How to create a messaging app like WhatsApp

In this modernized era, most people are making use of WhatsApp for communication purposes. When compared to messenger, Viber, Telegram, and WhatsApp is more popular. The app users can communicate with their friends, family members, relatives, and colleagues. To enhance the business to the top-notch level, WhatsApp plays a prominent role. In the business field, an app like WhatsApp is an optimal key for communication with their clients. The app stands at the peak position among several apps making the business people who are looking for multiple ways to develop a communication app like WhatsApp. A messaging app like WhatsApp possesses striking functionalities that fit the conversation solution. It provides multiple solutions for business-level conversation, consumer-oriented communication, personal chat, etc. 

In the below image, you can see the number of Whatsapp downloads from the play store worldwide in the 4th quarter of 2021

Exemplary features of the app like WhatsApp

Before moving on to the development of an app like WhatsApp, you have to acquire the knowledge about basic features to advanced one. 


The execution of the authentication process in the messaging apps takes place through contact numbers and social media accounts. The chatting apps require a sign-in process with a contact number. For security purposes, the messaging apps send OTP. After the registration process, the users add information like their profile picture and name. The next instant step is to add the contact details from the record of address. This instant step is a faster and more convenient one. If you have more friends in a messaging app, there are more chances they will use it. The complete process is feasible in Android app development.

Profile creation

After completing the profile filling process, customization goes on according to your convenience. This customization process aids in the process of expressing individuality. This enormous process includes names, nicknames, font, Color, patterns, photos, etc. One can choose the profile picture from the album or take an instant photo from their camera. Through multiple chatting apps, the app users can view status, who is online, friends typing, recording audio, etc. 


The messaging feature needs internet connectivity like mobile data and broadband modem connection. If the user goes offline, they cannot receive any message. Once they are back in the online mode, they can read the messages. The messages are in different forms like delivered, seen, and failed. Most chatting apps acquire the details like the message sent moment to message read by the third party. The instant messaging feature of an app like WhatsApp is used for both personal and public chats. The group chat option is also available where the users can create a group. Here the admin will be appointed, and new people will be added to the group. Within the group, pictures, documents, audio clips, and video clips can be shared. 

The main role of chatting apps like WhatsApp is to make a conversation with their loved ones. The chatting messages have a backup in the conversation history. The chat history files and documents are stored in the cloud. It can be accessed from Android, iOS, and laptops at any time. It is one of the best features for the people who possess multiple devices, lost smartphones, and deleted the messages of loved ones unexpectedly. With the aid of the quick search option, the users can explore the message conversation that took place many & many years ago. It can also be used to look for documents, audio, video, images, GIFS, etc. The trendier feature is voice messaging. The messages can be transmitted through our voices. The users can give a message through voice if they don’t have time to message. 

Different types of calls

Generally, voice & video calls create more closeness among friends and loved ones. The users can interact with each other without any limitations. The first one is voice call where the users can call their contacts free of cost globally. The internet speed connectivity should be faster. In voice calls, the users can speak but cannot see the person’s face. The next one is video calls. Here the users can see each other and it is feasible through the Voice over Internet Protocol. Finally, the conference call is also possible by adding nearly 5-10 people. The conference call on WhatsApp is feasible for both audio and video. 

Files transmission

Apart from the text part and emojis, people can share pictures, documents, GIFs, stickers, etc. This is everything feasible in a real-time chat app. Similar to that emojis; stickers also speak more value for a chatting app. 

Instant notifications

While building the Minimum Viable Product, the notifications should be executed. The Instant notification is a conversation medium between of chatting app and users. The push notifications maintain the users in an active state. In case there is an arrival of new messages, the users will be notified instantly. 

Additional features

The main role of a chatting app is to send and receive messages. The prominent features aid to gain the success of an instant messaging app. Snapchat is a famous messaging app where one can send text, images, and videos within a few seconds. To develop a chatting app like WhatsApp, consider a few checklists like customization profiles, top-notch priority messages, reminders, location sharing, games, Chatbots, etc.

Technological stacks

Before creating an app like WhatsApp, it is essential to gain details about technological stacks. We can discuss it in detail.


First, you have to identify the users for the development of an app like WhatsApp. The authentication feature is mandatory where its main role is to protect the users from intruders. To achieve authentication functionality through contact numbers, make use of Nexmo API. It provides an additional layer of security by making use of a contact number. The authentication process is possible for both old and new customers. If the messaging app like WhatsApp supports this feature with the social media logins, then without any second thoughts you can make use of tools like Social media Software Development Kit. 


An instant messaging app possesses real-time messages. With the aid of WebSocket, thousands of messages can be processed instantly. It provides a reliable interconnection between an instant chatting app and server and also sends the data in a straightforward way. The main advantage of WebSocket provides faster communication between the cloud server and messaging app. To save time on writing a code, you can use an external chat api tools to add that function in your application.

How to earn money from an app like WhatsApp

There are multiple ways to generate profit by making use of an instant messaging app. One can acquire more knowledge from our prominent leaders in the present digital market. 

Subscription fees

If you need authorized access to an app, then you have to pay a concerning amount known to be a subscription fee. You can enjoy a trial period for one year. During the trial period, you need not pay a single penny. Once the trial period is completed, you have to pay one dollar per year. If the user base is enormous, you can reach a huge amount of profit. As of now, most of the chatting apps are available free of cost. The subscription fee is said to be a hindrance preventing. The app users globally from using an app. 

In-app purchase

If a user needs additional features, then you have to pay for them. The paid stickers are one of the best ways to earn money for multiple messengers. It is completely a win-win strategy. Hence anyone can try it. In-app purchases are specially designed for business people. Additionally, messengers provide different options like wallpapers, alluring themes, and filters for people’s convenience. In messaging apps like LINE, Games are the major source of revenue. Here, the users can make use of the chat threads to play video games. The profit is provided by the concerned currency, relevant experience, etc. 


Advertising or promoting an app like WhatsApp is one of the best ways to earn money. This methodology provides an optimal solution to attract customers. The Viber, instant messaging app shows a series of focused messages and advertisements. In this era, most people prefer messenger’s mediums. The main reason is that it does not show any terms of invasive ads. Advertisement of an app might mark a few dollars. But seriously it irritates the users. You also have the option to disable the advertising process. 

The next one is the built-in ads. It is the most prominent of promoting. In the Snapchat app, a tool is enabled known to be the Snapchat Ad Manager. It is nothing but a vertical video ad where it goes up to ten seconds. It mainly appears in the stories posted by our friends. This is one of the best monetization approaches where it offers an effective advertising medium for the market leaders. 


Generally, sponsorship possesses smooth tie-ups with the advertisers. Here the users are rewarded for their greater actions. In this exclusive approach, the promoter funds the rewards for the users. The users who are interacting more with app like WhatsApp earn awards respectively. The app takes a particular amount of share from a series of reclaimed awards. Mostly, branded stickers are used by some start-up firms to advertise their new products. 

What are the challenges faced?

Now, we can examine a list of crucial challenges while developing an instant chatting app. 

Create your own WhatsApp like app
Interacting users

Generally, user detention and interaction are the best metrics that provide meaningful insight into the accomplishment of mobile app development. The design of the mobile app should attract the users from the scratch. The techies are gaining more knowledge of updated technologies to satisfy the user’s expectations. To shine in this competitive market, the app must be interactive to reach the targeted audiences. It is mandatory to implement a technical and interactive app. To achieve top-notch results, you have to follow the below-mentioned tips. The first impression is always the best. The UI/UX has any point of exception level. 

Providing the best experience eradicates the renunciation rate factor. Personalization is one of the most vital facets of an exclusive app. An individual can feel a well-defined experience by using the app. If the UI/UX design of the app is good, then more people will use the app. To drive more interaction, it is mandatory to offer incentives. Exclusive rewards, top-notch promotions, and attractive offers aid in the driving of user interaction. Updating the app with advanced features helps the users to be engaged. The lists of factors such as user behavior, motor analytics, feedback, analytics, etc. Should be analyzed frequently. 

Security problems

The Security factors should be mainly considered while developing. An instant messaging app like WhatsApp. In this era, most of them are exploring secured means of communication. We are worried about security concerns and authentication. If the encryption factor is missing out, then the app does not need to be an accomplishment. Most organizations achieve the encryption factor. The users do not prefer to publish their data over the internet. In the upcoming points, we can discuss the top-notch messengers and their security & privacy factor. WhatsApp has executed the security features of an end-to-end encryption system. Telegram makes use of the in-house encryption factor. 

Tackling Ubiquity 

Our expectations, demands, and needs are growing day by day. We have also started to expect instant chatting apps to process as a vital tool. WeChat is the best example of a messaging app. It provides multiple functionalities like instant messaging, secured payment, voice call, video call, etc. Its accomplishment has been power-packed for multiple purposes like booking cabs, shopping for clothes, online food delivery, etc. It is also feasible to pay the electricity bills through the messenger medium. Facebook Messenger is used to send photos, text, videos, etc. You can also send money to your friend’s account, and play games directly in Messenger without the need of visiting the game website. The main benefit is that customer support is available known to be Chatbots. It is compatible with both Android and iOS app development

Final note!!

The instant chatting app market shows continual evolution. By developing an app like WhatsApp, you can reach a good market share. On-demand app development has started to develop messaging apps.  It is the best forms to communicate with each other. The users can contact anyone at the world level for free of cost. 


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