5 valid reasons why you should not switch jobs before 2 years

Waking up every morning, doing the same tasks, going to the same job, meeting the same faces again and again will seem boring for most of us. But in reality, it actually isn’t if you are looking forward to achieving greater heights in your career.

Working in the same company for a long time will help you gain deep insights into the work you do. People can understand all the positives, negatives, work requirements so that we can learn all the problem-solving ways and gain real-time experience. Leaving your current job within a year just for the sake of getting higher pay will definitely not help your future, as you will stay behind people who stick to a company for a few years. Knowing all the advantages and disadvantages of the work you do will give you in-depth knowledge about the process, which can only be attained by working for the same agency for at least two years.

There are so many logical reasons for us to rethink our decision to leave a job before gaining knowledge. Here are some logical reasons that will save you from a life full of regrets.

1. You will seem unreliable to the employers

No one would care to invest in someone who switches jobs more often. An employee not only works for the agency but also gains more knowledge about the work process while being there. So that means an employee learns more than what he provides from all the workers around him with good experience and leadership skills. What would an employer do if you seem unreliable? They will definitely hesitate to help you gain more knowledge about the work process. Thus, you will end up in a boring process that has no future value!

Let us imagine that a company is falling apart because of some financial crisis. Due to their critical situation, they have to throw out some employees. Who will be the first person to go out? The most unreliable ones, the job hoppers will be the ones that come to their mind in an instant. They will not hesitate to throw them out to keep the employees who were staying loyal to them for years.

Some projects may take many years to complete while some projects take just a year or two. Switching from a company to another within a year or two will make the employers question your judgment and reliability. They can easily guess that you were never there for your team while they complete a project. It will create doubts among them that you will be leaving everything behind when there is any sign of trouble.

2. Establishing yourself again & again

Writing a resignation letter is not an easy task, as you worked hard and gave your best to prove your worthiness from the beginning. You started everything from scratch to become an established performer.

A workplace is not only a place where we go and do the work just for someone else’s sake. We go to work to improve our knowledge, to learn new things, to prove ourselves, and to connect with different personalities.

We would have gone to a point where we have no need to explain ourselves to people around us, as they already understood how trustworthy we are. A workplace is somewhere that we are already connected with well-experienced people and learned some of their leadership skills.

By switching to a company within less than two years, you have to do everything from the start. Establishing one’s trust and character takes at least a few months. By changing jobs more often, you have to prove your character again and again or you may end up on a completely new process that you have never learned before. To put it simply, you have to start from scratch from day 1, if you wish to change your job frequently!

3. You will end up with a bad resume

According to a recent study, two out of three recruiters have decided not to consider someone for the interview because of their shortcoming periods in various companies.

With people hopping jobs easily in this generation, it is still considered to be a weak point in your resume, as you will be considered unreliable. The job profile of a person staying in a company for 3 or more years will always be recognized worthy over someone with three 1-year tenures in three agencies. Thousands of people are looking forward to switching jobs every day. To tackle this, creating a strong resume is the key point to get into a company.

Staying loyal to an agency for more than three years will definitely add more strength to your resume.
A new HR study shows that a recruiter looks at a CV just for 5 or 6 seconds to decide if it is worthy or not. It is not long but enough time to go through your experience level, as your experience listings are the key points in your resume, it will highlight your profile more than that page long summary you wrote.

4. Benefits of staying in the same company

Actually, most of the well-established companies will only try to encourage their employees to stay in their company instead of filling up the vacant positions again and again.

As our experience in a company increases, the number of benefits we get will also be increased according to our work performance. If we get into a new agency, all the benefits we had will be back to lower numbers, which we exchanged for a package that looked attractive on the cover. No matter how well you answer your interview questions, or how well you summarized your resume, your new employer will put you on an assessment period to monitor your work style and commitment to your job.

5. Money being the main concern

People job hop everywhere to get a good pay hike. They work in an agency for a few months and jump to another company, getting impressed by their attractive pay covers. They attend the interview, get the job, and sign the contract for their new salary package. Is that it? No. it definitely isn’t!

Everything happens for a reason. No one will offer a job for a job-hopping person without expecting anything in return.

Employers know that you will switch jobs again if you find someone offering you a more attractive package. This is actually a strategy for some agencies to keep the employees moving out often to avoid paying in huge numbers.

Your employer will already be expecting you to hand your resignation letter in a year or so, thus they will increase your workload to the maximum extent without giving compensation or a reasonable hike.

6. It will hurt your professional status

Yes, your profile will state many kinds of different skills and technological knowledge that you possess. But in reality, without proper process experience even after working in so many companies will only label you as Jack of all trades, but a master of none! You definitely cannot master any technology in a short period. By changing jobs frequently, you will lose knowledge about the process you were working on a few jobs ago. So it is basically no use for an employee and you will be considered unprofessional.

Especially if you are switching agencies within a small and medium-sized market, your reputation will be damaged and your future will not see any growth.

Advantages of settling in a company

  • Deciding to settle in an agency will help you organize your day to day schedules more conveniently.
  • You can master every nook and corner of the technology you are working on.
  • Life will become more comfortable around your long term friends.
  • Most of the higher officials will all be familiar faces.
  • Taking sick leave and vacation leaves can be easy.
  • Due to their trust, your managers can be more flexible with work from home options if there is any need.


Switching jobs will indeed help you get more attractive pay. But in return, you will end up losing your benefits which is more useful than getting a little hike in your pay. With already being labeled as unreliable, you will also lose trust from your employer who will only want you to work harder for less compensation.

One of the biggest disadvantages of switching agencies is losing all the connections and ties we had with all the well experienced workers from your previous companies. In your new job, you have to connect with new people and gain their trust starting all over again.

Working with the same company for more than 2 years will help you create a strong resume, which will be the key factor to help you get placed in a top-level market. Your career will be stable and you can ensure a safer future that will only be attained by proving your trustworthiness and mastering the technology you are working on.


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