Top IT Companies in Kochi – 2024

Kochi is well-known for its industrial and IT organizations. It is the most popular technological hub possessing infrastructure, strategic location, and interconnectivity. A recent report exclaims that Kochi is the fastest-growing city in India. There are various techno parks where IT employees from in and around cities are working. In this blog, you can gain more details about the top-rated IT companies in Kochi

Leading IT Companies in Kochi

  • Cognizant
  • Infocom Software
  • Naico
  • Hashtag Systems Inc.
  • Cabot Solutions
  • Codepoint Software
  • HiFX
  • NDZ Solutions
  • BEO Software
  • Citrus Informatics
  • Mantra IT Solutions
  • Infintor Innovations
  • Seeroo IT Solutions
  • Fingent Solutions
  • Blue Horizon Infotech
largest it companies in Kochi


Cognizant is the largest IT Company in India, where its headquarters is located in Teaneck, United States. They serve in different industrial sectors like automotive, banking, Education, Insurance, Manufacturing, Retail & Logistics, and more. Their classy services are AI, BPS, Cloud Solution & Modernization, Digital Experience & Strategy, Intelligent Process Automation, etc. As of 2023, around four lakh employees are working in Cognizant. They assist their potential clients to explore the best digital experience in the present market. 

Infocom Software

Infocom Software is one of the leading IT companies in Kochi. They afford various services like web & app development, web design, eCommerce, and Digital marketing. Apart from mobile app development, the organization is focusing on different types of game development like Mobile games, Casino games, and casual and interactive concerns. Their techies offer top-notch quality and cost-effective services to worldwide Small & Medium level enterprises. Their team of experienced professionals adopts technological advancements to facilitate standard products and reliable services. They serve various industries like Education, Business, eCommerce, Healthcare, Entertainment, and Travel & Tourism. Currently, the organization’s rating is about 3.8. Around two hundred employees are working in Infocom Software


Naico is one of the famous IT companies in Kochi. They possess more than 16 years of experience in this gigantic IT industry. The client retention rate is about 100%. They are affording various services like SaaS Product Engineering, Mobile app development, Product Testing & Prototyping, Support, and Maintenance, etc. Currently, the organization is dealing with strategic consulting, Spatial Data Modelling, Routing Application Development Smart City Projects, and more. They mainly concentrate on the core enterprises seamlessly. Their techies offer top-notch consultancy services for developing custom-built enterprise solutions to sort out business issues. Naico’s prominent clients are Nestle, GameStop, OPEEKA, Vantage, Assure, iVinci Health, and more. Its rating is about 3.7. 

Hashtag Systems Inc.

Hashtag Systems is an outstanding IT company located in Kochi, India. Their exceptional development services are WordPress, Blockchain, Design & Prototyping, UI, FileMaker Pro, and Database & Backend. Its headquarters is located in Sunnyvale, California. Hashtag implementation centers are placed in Kochi and California respectively. They mainly focus on the development of customized software projects satisfying the expectations of their potential clients. Apart from software development, they target Business process & automation, web applications, eCommerce, and conceptual designing exquisitely. Around 50-100 employees are working in Hashtag Systems Inc and its rating is nearly 4.1. 

Cabot Solutions

Cabot Solutions is one of the prominent IT companies in Kochi. To develop their client’s business they use contemporary tools & technologies. Their team of techies assists to deploy the products and offers top-notch cloud migration services. They adopt an agile methodology to deliver top-rated quality products at a reasonable cost. Their leading clients are Hitachi, Gray Matter Analytics, Husqvarna Group, and iVedix, and more. Cabot Solutions possess five offices and 100+ employees at the global level. To date, they have successfully completed 700+ projects. The client’s retention rate is about 55%. Cabot Solutions holds 13+ years of relevant experience. They have dealt with 140+ delighted clients and its rating is nearly 4.3. 

Codepoint Software

Codepoint Software is the most reputed IT Company in Kochi. Their exclusive services are Software Product Development, Web & Mobile app development, UI/UX Design & Development, Digital Marketing & Branding, and IT Outsourcing services. They serve in different verticals like Education, eLearning, Banking & Finance, Healthcare, Retail, Digital Marketing Solutions, etc. Currently, fifty employees are working in Codepoint Software and its rating is nearly 4.6. 


In this list of IT companies in India, HiFX stands at the top-notch place. They possess more than twenty relevant experiences in the IT field. They sustain pace with the developing digital concern. As of now, they are focusing on various sectors like Retail, Technology & Media, Finance, and Consumer Goods. Their team of techies explores the opportunities and builds data-driven business strategies. The organization’s highlighted values are rapid delivery, reliability, and scalability. Their exceptional services are DevOps, Cloud consulting, and Digital Transformation. Around fifty employees are working in HiFX Technologies and its rating is nearly 4.3. 

NDZ Solutions

NDZ Solutions is an IT company located in Kochi. At present, they are serving various sectors like Healthcare & Pharmacy, Education, Retail & Manufacturing, and Telecom. The company’s global branches are located in different countries like Singapore, Dubai, Australia, and the United States. They possess relevant 13 + years of experience in this gigantic IT field. Around 70-80 employees are working in NDZ Solutions and its rating is nearly 4.7. 

Kochi IT Companies

BEO Software

BEO Software is one of the famous IT companies in Kochi. Their techies sustain their prospective client’s business starting from the design to the deployment of IT solutions. The organization provides bespoke solutions to meet the needs and requirements of customers. Their different types of services are Application Development, Testing, and Outsourcing & Maintenance. BEO Software was formed in 2003. The firm’s employee strength is nearly 200-500 and its rating is nearly 4.6. 

Citrus Informatics

Citrus Informatics is the most popular IT Company in Kochi. Their exclusive technological services are IT Consulting, Product Engineering, Project Management, Web Development, Network Management, Database Design, Software Testing & Quality Assurance, and more. The organization works on three different business models such as fixed price, Time & Material, and Dedicated Center. Citrus Informatics is one of the eminent firms affording the best quality services and ingenious products. Their team of professionals provides cost-effective solutions and delivers the product at the estimated time. Their specialists offer prime quality services within the budget. The firm’s employee count is nearly 50-200 and its rating is nearly 4.5. 

Mantra IT Solutions

Mantra IT Solutions is one of the outstanding IT companies in Kochi. Their versatile services are Web design & Development, Digital Marketing, SEO, SMM, Software Development & more. To date, they have assisted 300+ businesses to acquire exceptional global software solutions. Around 50-100 employees are working in Mantra IT Solutions. Currently, they are dealing with more than 50+ active clients. Their team of techies enhances the value of their potential client’s business with an innovative approach. The firm’s rating is nearly 3.9. 

Infintor Innovations

Infintor Innovations is the most notorious IT Company located in Kochi, India. Their standard services are Web & Mobile app development, Digital Marketing, and News portal implementation. They offer versatile solutions for Inventory Management, ERP, HR Software, and eCommerce. To date, they have dealt with more than two hundred and sixty clients. Their team of professionals has successfully completed 440+ projects. They have served more than thirty-two countries globally. They possess branches in locations like UAE, Qatar, and USA. Around 50-100 employees are working in Inventor Solutions and its rating is nearly 4.6. 

Seeroo IT Solutions

Seeroo IT Solutions is one of the reputed IT Companies in Kochi. Their typical services are Cloud computing, Digital marketing, development of Business Applications, ERP, Branding, and more. The company’s global branches are located in the USA and UAE. They offer round-the-clock customer support and assure sustainable development from scratch. Our team of techies understands the client’s needs and applies marketing strategies seamlessly. Around a hundred employees are working in Seeroo IT Solutions and its rating is nearly 4.3. 

Fingent Solutions

Fingent Solutions is a leading software development company located in Kochi, Chennai. Their leading clients are Raymond, Sony, NEC, Apollo Tyres, Johnson & Johnson, PWC, IMPACT, and more. They are serving in various verticals like Financial Services, Real Estate, Education, Logistics & Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, Utilities, and Media & Entertainment, etc. Their ingenious services are Software development, Infrastructure, Maintenance & Support, Security & Compliance, Advanced Tech, etc. Their highlighted products are InfinCE, ReachOut Suite, Skill Lake, Ed360, and Aware. They adopt technologies like Microsoft, SAP, and Odoo to afford the best services. Currently, the organization’s strength is nearly 500 and its rating is about 4.5. 

Blue Horizon Infotech

Blue Horizon Infotech is the most notorious IT Company located in Chennai. They offer various services like Web & Mobile app development, SEO, Digital marketing, and Software Development. Their hierarchical infrastructure is exclaimed as Managed IT Service Providers, Web Hosting, Cloud computing, and Enterprise Infrastructure Automation Services. Around fifty to hundred employees are working in Blue Horizon Infotech. At present, the organization’s rating is nearly 4.4. 

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End note!!

The present gigantic IT industry is flourishing in Kerala. This blog lists the top IT companies in Kochi. There are various organizations that keep on developing their presence over the website. Before selecting an IT company to develop your project, first, you have to check their portfolio, relevant years of experience, reviews of previous clients, and more. 


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