How Jane App Bridges the Gap Between Doctors and Patients

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Jane App bridges the gap between doctors and patients.

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Explore the possibilities of app development and discover the potential of digital marketing to propel your business forward in this dynamic and ever-evolving digital landscape, all while ensuring the efficiency and organization of your health or wellness practice with

Explore the possibilities of app development and discover the potential of digital marketing to propel your business forward in this dynamic and ever-evolving digital landscape, all while ensuring the efficiency and organization of your health or wellness practice with

Convenience and effectiveness are taking priority in nearly every area of our fast-paced modern lives, including healthcare. When it comes to scheduling appointments, receiving care, and managing payments, patients want an easy process.

Technology is being used more and more by healthcare professionals to satisfy these demands and improve the patient experience. Jane App is one such solution that is causing problems in the healthcare sector.

 In this blog post, we’ll look at how Jane App gives robust solutions to patients’ issues, enhancing the entire appointment booking and payment processing procedure.

Jane App

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Health care professionals’ and their patients’ lives can be made simpler with Jane App, a complete practice management system. It goes beyond only making appointments and taking payments because of its many strong features. Let’s look at the primary capabilities that make Jane App a game-changer for medical practises:

Affordable Pricing:

  • Jane app’s pricing is not a fixed payment it is based on the number of practitioners in your clinic.
  • Mostly Jane App is designed to be affordable for all levels of clinics within their budget, and there is no extra or hidden cost.

Experienced Team:

  • Jane was created by multiple clinic experts to operate the schedule and check-ups.
  • The app is too user-friendly because it’s designed by clinic management people so they know how this kind of app should be designed.

Secure Data Storage:

  • Jane uses their server to store the clinic’s medical data in their regional data centres.
  • This specialty gives you the trustable privacy space for your clinical data and maintaining your programs.
  • Jane is mostly available for all devices including tablets, smartphones, Desktop.

Unlimited Support:

  • As a cloud-based Custom software, Jane requires no program installations or expensive IT support.
  • Jane provides unlimited support to help you get started and assist whenever needed.
  • Jane provides cloud-based software so they don’t require installations or expensive infrastructure like IT support.

Versatility for Different Clinics:

  • Jane was specifically designed for interdisciplinary clinics.
  • It caters to a wide range of healthcare professionals, from physiotherapists and massage therapists to counsellors and midwives.

Unique Features:

  • Jane specially created a feature called private charting or sharing within the workspace (clinic), adding photos or videos of a doctor or from a doctor to a patient.

Explaining One of the Jane’s Service : Intake Forms

Setting Up Intake Forms:

  • Accessing the intake form section in Jane.
  • Choosing between automatic and manual form sending.
  • Setting the form’s validity period.
  • Adding an introduction section for instructions.

All steps are using mobile apps, so if you want to create an app like jane app, hire mobile app development company services or app developers.

Appointment Type:

  • Options to attach forms to appointment types, disciplines, staff members, or specific treatments. Profile Fields:
  • Collecting client demographic information.
  • Making certain fields required.
  • Information automatically maps to the client’s profile.

Credit Card Collection(for Jane Payments users):

  • Securely storing credit card information.
  • Reducing no-shows and streamlining checkout.
  • Explaining fees for Jane Payments (Canada: 2.75% per transaction, US: varying rates).

Insurance Details (for users of Jane’s insurance plan):

  • Collecting client insurance information.
  • Streamlining insurance billing processes.

Explaining Insurance Billing in Jane App

Part 1: Locations

  • Accessing Settings (Full access required).
  • Importance of setting the location name correctly based on contracts.
  • Legal name, tax ID, NPI number, and place of service code details.
  • The significance of accurate information for claim forms.

Part 2: Billing Settings

  • Reviewing client account settings.
  • Setting new insurance claims as draft or unsubmitted.
  • The rationale behind using the draft status for claims.
  • Clearinghouse options (Claim MD, Office Ally, etc.).
  • The integration of Claim MD and benefits.

Accepting Assignment vs. Assignment of Benefits: Clearing the Confusion

When it comes to navigating the complex world of medical billing and insurance.

The terminology can often be confusing. One such area of confusion is the difference between “accepting assignment” and “assignment of benefits.” Let’s break it down.

Accepting Assignment:

Imagine you’re a healthcare provider, and you’ve signed a contract with an insurance company. As part of this agreement, the insurance company provides you with a fee schedule, specifying the allowed amounts they will pay for different CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) procedure codes. In this case, “accept assignment” means you’ve agreed to the terms laid out in the fee schedule.

Now, whether you should click “accept assignment” depends on your specific situation. If your clinic works primarily with out-of-network insurance or you have a mix of in-network and out-of-network patients, you might want to leave this option unchecked. 

This way, you can decide on a per-patient basis when creating insurance policies in the patient’s account. However, it’s essential to note that in practice, clicking “accept assignment” doesn’t significantly impact the claims process, at least not in an obvious way. It’s more about your contractual agreement with the insurance company.

Assignment of Benefits;

The concept of assignment of benefits is quite different. It involves a written authorization that grants the insurance company permission to directly send claim payments to the healthcare provider rather than routing them through the patient.

This approach is commonly used to ensure that healthcare clinics receive their payments promptly without burdening patients, with handling insurance claims themselves.

In summary “accepting assignment” refers to agreeing with an insurance company’s fee schedule terms while “assignment of benefits’ ‘ relates to the arrangement where payments are directed to the clinic of the patient.

Various Aspects of Patient Experience in Jane App

Various Aspects of Patient Experience in Jane App

1. Appointment Booking; Jane App offers an online appointment booking feature that allows patients to conveniently check healthcare providers availability. Patients can select a time slot for their appointments without needing to make phone calls.

2. Patient Records; Jane App maintains patient records, including medical history, treatment notes and progress tracking reports.

3. Reminders; This application provides features such as appointment reminders and messaging which help keep patients informed and engaged in managing their healthcare needs.

4.Billing and Payments; The Jane app efficiently manages billing and payments ensuring that patients can easily settle their bills through payment methods and insurance claims processing. It also provides options, for discounts, on bills.

5. Scheduling; With the Jane App patients enjoy the convenience of scheduling options that cater to their busy lives and personal preferences.

6. Patient Portals; The Jane App may include patient portals allowing individuals to access their appointments, medical records and billing details conveniently.

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Wrapping Up:

Jane App is an innovative efficient system in the healthcare industry, to solve the difficulties that can arise when running a clinic business. This solution enables healthcare practitioners and their patients by allowing for the scheduling of appointments and the processing of payments.

If you’re a healthcare practitioner looking to boost your practice and elevate the patient experience, consider developing an app like Jane.App into your workflow. 
To develop an app like or software contact us. We will give you insights on how we can develop an app like Jane to scale your medical, clinic, or healthcare business.


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