Best Effective Proceedings of Indoor Tracking System

Monitoring the assets and belongings of the business requires careful consideration of many different factors to set their foundation in a successful outcome. The resultant of this will be a formal complement and add as a reference for customer works along internal R&D.

Preliminary phases

Making a platform for indoor asset tracking solutions can take on many forms depends on the property we use. As a consideration of this system, we use UHF tags. These tags are placed in all the take able electronic items that store their entire database. The reason for using these UHF tags is because it has no battery rather it gives sensible coverage nearly 10 M distance with a unique code of 16-bit storage.

Dealing progressions

The database is been collected from those properties by using a handy reader and it is stored according to its category since the original sensing device is heavy to carry this step is done to make it easier. The initial sample of magnetic tags did not sense the data so we have to change it to nonmagnetic tags which do respond even it is kept in the metallic surface.

Collective source

The enabled database from the tracking system is done with Mongo DB on the back end along with PHP or node which makes the clients for their comfort processing. The huge collections of data are property details, owner – man ship, employee details, date of service & purchase, etc. so that it will be easy to locate it.

As a result, it is formally used in the indoor environment of a business area which made a successful product.


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