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The outlook of today’s smartphones means a more sophisticatedly linked ecosystem of applications and the walled greenhouse will be torn down and roads and bridges will be established between the mobile apps. Today, the smartphone users have been increased day by day exponentially. This is because of the advanced operating system and its excellent features. The interlinked connection between the apps installed by the user from the play store will become aggressively more important to both the consumers and the businesses themselves.

Every technology works are based upon the background operating system. In today’s digital smartphones are seen instantly with every individual especially android phones. Android is one of the operating systems has been in the spotlight since the time when smartphones were launched. It was developed by the Google based on Linux kernel designed primarily for touch screen mobile phones. Apart from this mobile world, Google has extended its success in the electronic worlds with android like TV, automobiles, wrist watches and lot more.

Best operating system of young minds:

Android will possess associate degree X-factor to be ready to strike a chord of those who are victimization the smartphones ever since the origination. The mobile applications are basically recorded in the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) and many a time on Java programming language. These Android devices are battery powered and the greatest part is that it is designed and developed in such a way that the procedures to keep the power consumption is maintained at a low level to make offer a long living battery life for the user’s device. A few years back Google thought of introducing Daydream, a platform specially made for virtual basis and it’s been assembled into Android Nougat version to startup with.

Interesting facts about using android

The best interesting fact of android is that its versions are named with tasty eatable items arranged in alphabetical order which helps the user to try this android touch screen mobile once in their lifetime. Moreover, the latest version is named as Oreo in the year 2016 is trending with advanced features among the businesses. Another important fact is that the features of Android are developed and designed in a unique way and hence it takes the topmost position in the market of an operating system. The main reason is that it offers excellent features and trending applications to the users in a cost-effective way.

Android applications

These applications are designed and developed based on the Java language as these java classes are compiled in Dalvik executables and run on Android runtime which is specially made for Android and optimized for devices that are powered by the battery. In fact, all the android apps, as well as the native apps, are available in Google Play Store. These android apps include online shopping, money transaction, information about any software update, instant chats, and the lot more and bring the world in our palm with a single touch. There are many auctions growing in the marketplace to develop a new operating system similar to Android apps and some developers had also started to create their own applications with the help of this system. With its easy way of access, people started to learn and develop their own apps based on trading, money transaction, and educational level with creative features for gaining enough knowledge for third developers. Casperon technology has been moving successfully in the field of app development for past few years with highly qualified experts. With their passion and enthusiasm towards the challenging projects which made them work hard and complete around more than 100 successful projects within the timeline for the clients.

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