How much does it cost to create an app like TikTok

Nowadays, youngsters to adults are actively involved in the social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Reels, etc. In the recent decade, video streaming apps have become the most prominent. There are about a hundred million users all over the world who have downloaded apps & OTPs like YouTube, Netflix, and TikTok, etc. Most of them are spending their precious time watching videos & enjoying them. A recent report exclaims that app like TikTok takes the third position of most downloaded app & earned better fame in a shorter period. With a major hit in the field of enormous success stories, there is a list of social media apps where you can develop your business seamlessly. As of now, an app like TikTok is the optimal one that has reached a top-notch position and possesses more value in the present digital market. 

Statistical reports

app like TikTok

A statistical study report exclaims that TikTok is the most prominent app on Google Play Store where it was downloaded about 738 million times. About two years back TikTok is the most power-packed app & it was the favorite one for most youngsters. About ninety percent of the people make use of the TikTok app and spend one hour a day. As of now, it is available in nearly 150 countries. This app is ranked in the top 10 positions on the first page of Google along with the social video apps

top 10 download apps

From the above-discussed points, it is clear that app like TikTok has exceeded the other video streaming apps in the digital market. The app has created a historical record all over the work. The efficiency factor is achieved and has earned more profit in a shorter period. The popularity of the app has increased to the peak level and it is greatly influenced by the investment factor. If you have an idea to develop a video streaming app for your business, then go ahead without any second thoughts. To acquire knowledge about the cost factor of an app like TikTok, the blog will guide you from the scratch. You can clear information about the striking features, functionalities, cost & development time, etc. 

A brief introduction

app like TikTok

Generally, an app like TikTok is one of the best apps for creating several clips possessing comedy, singing, dancing along with the melody songs. It was launched in the year 2018 and hit the marketing field. This app was developed by a Chinese techie. It holds about eight hundred million users within a time gap of 2 years since its launch. The app has become widely popular due to its algorithm that allows users to go viral on TikTok, reaching a massive audience in a short span. Most people have a query in their minds stating how the TikTok app has created magic in a short term. 

Acquire a short note!!

By making use of an app like TikTok, one can create interactive videos. Multiple filters, animation & different genres of music are available. If the app users prefer it, they can choose the option while performing TikTok videos. Apart from the lip-syncing videos, the app users can make use of their concept too. There is a separate music library and access is available for every app user. Broadcasting music videos with the most famous song is feasible. The app assures the best quality image capture and the videos can be shared on the social media sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, etc. 

Monetization of video streaming app like TikTok

Generally, the overall level of the app varies from the initial one to a top-notch one. The entrepreneurs have to be clear in the process of monetization of the app. The development rate of the app like TikTok is a little bit impressive. It has been acknowledged by the popular social media site Facebook. Since its launch, an app like TikTok has initiated the digital market and possesses about five hundred million users. In the year 2020, TikTok reached the fourth position in terms of world-level app downloads. 

How to earn money from apps like TikTok?

Here, lists of monetization strategies are explained in detail. You can achieve the top-notch result efficiently in a minimum term. Everyone knows TikTok provides free content at zero cost. First, the In-App Purchase strategy is one of the best methods of monetizing. For the premium method, this strategy charges an extra amount to unlock a particular set of features. 

The next option is the Paid Version, which allows access only after paying a fee. In the Freemium model, users can download the software for free, but they must pay a fee to access the premium features. Finally, Mobile App Advertising can directly influence mobile app promotion by targeting the people based on age, location, liking & disliking. Typically, the promotion process can be done in multiple ways like Cost per Click, Cost per installation, etc. 

Still, if you are in a dilemma of choosing the best app monetization model, then you can hire developers from the mobile app development company & researching more to shine well in this competitive world. 

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Striking features

In this era, most start-up companies are interested to develop the video streaming apps like TikTok. The development cost factor relies on multiple factors like complexity, functionality & striking features of the app. The initial step towards the implementation of an astonishing app is to focus on the goals. First, you should be clear about the needs and requirements, OS, features & functionalities. It is important to integrate the exclusive features along with the power-packed functionalities that process your typical app like TikTok. After in-depth research, the features are partitioned into two different categories looped as basic & advanced ones and cost factors. 


Before signing into the TikTok app, you should give necessary details like name, email-id, contact number, etc for the successful registration. 

User login

While initiating an app like TikTok, enhancing the set of login features is the most important thing to consider. You can also log in from the social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. To access the TikTok app, the users have to sign in to the app. 

Upload & save videos

The functionality of the app starts here by allowing the TikTok members to upload the videos & save them efficiently. An option is available for the users, where they can either save or upload it based on their interest. 

Push Notifications

To interact with the users, it is most important to instantly notify the users regarding likes, comments, likes & other updates. If you need any customization, you can hire a mobile app developer from the on demand app development company directly. 

Video Editing & sharing

The user can edit their videos like cropping, rotating, flipping, etc from their comfort zone. Playback speed can also experiment with it seamlessly. At the same time, the users can record the videos and choose the song from the available music library. It is better to hire a techie who will help you to add multiple features to the app. 

To enhance the users of the app, it is important to have a sharing feature. The users can share the videos directly on multiple platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc. The TikTok clone allows inter-connecting user profiles to social media sites. By recruiting the Android app development company, you can build video streaming features for the app. 

Filters & effects

The TikTok members can make use of the bulk of filters & effects to make their videos trendier. The different effects & filters are beauty filters, stickers & animation. 


The UI is the most important part of the app. It should be simple & alluring and make it efficient for the users. After signing into the app, users try to explore with the trendier navigations. By scrolling, the users can view videos one by one. 

What are the advanced features?

advanced features
  • Video preview before registration
  • Location-based content
  • Artificial Intelligence-based analytics
  • Live video streaming
  • AR/VR enabled filters
What are the technologies used?
technologies used

TikTok has achieved its fame & popularity due to the usage of unique & updated technologies. If you have the desired plan to develop an app that works similar to that of TikTok, a series of techniques & technologies are used which are discussed in detail. 

Cloud storage is one of the most needed techniques where you can maintain your data securely. The most used servers are Google Cloud Storage & Amazon S3. To handle the multiple requests, these servers are used efficiently. The entire concept of the app relies on audio & video. The transcoding process is mandatory where it is processed in multiple media formats & runs on all devices. For the video/audio transcoding, open-source software & reliable party solutions are used. 

The different server configurations are HTTPS and RTMP which supports all the browsers & devices. Apart from the above-mentioned technologies, the other power-packed techniques are data delivery networks, coding with GWT, Datastax, Paypal, e-wallet, Nexmo, Twilio, Cassandra, HBase, MongoDB & Mailchimp, etc. One of the best ways to implement an app with top-notch technologies is to have a tie-up with the most prominent software & iOS app Development Company. The highly skilled techies possess relevant experience. They can reach the consumers and provide the best user experience. 

List of factors affecting the cost

Generally building a social media video-sharing app like TikTok is not an easier one. It is the backbone of start-up firms. In this technological world, there are multiple software development firms available that directly help in the customization process with the most striking features. 

OS Platforms 

When it comes to the development process, first you have to decide on the platform Android or iOS). To develop an app like TikTok, you have to focus on both platforms. The statistical report exclaims that about fifty-four percent of people are using smartphones. Hence, taking into account cross-platform alluring apps like TikTok will be executed on both the platforms Android & iOS. It is better to hire a mobile app development company to build apps by using React Native, Flutter, Angular, etc. By influencing unit codebase, you can execute on different OS like Windows, Android & iOS.

If you are on a lower budget, then you can implement an app for a single platform. You have to consider the factors of target audience & preference. Initially, Instagram was developed on the iOS platform. Later on only, it was launched on the Android platform. Typically, the iOS app development process takes less time when compared to that of Android app development. 

Exclusive design

The main success of the TikTok fame is due to its alluring and intuitive design. An engaging User Interface & User Experience plays an important role in driving loyalty. Hire the mobile app developers to develop the top-notch design that fits your needs & requirements. 

Coding implementation team 

Generally, there are two ways to develop an app. The first one is to recruit pro developers and in-house techies. Here, the cost implementation of in-house little bit expensive. The major pros are efficient communication. The major reasons for cost are H/W, S/W purchase, license amount, etc. The offshore development team are the most talented ones & integrated with trends, techniques, technologies, procedures & methodologies to build high-quality apps. 

Major costs involved in the development of an app like TikTok

Globally, TikTok is the trendier video streaming app. A large number of the group are using this app due to the feature of well-defined UI/UX design. Lists of factors like implementation team, striking features, functionality, complexity, etc decide the cost factor of an app like TikTok. To build an app like TikTok, the total cost takes about forty thousand dollars. The statistical report reveals that India stands in the second place for reasonable app development services. 

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Final note!!

Social media video streaming apps are popular among youngsters. TikTok is one of the trendier apps & it allows the small scale enterprises to larger ones to widen the path and earn more profit. The app also provides a great probability to the users globally. To develop an astonishing app, you have to do in-depth research about the cost factor of app development. Since every enterprise possesses its own needs, the choice of techniques & technologies may vary from one phase to another. 


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