How much does it cost to create an app like YouTube?

Do you have the desired plan to invest in the field of mobile app development feasible solutions to take your enterprise to the next level? There are a lot of video streaming apps like YouTube that offer the best content on the market. Mostly, people prefer to look at the visuals rather than read a long post. Generally, video content is a power-packed tool for user interaction and transition. After the pandemic break of COVID-19, most youngsters have started to show interest in Reels on Instagram, YouTube, etc. 

Gain an intensive knowledge

The astonishment stories of prominent trademarks like YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon prime have raised the support of firms globally to develop video-sharing apps like YouTube. At the same time, the excitation may be a stumble if you are looking for the technological facts of the success of this exclusive platform. First, you have to remember that every successful MNC started their firm from the scratch. They tested each technology on their platform before it is accessible to us.

Before going ahead with the development process of a social media app like YouTube, it is mandatory to know the exact cost of the mobile app development. Typically, the cost evaluation process possesses multiple factors. To implement a video-sharing app, you have to make a tie-up with the software development firm where that spans the space between target and astonishment. Generally, the development of an app like YouTube embraces a bulk of factors like cost, striking functionalities, exclusive features, etc. In this article, we have provided an in-depth view of a series of parameters. 

YouTube- Power-packed visual element of Marketing 

In this era, nearly three million US video viewers are using video-sharing & streaming apps for multiple purposes like education, gaming, entertainment purposes, etc. Most of the video content starts its origin on YouTube. There are multiple YouTube channels like cooking channels, worship channels, educational channels, etc. The YouTube app is the most prominent platform possessing an enormous range of features & functionalities. Day by day the market share of video streaming apps is increasing and gaining well-reputed fame. 

There are nearly two billion people who make use of YouTube. The second place goes to Netflix where the people have dwelled in it. Due to the astonishment factor of YouTube, most business owners are interested to implement a similar app but do not proceed further due to the concern integrated with it. Before recruiting the mobile app developer, you have to keep one thing in mind enterprises are experiencing the success factor from the scratch and enhance over time. For implementing an app like YouTube, follow the upcoming steps. 

Steps to creating an app like YouTube

With the trendier techniques & technologies, YouTube is the best example of a video-sharing platform. Now there are nearly two billion users and it is increasing each & every day. They are spending most of their time on video-streaming apps. To develop an app like YouTube, do not fail to follow the upcoming steps. First, apply innovative ideas to achieve a peak position in the digital market. 

Select the apt features to implement in a realistic app like YouTube. Choose the alluring template that aids in the interaction of the users. Go ahead with the customization process of Color, design, and functionalities that are necessary to promote your trademark. Choose compatible platforms like android, and iOS to launch your app. 

Do not stick with a single monetization model to produce the profit. It is mandatory to add multiple features like live streaming, bot chat, sharing the video with WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc to interact with more users. Finally, to maintain a healthy relationship with the users, launch the app either on Play Store or App Store. 

Moreover, it is better to hire a top-notch on-demand app development firm to develop an app like YouTube. The development team helps to process the video streaming app like YouTube smoothly and delegates billions of users. 

Important technological stacks 

For the construction of a building, you need the best quality materials. Similarly, power-packed tools are essential to implementing a high-quality app. Hence, to enhance the iOS app development process of a software product. The below-mentioned technological stacks should be used. For the front-end building of an app, you have to focus on the design, UI/UX, internal structures and navigation, etc. The technologies used are Hypertext Mark-up Language and Cascading Style Sheets. 

For the back-end building of an app, multiple programming languages like JavaScript, Python & PHP are used. The Frameworks involved are Laravel, React Native & Ruby. MySQL & MongoDB are the standard databases used for Backend Development. The Servers involves are Apache, IIS & Nginx. Apart from the above-mentioned technological stacks, it is mandatory to choose the right tools. It completely depends on the project implementation requirements and complexity factors. Hence, it is important to choose the right mobile app & Android app development organizations that have relevant experience in the integration of trendier technologies to process robust & optimal solutions. 

How to earn money from Video Streaming App

In today’s world, the internet is the main medium where people get to watch videos online. YouTube is the best platform that content creators can utilize and earn more profit from it. Be a little wise and procure better profit by acquiring and rectifying the cons of YouTube. 

A view of the different monetization strategies

If you wish to earn profit from an app like YouTube Channel, there should be a minimum of thousand subscribers. The watch time there should be at least four thousand hours over the last year. As everyone knows, YouTube comes under the power control of Google; hence a share of about forty-five percent of the share is marked advertising profit. For the premium content, YouTube possesses a confined loop of monetization models. There is eradication in the advertisement profit for the infant’s focused channels. 

Top-notch monetization models 

There are multiple monetization models which possess substantial advantages. The first model is known to be the SVOD abbreviated as “Subscription Video on Demand”. It is the aptest choice of monetization where people pays for the creation of specialized content. Similar to that of the OTT platform of Netflix, one can pay the charge for the monthly subscription to offer unlimited access. 

The second model is known to be “Transactional Video On Demand” where the viewers can either download or rent it for a particular period. The third monetization model is known to be the AVOD which stands for the “Ad-Supported Video On Demand”. This one depends on the advertising tie-up partners for the finance concern. Ideally, YouTube follows a standard business model to earn profit. 

Overall, mobile usage has mounted in the past few months and people all over the world have started to share videos on their smartphones. If you are in the confusion what are the features & functionalities that should be added. Then it is better to hire a mobile app developer to build an app like YouTube. They help you to develop the app in a better way. Hence whether you are an owner of a start-up or a leading one. This blog helps you in all the ways to gain more knowledge from the scratch. 

Mandatory features

The process of choosing the features relies on the complexity factor. For the implementation of video streaming app development, you have to pick the basic level features to advanced ones. 

App Registration

It is mandatory to register and login into the app for a seamless experience. Integration of multi-level authentication provides 100% security. 

Upload video 

Right from Google Drive, to Dropbox the users can upload the videos directly. 


The users can give their ratings of the app at their zone of convenience. 


If the users want to download the videos, they can make use of the download option. 

Push notification

Whenever content is updated, the subscriber receives SMS instantly. 


It is the most vital feature where an individual has access to analytics and acquires information about demographics, status, real-time statistics, etc. 

Social media sharing 

An app like YouTube helps the users to share the videos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. It also helps to enhance the engagement & upgrades 100% traffic to the channel. 

Major factors affecting the cost of app development 

In this advanced technological globe, loads & loads of information are available on the internet. Most mobile app development firms have processed an estimation regarding the development cost of an app like YouTube. While discussing this fact practically, the cost factor is beyond the reality. Initially, accumulate the details of project requirements. The estimation of the cost of app development is a little bit crafty. The overall app development process includes a series of stages. There are a bulk of factors that persuades the app development cost like striking features, techniques, technologies, functionalities & more. If you have clear clarity you can save your precious time and money. 

Exclusive features & complexity 

Generally, the cost of an app like YouTube development relies on the complexity factor. The chosen features are to be integrated with the app. The differential choice takes minimal time and eradicated cost. Hence, relying on the app complexity, we have provided rough estimations for your information. The basic version of the app possesses basic features integrated with the single platform. Where the cost is calculated as about ten thousand dollars to fifteen dollars. The moderate version comprises mandatory features integrated with the unit platform where the cost is calculated as about twelve thousand dollars to eighteen dollars. The modernized version is integrated with both Android & iOS platforms. So the cost is calculated as about fifteen dollars to twenty thousand dollars. 

Mobile App Development Team

To implement an app like YouTube, first, you should check the functionality factor. The mobile app developers should have relevant experience in both front-end and back-end development. An ideal development team consists of a Project manager, Business analyst, Android developer, iOS developer, designer, and quality analyst, front-end & back-end developer. 

Choosing the right platform

The platform where you wish to build an app is one of the main factors that decide the development cost of the app like YouTube. To recruit an app developer for the Android & iOS platforms, it is necessary to implement a well-defined codebase for a concerned platform. Generally, the development process of Android is a little bit costlier as it includes multiple devices, configurations, etc. 

In case, if you need development for both iOS and Android platforms, then it is better to go ahead with the cross-platform development robust solutions. The cost factor varies from about fifteen thousand dollars to twenty thousand dollars. The techie works on a loop of languages like Java, C, Swift, etc. By using React Native, Flutter you can develop an app that executes on different platforms. It is easier to develop an app and the cost varies from about twenty-five thousand dollars. 

Relies on the location of the developer

While computing the cost factor, the majority of the companies consider the number of development hours multiplied by the per hour cost preferred by the developer. Most entrepreneurs hire developers from different countries like the USA, Canada, UAE, etc. 

Summing up!!

Investing in mobile app development is one of the best decisions to develop your business. It is most important to hire a mobile app development company that helps to earn more profit. If any customization is needed then developers should be ready to customize it without any hesitations. The price factor varies due to the reason that of cost of an app like YouTube development relies on multiple factors. Additionally, the variables also differ which depends on the geographic location. This blog helps you to clear all your doubts and guides from the scratch. If you have any queries, to develop an app like YouTube kindly contact us.  


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