How to Patent an App Idea: The Ultimate Guide [2024 Updated]

In this gigantic business world, entrepreneurs give priority to creative ideas. An app patent is nothing but a cerebral right to protect an app idea from unauthorized usage. The first important step is to patent app ideas seamlessly. There should be uniqueness in your idea and go ahead with patenting. Generally, the patenting process is most important. When involved in the patenting process, there are chances for issues to take place. It is essential to make updates on innovative ideas. If an individual forgot to process updates, it is essential to patent updates along with the enhancing updates. This article guides you on ‘how to patent an app idea’ from scratch. 

Notable significance points 

The Android app development companies deal with the patenting process. It is essential to patent an app idea either if it is a unique or novel one. The protocols focus on the uniqueness of ideas. In case the third party copies your idea, you can collect the compensation amount. It is essential to patent mobile app ideas due to multiple reasons. Which are explained in the upcoming points. The patent helps to safeguard ideas from unauthorized ones. The individual who gained the patent rights can take legal actions. That against the entrepreneurs who are involved in the production of apps. The patent is nothing but a unique element and saves a person from legal complications. 

What is the eligibility to patent an app idea?

eligibility to patent an app idea

It is essential to examine whether an app is desirable for patenting or not. To sort out the issues of global users. If any app idea is established, it cannot be considered patenting. For any cause, ideas should not be released in the articles. There is a list of crucial points subject to eligibility criteria that are explained in the upcoming points. 


Before involving in the filing of the patent process. A patent search test should be conducted based on the regulations & protocols of the trademark office of the concerned country. It completely verifies an existing parent or comes under any other categorization. The patenting of a mobile app idea should be completely different from the previous conceptions. It should possess a basic factor for distinctness. The patent should be unique and sort out the issues that act as per World Intellectual Property Organization. 


The app idea should be unique and beneficial. An app should not be built just only for entertainment purposes. When filing an app for patenting, its idea should not come under the clone categorization. 


As per the rules & regulations, an app idea should be mandatorily non-obvious. This is one of the hardest points. 

Different types of patent apps

Different types of patent apps

Before moving on to the discussion of patenting an app or gaining details on how to patent an app idea, it is essential to verify if an app idea is already existing or not. First, you have to go ahead with deeper research related to impending patent app ideas. An exclusive database possesses data concerned with patenting of app ideas. Finally, you can verify app ideas. That are already existing global patents through the World Intellectual Property Organization. The patent applications are differentiated into two types. The differentiation process is based on the market size, uniqueness, and optimal solution. 


The provisional patent app is the most prominent one. Here, there is no need for any formal activities like declaration, or data declaration statements. When a mobile app development firm initiates an app idea. A provisional patent app is the most used one. There is a list of benefits which includes the declaration of the app idea. Which is known to be patent pending. This type of patent app offers one year to redefine app ideas and also provides MVP to build an app. To acquire an international patent, one can file it within one year. In the provisional patent app. An individual can have some expenses when compared to the non-provisional app. 


This app type is a unique one where the claim is not needed to file the app idea. Here, the description possesses in-depth details like claim, legality, specification, etc. It is more costly when compared to the provisional patent app. It relies on the statement on how to patent a mobile app idea. If you want to maintain a healthy relationship with the customer. Then go ahead with the provisional application. On the other side of the flip, if the budget amount is high opt for the non-provisional patent app. 

What are the documents to be carried on for patenting an app?

For the patenting of a mobile app idea, the first important thing is the processing of paperwork. The important documents to be carried for patenting mobile apps are ADS, cover sheet, fee sheet, claims, specification, Entity Status Form, etc. 

Guidelines to patent a mobile app

Mostly, mobile app & iOS app development firms aid in the process of patenting. 

Recruit an experienced patent attorney

It is essential to consult with a legal advisor for acquiring a high-end patent and to increase the chance to opt for a mobile idea involved in patenting. The attorneys will have relevant experience in this enormous field. Legal actions are mandatory when involved in the patenting process. It is always better to hire a professional while patenting a mobile app idea. The legal advisors should possess experience in software patenting. On the other side of the flip. It is better to refer to an authorized law firm. Before going ahead with the agent. 


Procuring innovative mobile app ideas is not adequate. The other part of the work is important to complete. Hiring an experienced legal advisor is most important to reveal the unique ideas of the mobile app. It is essential to submit different facets like realism, possibility, and another criterion to acquire endorsement from the court for a patent. For producing evidence, it is mandatory to document everything from the scratch. It is necessary to gain the details of patenting mobile app ideas. To give a clear explanation of the features & functionalities, you can go ahead with a flowchart. 

Exploring patent

To gain an app idea, you may have done in-depth research. Now, you have to be involved in the process of in-depth patent research. With the aid of legal advisors. The issues should be sorted and there should be a rapid approval of the patent. While implementing patent search, you have to fulfil the goals, features completion, and classification of patents. 

Filing of application

The filing takes place in either two categorizations such as provisional or non-provisional. It all relies on the market size and novelty of mobile app ideas. If an individual opts for prior patenting, it is best to go ahead with the provisional patent app. The provisional patent apps are rapid ones. When compared to the non-provisional type. When involved in the filing process, it is essential to capture an in-depth description. In the filing of an app, it is important to follow the below-mentioned steps. The specification possesses uniqueness of app, title & summary. The claim contains different facets of the app. Here, the visual representation depicts in different forms like flowcharts, graphs, drawings, etc. 

Submission of application

Once the steps are processed in a finite form, one can file for a patent. The entire process is a lengthier one and more paperwork is needed. 

What are the alternative ways of patenting?
alternative ways of patenting

There are multiple alternative ways to safeguard an app idea from unauthorized usage. 


The copyright falls under the categorization of IPR. It is more or less the same as a patent. The inventor’s work includes creative processes and system programs. It enables the broadcast of the work. At the same time, it aids to safeguard the ideas like protection of the logo. 


The trademark safeguards symbol, logos, and devices that aid to spot the services of the originator. It confronts other individuals about the usage of patent work. If an individual employs the brand’s logo of the app, there is a list of crucial cloning problems that baffle users does not take place. 


Usually, the parties sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement. These types of agreements happen between app development firms and app owners. The on-demand app development firm provides multiple services and protects your creative ideas from unauthorized people. 

How to Patent an app idea

Ending words!!

From this article, you have understood the basics of patenting from scratch. Now, you can decide whether to patent or not. The procedure of obtaining a patent is difficult. This entire process is more or less similar to that of mobile app development. The patenting helps to save an individual’s work and earn more revenue from cloning. In this era, patenting of mobile app ideas has become compulsory to safeguard intellectual property. It is feasible to convert innovative ideas into authenticity. For this conversion, it is vital to hire a mobile app development firm. Team Tweaks is the most reputed firm that stands in a top-notch position in the present market. They are highly responsible for the development of user-friendly apps. 


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