Top SEO companies in Gurgaon – 2024

Are you searching for top SEO companies in Gurgaon? In this blog, we have listed the best SEO companies in Gurgaon which will enhance your brand fame in terms of online.  It is mandatory to acquire some details while selecting an SEO Company. Generally, SEO is a necessary process to attain a better reach. SEO makes your website visible to the end users and drives 100% organic traffic and plays a crucial role in the promotion of businesses. 

Essential things to consider while choosing an SEO company 

While choosing an SEO company, it is essential to consider the below mentioned factors. 

Years of experience

Initially, you should check the company’s relevant experience. The reputed companies possess years of digital marketing knowledge and their SEO analysts are well-trained in the process of ranking on SERP. These firms as well help customers to attain 100% traffic and promote sales. In case a company does not possess relevant experience, then think twice. Niche experience is the most mandatory factor. 

Pricing models

The next thing you have to consider is the pricing models which are the most mandatory ones. Some of the SEO-based firms assign a monthly fee package while the other companies rely on the contract process or are time-based. An outstanding SEO company enhances the ranking of Google and also enhances the quality of traffic. By taking into account needs & requirements, go ahead with the best pricing model. 

Examine details of past clients

Before choosing the service, you have to examine the details of past clients from scratch. Grab an informed decision and check whether your time and money are worth it or not. 

Check about the company’s portfolio

It is most important to verify the company’s portfolio. Next, research its fame and reputation. The research process helps you to make the right decision. 

Lists of best SEO companies in Gurgaon 

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Best SEO Companies In Gurgaon

SEO Tech Experts Pvt Ltd

In the year 2008, Sachin Gupta founded the organization. It is a leading SEO company in Gurgaon. Around sixty to seventy employees are working in SEO Tech Experts Pvt Ltd. Their techies offer various services like SEO, SMO, PPC, SEM, Web design, Android app & Branding Promotion, Website development, Digital & performance marketing, Guest Posting and Niche Editing and more. Their techies comprehend the value of traffic and offer digital marketing strategies at an affordable price. To date, their specialists have completed real-time projects successfully. The company’s prominent clients are IndiaBulls, Yamaha, Kelvin, Knit well Industries, Equinox, Policy Bazaar, etc. Currently, the company’s rating is nearly 4.8. 

Ho Digital

The Ho Digital Company was formed in the year 2014. More than fifty employees are working at Ho Digital. It is a famous advertising firm headquartered in Haryana. They are serving more than a hundred clients in different sectors. At the end of 2022, the company has generated more than 650+ crores. Their top-notch services are Sales Funnels, Email Automation, SEO, Landing Pages, Ads Content, Mobile app marketing, Google ad management, Social media & Marketplace advertisement management. Currently, the company’s rating is nearly 4.7. 

Voxturr Consulting

The Voxturr Consulting organization was established in the year 2018. The client’s satisfaction rate is nearly 4.8. It is one of the outstanding SEO companies in Gurgaon. To date, they have completed more than thirty-six projects. Currently, the company’s strength is more than fifty members. At the end of 2022, the annual company’s growth is about forty percent. Voxturr offers digital marketing for different industries like Finance & FinTech, Healthtech, Traveltech, Retailtech, and Edtech. They provide robust business solutions like Business Process Automation and Business Intelligence & Analytics. Their major digital culture & values are people-centric, technically focused, creative, and data-driven. 


The NCMborz organization was established in the year 2013. Currently, their annual turnover is up to fifty lakhs. The company’s nature of business is the service provider. They afford scalable products and services like Internet Marketing & Promotion, PPC, online advertising, SEO, and Content Marketing services. Their techies focus on the development of brand awareness & loyalty, producing leads & sales, and enhancing 100% web traffic. The company offers custom-built marketing solutions that are completely strategic in targeting your goals. Their quality of work speaks more value. Nearly fifty employees are working in NCMborz. The company’s rating is about 3.8. 


Brandhype was formed in the year 2014. It is one of the renowned SEO companies in Gurgaon. They offer services in the form of packages such as Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Blog Writing, Content Marketing, Pay per Click, Email Marketing, Web design & Revamping, etc. Around 50-100 employees are working in this firm. The company’s rating is nearly 4.6. The company’s consultants possess relevant experience in terms of Digital marketing. They have earned a better reputation in the eCommerce sector. Brandhype is the leading rapid marketing provider. Their clients are from the worldwide and domestic levels. Their techies strive hard to quench your demands & requirements and take care of all your needs. The company’s rating is nearly 3.9. 


The DIGIFISH3 Company was founded in the year 2014. Around fifty employees are working in this enormous firm. Lists of power-packed services are Digital Marketing, Campaign Management, Brand Marketing, Web development, Mobile Ad Networks, and MVAS Content Marketing. Their main objective is to enable smooth communication and create a greater reputation and fame. The firm’s satisfied clients are 100+. Some of the clients are AVIS, Azar, Etisalat, KAINAAT, Vodacom, Autokompany, Amplify, and more. To date, they have delivered 250+ brands, 75+ tasks, and 300+ projects. The company’s rating is about 4.8. 


DiGiDarts is one of the famous SEO companies in Gurgaon. Their most established clients are Spotify, LOCO, Meesho, VOGO, DealShare, Yale, Muvin, Asics, Snapdeal, and more. They build versatile performance for different sectors like social commerce, B2B, Retail, Marketplace, eCommerce, and more. They afford reliable services like PPC, SEO, SMM, web design, mobile app development, etc. Around fifty to hundred employees are working in DiGiDarts. The company’s rating is nearly 4.1. 

List Of SEO Companies In Gurgaon

SEO Craft

SEO Craft Private Limited is an outstanding SEO company in Gurgaon. They offer an array of internet marketing services like Technical SEO Audits, Website optimization, Competitor & Keyword Analysis, SMO, SMM, CRO, Content Marketing, and Business execution strategies. They always bring competent results to their prospective customers. Their team of professionals uses contemporary trends & techniques to produce top-notch results. The companies adopt standard techniques and approaches for the successful implementation of projects. They have earned a list of clients like Nandini Exim, Life Insurance, Trade Financial Services, Corporate Edge, Xpert Consulting, Content Vertex, Aapno Ghar, ITS Solutions, India Medicenter, and more. The other exceptional services are project analysis, Off-page, Competitive analysis, Reporting, On-page, and Re-assessment. The company’s rating is nearly 4.7. 

Ethical SEO Company 

The Ethical SEO Company was established in the year 2008. Their techies help you transform your creative ideas into a prototype by adopting robust tools like SEO, SEM, SMO, PPC, ORM, etc. The organization’s standard services are keyword analysis, On-page changes, Link Building, etc. Their famous clients are Communiqué, Fratelli, PVR Cinemas, Shield Square, and more. They possess relevant nine years in the field of marketing. Their team of professionals strives hard to satisfy the client’s needs and requirements. They maintain long-term relationships with their prospective clients. Ethical SEO companies offer full-fledged services like SEO, SMO, Website development, Online Reputation Management, PPC, Email marketing, Advertising, Content & Mobile marketing, etc. It is also a leading mobile app development company in Gurgaon.  Currently, the organization’s rating is 4.6. 


Gulisons was registered in the year 2013 and established as a private company in 2019. Their major skilled values are Creative learning, Teamwork, Excellence, Transparency, and Accountability. Gilson’s partners are Shopify, NASSCOM, Unicommerce, GoodFirms, and Drupal. At present, they are dealing with various industries such as Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Logistics, Manufacturing Retail, etc. This gigantic firm offers scalable solutions for Digital Marketing, SEO, PPC, SMO, ORM, and Web design. Around fifty to two hundred employees are working in Gulisons. They provide a one-stop solution for all their client’s demands. The company’s branches are in Dubai, Delhi, the Philippines, and Jordan. At present, they are affording various services like local SEO, eCommerce SEO, and White Label SEO. Their well-established clients are Hi-Tech Robotic Systems, CWT, Gionee, QME, and more. The organization’s rating is nearly 3.8. 

O3 Digitals

O3 Digital is one of the eminent SEO companies located in Gurgaon. It is an Australian-based company that captures versatile services like SEO, PPC, Content marketing, Web development, designing, etc. They focus on exceptional marketing strategies and digital transformation. They are well known for their website audit, keyword research, development of site structure, eCommerce SEO, and enhanced analytics. The company’s professionals are working for various clients like the Swiss Military, Technova, Genesys Tel, Intouch ICT, Outbooks, etc. The company’s rating is nearly 3.6. Currently, the company’s count is about 50-60. 


Digiorbite Company was founded in the year 2012. The firm’s team size is nearly 50-250. It is one of the top-rated web development and internet marketing companies located in Gurgaon, India. Their team of professionals adopts SEO, PPC & social networking techniques to upgrade the client’s business at a reasonable price. It is one of the Best SEO companies in India. They are serving various industries like Healthcare, eCommerce, Banking, Education, Government, Real Estate, Travel, etc. The company’s main mission is to enhance the performance and reputation of potential customers. Their highlighted values are Quality, Trust, Confidentiality, and Transparency. The organization’s rating is nearly 4.3. 

88 Gravity

88 Gravity is a renowned SEO company in Gurgaon. It was established in the year 2019. They have robust scalable services like SEO, SMO, Google AdWords, Web development, ROI-enabled leads, Brand recognition, and Content Marketing. This enormous firm is concentrating on various industries like Healthcare, Logistics, Education, etc. They are well known for their global digital marketing services. Their team of experts adopts bespoke online marketing campaigns to promote their client’s business growth. To date, they have successfully implemented about eighty percent of keyword research, ninety percent of technical SEO audits, and eighty-five percent of content optimization. The company’s rating is nearly 4.6. 

Digital Hive

The Digital Hive Company was formed in the year 2016. The founder of this gigantic firm is Vikram Mathur. Their top-notch services are digital marketing, SEO, eCommerce marketing, SMM, PPC, etc. Apart from digital marketing services, they efficiently build websites. At the same time, their techies process web design and maintain it explicitly. Digital Hive’s main target is to attain a competitive edge for exclusive marketing services. The organization’s active clients are Kishan Bagh, Margosa Environmental Solutions, Hriday Bhoomi, Haldiram, Bahribytes, Shyft, CAG of India, Wagma Designs, CAG of India, and more. The company’s rating is nearly 4.8. About a hundred employees are working in Digital Hive. 

InfiniteIT solutions  

As a prominent SEO Company, they deliver robust digital marketing solutions. It was founded in 2002. It is one of the eminent SEO companies in Gurgaon. Around 100-250 employees are working in Infinite IT Solutions. Their exclusive services are Web designing, Mobile App & eCommerce development, Custom built web applications, Web promotion, and Content Management Systems. Their skilled techies keep on updating with contemporary trends and techniques. They comprehend the business’s needs and provide personalized solutions accordingly. The company’s rating is nearly 4.8. InfiniteIT Solutions major branch is located in Sydney. Their team of experts always believes in developing healthy relationships with their prospective clients. They are a completely full-fledged digital marketing firm focusing on innovative services. 

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Summing up!!

In the present world, there is a huge scope for SEO and digital marketing. During the pandemic period, every sector has been transfigured to the internet. Accordingly, building your website ranking in terms of SERP is essential. While choosing an SEO company, it is mandatory to check their techniques and portfolios and also the cost should be affordable. The above-listed SEO companies in Gurgaon are the best ones. They have afforded 100% ease for business entrepreneurs. Simultaneously, these companies also provide bespoke digital marketing solutions. 


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