligence. It will be able to plan an evening outing or even a week-long trip with just a few key hints.

Final thoughts

Voice technology is witnessing an enormous growth in the last few years. It will continue to grow faster in the upcoming days. As every individual person’s voice is unique, voice access is the most secure way to protect our belongings. With today’s technology, it is very fast and intelligent enough to understand our instructions, getting something ready for us just by listening to our orders from a recognizable distance and finally helping people with disabilities, are all the major advantages as of now.

In the future, voice assistants will be able to listen to our commands and will have the capabilities to interact with us with critical response. It’s like having its own mind where artificial intelligence comes into light. They may even read our mood swings and react! What more factors we need that indicate a bright future for voice-activated apps?


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