Director Kapil Dev’s Vision Aligns Team Tweaks Technologies With the Path to Emerge as a Globetrotting Technology Partner

Founded in 2013, Team Tweaks Technologies Pvt Ltd is a leading mobile app development company. Headquartered in India, the firm also operates from Raleigh, NC, USA, and East Sussex, UK. The firm provides completely customized full-service web, mobile app, IoT application development solutions. Their Director, Kapil Dev, also heads the learning and development department while looking over the core responsibilities.

Kapil shared that the firm was established with the sole directive of providing businesses the quality technology solutions they require to excel in their fields at competitive rates. A strong workforce of more than 100 highly skilled professionals that include people from sales, as well as different stages of operations, make it possible to take care of the project without outsourcing a single aspect completely.

Kapil Dev was interviewed by GoodFirms as part of their series to know more about what drives this competent Director and their mission that moves them forward. Following is an excerpt from that enlightening conversation.

Mobile App Development Services That Guaranty Satisfaction:

The in-house model, says Kapil Dev, relays a direct benefit to their clients since they do rely on any external vendor regarding any aspect of the project and function seamlessly in real-time making effective decisions. Proper communication and a proficient team help the firm guarantee 100% guaranteed satisfaction output to all its clients. Their practices and desire to excel in all their endeavors have enabled them to serve diverse industries such as Fashion, Food Delivery, Hotels, and also a few government projects. Typically, IT companies work for long-term goals and to enhance the strategies efficiently.

The Director recounted that the scope of determining the timeframe primarily depends upon the client’s requirements and the level of urgency warranted. Optimum resources are allocated as per the pre-requisite, but additional resources are deployed if the situation demands. When questioned about the factors that drive the cost of a mobile app, he shared that functionality and platform chosen are the key drivers along with the timeframe within which the project needs to be deployed. Generally, software companies depend on well-defined communication, big data, and Artificial Intelligence.

Digital Strategy Consultant at 300 Media, Macs Mtha Mahlangu, hands Team Tweaks Technologies a 5-star rating on GoodFirms while sharing about their professionalism:

Team Tweaks Technologies is one of the best mobile app development companies in UK at GoodFirms in consequence of their customer-first approach and digital dominance in this arena.

Web Development Fused With Function and Form:

Discussing the actual development, Kapil explained that the backend of any application is normally web application connected to the database, whereas frontend is the UI/UX and development of the end-user experience. Different projects entail different approaches, and different time frame is invested in delivering the best solution. However, the ratio when it comes to putting efforts is usually 2:1 for developing the front end and back end of a mobile app.

The Director expounded that it is crucial to comprehend the customer requirements before any execution. A defined scope allows the selection of a suitable platform to drive optimum results. The core unit of developers at the firm are seasoned to work with any framework with PHP, Node.JS, React Native, MySQL, MongoDB, Angular.JS, CodeIgniter, and XMPP as their preferred technologies to deliver solutions.

Technical discernment and an unwavering focus will drive Team Tweaks Technologies into the esteemed record of the top website development companies at GoodFirms.

Christopher A Whitfield, Owner at Best Edge SEO, is a repeat collaborator with Team Tweaks Technologies and is highly gratified with their services as the review reflects.

Read the comprehensive interview of Kapil Dev here at GoodFirms to know more about this dynamic Director and his firm.

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