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Enterprise Chat Application like whatsapp and wechat

Our Enterprise Chat application like Whatsapp comes in both Android and iOS platforms along with web application with user-friendly interface.

Weapp - IM Chat Key Features

One to one Chat

Restricted with limited texts for chat need not worry; we have specially designed unlimited texting for you to have a one-to-one chat.

Share Contacts

In need of a particular contact number, just ask your friend to send it for you and have it saved in your phonebook or just share a contact with your friends as well.

Group Chat

There is nothing more fun filled when we chat with our friends together. Here we have a special feature designed for you to create a group of friends and have exciting conversations.

Share Images, Audio & Video

Memories captured in images, a soothing symphony and a captivating experience in a video share them all in one go with this feature.

Share Locations

Are you in search of a particular location or address of your friends or family member? Just ask them to share their location & you will make in there in no time.

Web Login Via QR Code

Does big screen make you feel comfier? You do have an option to select Web Version, just scan the QR code from your device & you are all set to use the app on the big screen.

Extra Features

Instant Notifications

This feature has been specially designed for you to respond to the messages promptly. The instant notifications will allow you to reply to the text messages in the popup itself.

Block chats

Have the annoying strangers and scammers messages by having them blocked. Just go ahead and block the number and you are free from receiving unwanted messages.

Invite Contacts

Want friends to come along on the application, who do not have it? Just send them an invitation, requesting them to install the app on their device and you will have your friends or family members to chat and have interesting conversations

Starred Messages

Is there an important message on your message thread with your friend? Do you want to mark it? You can mark the message as important with the star icon and it will be marked as important for your reference

Add Chat Shortcut

Do you have a friend with whom you chat frequently? Then this particular option is specifically made for you. Create a shortcut and it will flash on your home screen and you can chat by saving time.

Forward, Delete, Copy messages

Forward those interesting and important messages to your contacts. Deleted the messages which you feel are unnecessary or not required. Copy a message for editing and pasting it on a different platform.

Weapp - IM Chat APP Features

Instant Chat

Strike a conversation within just a click away and enjoy the interesting and exciting conversation with friends and family with Instant Chat.


Never miss out on the recent messages and group chats. We have carefully made notifications for you to keep you notified and option to personalize it as well.

Share Audio & Video

Share the latest music of your favorite band with your friends and family and have them rock & roll. Had an adrenaline rush with the videos you watched? Don’t wait, just go ahead and share it with friends and family.


Share Images

The best way to capture the best moments of life is to have them clicked in a snap. Share all those wonderful memories with friends and family, enjoy the nostalgic feel.

Share Contacts

You can share any contact from your device to your friends and ask for a specific contact if you are in need of one, as simple as it gets.

Chat Archives

Is there a need to have the information on the chats of confidential in nature and needs to be kept safe? Do not worry, just archive the chat and it will be pushed to the bottom of the conversation list.

Weapp - IM Chat

  • Message Info

    Are your messages delivered and read? We have the feature designed for you where you can find out the delivered and read a status of your messages.

  • Set chat background wallpaper

    A vague background is not appealing to have an interesting conversation. You have the option to set your own background with an alluring picture of your choice.

  • In message reply

    Do you want to reply to a specific message amidst other messages? Just hold the message and you find the option to reply to that message as you can quote the message.

  • Email Chat history

    There are certain conversations which you always want to treasure and read them back later. We have made this specific feature for you; send your chats to your email to have them in your treasure to be treasured.


Weapp - IM Chat APP Features

  • Set Profile Status

    Do you want your friends and family to know about how your feeling and how was your day? Just simply go ahead and set a status for your profile and let them know.

  • Set Profile Picture

    There is no restriction on what kind of picture you would like to post. You can post your favorite meme, cartoon character, family photo and anything of your choice as your profile picture.

  • Exit Group

    It is not necessary for every group to be interesting and exciting. There are groups which are void and not happening, so it is obvious for to leave the group and you can do so with the exit group feature

  • Mute Chats

    Does the notification sound of the chats annoying? There is no need to worry, you have an option to mute the chat, hold the message for longer and you will have the mute option on the top of the window.


Voice And Video Calling

Enjoy free and unlimited voice and video calls. voice and video calls are made through mobile data or WiFi.

Profile Management

Manage profile through Whatsapp Clone app instantly; it includes updated profile picture, status, etc.

Privacy Settings

Control privacy individually for a profile picture, status and last seen. Users can easily tweak these as they need.

Data Usage Management

With this option, the users can control the data usage on the mobile devices by enabling/disabling the options like Media auto-download over mobile data, Wi-Fi.

Instant Search

Search through all the content available in your account, find users, find chats and messages for the term instantaneously.





Operating system


Version 1.4+


Version 3.10+


Version 6.4+


Version 2.0


Version 3.2+


Version 1.0


with IPv6 Address

Technologies Used

Architecture & Framework

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