How much does it cost to create an app like Netflix?

During the conventional period of 1920, television was introduced, and later on, power-packed technologies came into effect. The advanced internet has transformed everything in every sector. A recent report exclaims that about five billion internet users globally are increasing every year. As of now, online video streaming apps are the trendier ones. When compared to watching movies on television, people are using apps like Netflix. For the entertainment purposes like watching web series, movies, news, etc. Due to its smooth UI, Netflix has won billions of hearts globally. The financial report of 2018 expresses that the firm’s annual profit crossed nearly 16 billion dollars. Similar to the other video apps, OTT apps have achieved a great boom. 

In this article, you can gain details about the on-demand app development like Netflix, cost factors, striking features of video streaming apps, etc.  

According to Statistics
app like Netflix

Acquire an intensive knowledge

Generally, an app like Netflix is the most prominent platform. It is the most widely used one while comparing to the other video streaming apps. A study report says that Netflix has crossed nearly two hundred million users all over the globe. It has been exclaimed that idea of Netflix is a little bit old. In the conventional days, there were no advancements in any field; hence Netflix’s idea was not able to develop. About twenty-two years back, there were nearly five million subscribers. This one point mainly encouraged the team to enhance the concept of watching movies frequently. Nowadays, video streaming apps allow users to enjoy movies directly on the systems. The major benefits of using Netflix are top-notch quality streaming, non-duplicated content, ad-free movies, valuing experience, free trial for one month, moderate subscription fee, etc. 

app like Netflix

Series of steps involved in the development of an app like Netflix

Generally, mobile app development like is not an easier one. It takes more time, a huge investment of amount and techies. The entire development process is explained in the upcoming points. 

Collection of requirements

Collection of requirements

The most important step in the development of an app like Netflix is to process in-depth research. The project starting from the phase of UI design to the promotion of the app. Complete research is most needed and the information is gathered from scratch. A thorough analysis is initiated and requirements are collected from creating an app like Netflix which is far better than the others. Here, the mandatory features like online streaming, genre-based listing, in-app sharing, live chatting, managing videos, social sharing, video approval status, in-app notifications, etc should be included. The cost factor relies on the features that should be included in the app. 

Mandatory features


The registration feature is the most important one. It is the best way to examine the user count that is using your app. During the registration process, more questions should not be asked or the registration process will be a highly difficult one. In this era, we are interconnected with social media sites & its integration should be mandatory too. It assures that there is efficient access and generates more interest in the app too. 

Profile information
Profile information

This section includes the profile details of the user. It includes the shows, history details & instant reminders. The history of purchase is also included. To maintain the track of likes and comments of popular shows the User Profile part helps in all the ways. The most favourite content can be recommended to everyone. 

Chat feature
Chat feature

Since there is a big competition among the platforms, processing app like Netflix is not an easier task. The new features & functionality should be included in the app so that users will be happier. Through this medium, the users can express their views in the form of comments. 

Push notifications
Push notifications

It is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy relationship with the customers. To be 100% involved with the app, it is better to send reminders in the form of notifications. At the same time, this feature helps the customers to know about the launching of new features, validity dates, subscription plans, etc. 

Exploring bar feature

Typically, an app like Netflix should possess the space to search for movies, web series, favourite programs, shows, entertainment series, etc. It is also categorized and subjected to genres. In case, a video streaming app misses functionality it greatly affects the subscribers. 

List of language support
List of language support

Netflix is the most successful app because it satisfies the preferences of users. The top-notch quality attracts an enormous group of viewers. Since there is support for multiple languages, there is an assured more number of viewers. 

Skill proficiency

There should be certain skills for the techies who are involved in the freelancing jobs. Check the level of ability that freelancers possess is a must and enhances the present database of the firm. The skill tests are processed the reason an organization has a particular level of fame to maintain & the competition is already at the peak level on this platform. 

Payment portal

Payment portal

An app like Netflix contains monetary savings which are subjected to efficient access for the functionality of payment portals. For modernized launched apps, it is vital to have multiple portals & gateways for payment options. Most people are inter-connected with the payment portals. It is vital to possess accountability for essential payment options. 


This feature should contain a list of important features like sound control, video quality options, subtitles, etc. Mostly, videos occupy a large volume of data to own control for opting for video quality is always a great benefit for the subscribers. 

Exclusive User Interface/User experience design 

Once the requirements are collected from scratch, a well-defined UI should be built for the app. For this concerned job, highly professional & experienced techies should be hired. A concerned time should be given to the techies for the designing process. At the end of the process, a concerning amount will also be paid. Mostly, the designing process will be processed in countries like India where you can procure the best service at a reasonable cost. 

Modernized Technologies

For the implementation of video streaming apps like Netflix multiple languages like Java, Php, Swift, React, Node.js, etc are used. The database plays a vital role in the development of standard options. The other available options are Oracle, Mongo DB, SQL, etc. It is the best option for the storage of data. 

Initiating a prototype

The prototype of an app like Netflix is built and sent to clients for their feedback. Here, the editing and functionality factors can be enhanced before the final version is developed and released. 

Building the app 

Once the prototype is authorized by the client, then techies go ahead & implement the app for the app user. This process takes some time of about three to six months for building the app. A continual interaction with the techies is essential so that the work will be checked & every process will be updated to the development team. 

Technical Support
Technical Support

The iOS app development does not end in the creation of the app. Once the app is processed successfully, it will be launched on both App Store and Play Store. Then maintenance & support is mandatory. The app users may face issues while downloading the app. To resolve it, a constant technical support team is needed. 

To develop an app like Netflix, the technological stack is listed below. 

Languages: Java, JavaScript, Python, Kotlin, Swift

Libraries: React, Win.js, Node.js

Database: Mongo DB, Oracle

Cloud Service: Amazon EC3, Amazon S3. 

What are the various factors affecting the cost of implementing an app?

Striking features
Striking features

The main factor that affects the cost of an app like Netflix is a list of exclusive features. If there are multiple features, a huge amount should be invested. It can be highly beneficial to develop unique features that no other app possesses. If needed, you can also release the initial version of the app with essential features and later you can add advanced features. 

App design

Generally, an app should be interactive so that users should like it and not feel any difficulties. Maintain the UI a simpler one so that people can easily access the app. It also reduces the cost factor too. 


Opting for the right platform is vital. Building an app like Netflix is a little bit costlier when compared to the Android development. Hence in-depth market research is mandatory for the building of the app. You can pick the platform according to your needs. 

Code builders

The cost of developing an app like Netflix is taken by the development techies. The charges rely on an hourly basis. The implementation of the apps takes place in multiple markets like India & Chinese etc. They are the most trustable options. 


The incorporation of mobile wallets ensures an efficient payment for app users. There are multiple users who prefer the efficient payment option by integrating with the wallet that may cost a high, but sure it takes your business to the next level. 

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Final thoughts

Performance is the key to any successful online video-streaming platform, and there is no shortcut to it. Despite the fact that there are already many great players in this industry, the market is far from saturated. Without a doubt, Netflix is a game-changer in the video-on-demand industry, creating limitless opportunities for online streaming.

Many new apps are appearing in the industry. In addition, the film and video industries have a long history and a plethora of content. So, if you have a great app idea for creating a unique on-demand video streaming app like Netflix. Go ahead.

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