An overall insight

Having an innovative, robust and simple asset tracking solution is been designed and developed to help various companies and businesses easily track and manage all of their fixed and electronic IT belongings. It is ideal for both small businesses that have limited asset management needs whereas large companies to handle multiple sites, products, services, and complexion requirements. This type of tracking system is not only dealt with by humans, vehicles, etc. It makes easy for all the organizations for keeping their assets safely.

Initial steps

The main concept of this platform is finding the workspace belonging when it goes missing from their authorized circumstance which can be found by transmitter devices. It has a receiver and transmitter medium where the receiver is kept in the electronic or official belongings in the form of UHF than RFID or BLE because it needs enhancing substances like a battery to charge those placing.

Working Process

In the transmitter side placing UHF in the device will start transmitting frequency with a range of about 10 m. When it comes to the receiver, it has been outsourced for a major rise in cost and it takes time for further implementation. Those receivers are altered and programmed according to our project needs. It enables in build antennas with the same frequency range on both transmitter and receiver sides. Where the frequency range of these devices is between 870 MHz to 966 MHz so that within the working place it would be easy to track and detect those belonging.