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In this modernized society, most people are depending on social media sites for the promotion of their business or websites as well as for entertainment too. It helps to maintain a healthy relationship with the social circle of friends. The most popular social media sites are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. About 18% of people especially start-up enterprises are interested to know the in-depth proceedings. The creation of social media apps particularly Facebook and its cost factor. On Twitter, thousands of people are interacting on different topics each & every day. Compared to the forums, the social media platforms achieve the velocity peak of interaction. At the same time, these exclusive platforms enhance the crucial value of mobile app development

In-depth details

The panorama of social media sites is changing frequently. Typically the users started to explore the multiple platforms from various sectors, especially for an intuitive engagement. Social media app like Facebook is the best marketing tool for the promotion of start-up to large-scale businesses. At the same time, it is the power-packed medium of the communication platform too. The top-notch success of Facebook is due to the factor of exclusive sharing of photos and social media platforms. Its striking functionalities & features have bought more fame & reputation to Facebook. Nowadays, entrepreneurs are on the track to the creation of social media apps like Facebook. If you are one of the creative thinkers, involved in the development of the Facebook clone app, but not sure about the cost factor, do not worry. Just be chill!! This blog completely helps you from the scratch. 

Statistical reports 

app like facebook

A recent statistical report exclaims that Facebook is one of the enormous social media platforms possessing about one billion active users in a month. Additionally, normal user access about 7 to 8 social media accounts and spends nearly half an hour on Facebook alone. These facts explain the clear frame of Facebook’s success story. In this era, most enterprises are involved in the launching process. The mobile apps where they have a tie-up with the mobile app development company. Initially, they will invest huge investment and finally gains a billion dollars in revenue. Before acquiring the details of social media apps, it is important to know the top-notch achievement of Facebook. 

app like facebook

The cost factor of implementing an app like Facebook

cost factor

In this era, there is a great demand for the building of social media apps like Facebook. Day by day it is also earning the best fame all over the world. The prediction of the cost factor of an app like Facebook & Instagram is turning into a vital concern for enterprises. Before proceeding further, it is important to gain the details of the development cost factor & its final implementation cost. If you finally decided to develop a social media app like Facebook. But are not sure about the cost factor. Then make a note that there is no typical base cost of Android app development. Every enterprise possesses its own goals and requirements that bring drastic enhancements in terms of the app like Facebook development time & cost. 

More information to acquire 

There is a list of factors like hiring a mobile app developer, location, on-demand app development platform, complexity, functionalities, trends & technologies, user-interface design, etc which influence the cost factor. Once analyzing these parameters, the pricing factor should be decided. The average app development costs about twenty thousand USD. Here, the basic version of the app is also included. The estimated time for the development of an app like Facebook is about four to six months. 

Building an app like Facebook with the entire functionalities is still not a healthy competitive one. To shine well in this competitive world, then go ahead with the advanced features that cost about thirty-five thousand USD that takes a time period of about nine months. The above-mentioned cost factor is just a rough estimation. It relies on the technologies used and there will be a great variation reflection. The final app development cost. If you need further estimations or have any doubts, contact our organization’s experts who are available 24/7 to provide a helping hand. 

Development of basic and advanced features 

Development of basic and advanced features

Nowadays, digital solutions have bought unique paths to keep their users interactive and attract upcoming users. Procuring a well-defined UI/UX is one of the best elements where that entrepreneur can use & shine in this competitive world. It is feasible to integrate simple features along with the advanced ones in your app. The modernized apps like Facebook. The apps are combined with the unique features. Along with the technical concern. Offering a seamless UI/UX experience. To develop an app like Facebook, have a view over the upcoming striking features & functionalities. 

Registration of authorized accounts

To build a Facebook app, this feature allows the app users to get commence with an app. By hiring a mobile app developer, it is feasible to create this feature efficiently. The registration process can be easily done through two options. Creation of an account using a contact number or email. The second option is logging into the account with social media sites. 

Creation of profile
Profile customization

The customization can be done by changing the profile. Data like bio details, profile photos, etc. Profile editing option is also available where the people can make use of it whenever they need it. 

Messaging platform 

An app like Facebook should possess a messaging path integrated with push notifications to notify the users about both incoming & outgoing messages. 

Uploading of Photos & Videos

Similar to those other social media apps, Facebook apps also possess the feature of uploading photos & videos. It is the power-packed tool of Facebook. To upload the profile or post a picture, just choose the default picture or smartphone’s gallery. 

Picture editing

The editing process and customization part is the vital part of exclusive picture-sharing apps like Facebook. First, you have to check that you have the editing feature and allow creativity from the scratch. 

Picture filters

Nowadays, most of them are making use of the designed filter option to make the photos better & attractive. 

Social media integration

By using multiple credentials like social media site logins like Facebook. The Gmail social integration can be processed successfully.   

Search option

The search option aids to explore anything you need in a convenient way and assures a seamless user experience. The user can search for the posts with Hashtags, linked & tagged ones, or other typical parameters. 

App Settings

By using the settings option, one can select the language, set push notifications, customize public and private modes, etc. Hence, the entrepreneurs can hire mobile app developers that help in the customization of the app features. 


This option makes it efficient to share the information with relatives, colleagues & friends. It shows the location data and shares it either with everyone or only a few friends whom you want. The experienced developers take about one day to develop this feature and the cost takes about a thousand dollars. 

Well-defined UI/UX

Mostly, designers focus on the User Interface as it is the most crucial aspect. It should be aesthetically available and alluring too. The estimation time for the design process takes about fifty hours and costs about three thousand dollars. 


It is a mandatory feature for developing an app like Facebook. The Users can gain information about where the photo was taken. It is feasible to tag the photos on the global map too. 


This concerned feature has bought Facebook into bright sunshine and made it a prominent one among the users. There are more than five hundred million business accounts on Facebook. The start-up business owners can hire a software app development firm & iOS app development that aids to develop multiple features. 

To build an MVP, the above-mentioned features should be considered. On the other side of the flip, a social app like Facebook costs about twenty thousand dollars & takes a time duration of about one month. The cost factor varies depending on the technological features, functionalities & mobile app development team. 

What are the technologies used to build an app like Facebook?

technologies used to build an app like Facebook

With a huge list of technologies & contemporary strategies accessible for mobile app development, most non-techies are a great confusion about the options accessible to implement a social media app like Facebook. Teamtweaks team of experts provides the creative ideas concerned with the basic technological choices. That is completely used to develop the best app like Facebook at an affordable cost. The iOS App Development Objective C, Flutter & React Native programming languages are used. The network used for the app development is Alamofire. The Android app development Kotlin, Java, React Native and Flutter are used. The Networking concern is Retrofit version II. Lists of technologies used for the backend development are Express 4, JavaScript, MySQL, messaging socket & Swagger for API documentation. Loop of third-party services is Google Maps, Amazon S3, FCM, and Elastic Email. 

Trends & Techniques

There is a list of trends & techniques. Which are used for mobile app development. If you are involved in the usage of apps like Facebook. There are multiple facts to notice. The facebook-like app is integrated with top-notch technical features. That are seamless to handle. Mostly, mobile app development firms make use of the relevant and modernized technologies for a proficient building of the app. 

Generally, a development team consists of Business Analyst, a Project head, app developers, a QA team, and UI/UX designers. The cost factor of recruiting an app development team relies on different factors like creative skills, relevant experience, intended knowledge, location, etc. The different location app developers charge varied hourly costs. 

How to earn money from Facebook? 
How to earn money from Facebook

In this technological world, most businesses globally rely on the monetization strategy that Facebook has occupied, initiating a net worth nearly of a hundred billion dollars. It occupies a major share of profit from advertising concerns. A few researchers have exclaimed that advertising on Facebook has reached its peak position. If you are planning to increase your profit by developing an app like Facebook, but are not clear with the monetization strategy, then it is better to hire an expert that automatically enables to enhance the bulk of features and helps to process the best app. This list of business models that Facebook uses to generate profit.

Paid Advertisement

Generally, Facebook makes use of the profit generation strategy & influences the subject of a sponsored post. These are normal ones where the tagging will be done in a seamless manner. Most enterprises make use of sponsored posts for the promotion of brands. It automatically leads to an increased count of followers. Here, the users are directly led to the Facebook page. 

Advertisement in Facebook Stories

While viewing the Facebook stories, there will be multiple pop-up advertisements. It is one of the best ways for producing more profit. 

In-App Purchase 

Typically, an app like Facebook possesses multiple things to attract people and encourage them to spend on customized effects & filters. 

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To be noted!!

Apart from these monetization strategies, there are other options too. You can make use of it without any second thoughts!! There is no astonishment, Facebook has gained world-level fame and it is the most preferred choice for interactive sessions, posting photos, information, and more. It possesses a simple User Interface, striking features, top-notch performance, etc. Facebook app has achieved the success factor in maintaining the users attached to the platform. 

If you are longing to develop your own exclusive app like Facebook, then have a discussion with the mobile app development firm. The success of Facebook is due to the in-depth research, creative skills, effort, etc. Hence, the tie-up with the team of expert techies helps to implement an app like Facebook and commence on both the platforms of Android & iOS. If you are looking for the experts, to develop the best app possessing unique features, feel free to contact us at any time.  


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