Top 10 Flutter App Development Companies in India – 2024

In recent years, Flutter mobile app development framework has been acquiring more attention. As Flutter is an open-source framework, most developers prefer it to develop top-notch quality apps for different platforms like Android and iOS. Flutter’s exclusive features are rapid development cycles, an alluring UI, and adaptable widgets. Most businesses choose Flutter to construct seamless mobile apps. In this blog, we have discussed the best Flutter app development companies in India. You can choose the apt company to develop your instant mobile app. 

Top Flutter App Development Companies in India

  • TeamTweaks
  • Casperon
  • Zartek Technologies
  • Deligence Technologies
  • Intelivita
  • ICoderz Solutions
  • JPlotf Solutions
  • Appinventiv
  • Quytech
  • GeekyAnts


mobile app development company in Chennai

Team Tweaks is one of the prominent Flutter app development companies in India. Their techies strive hard to take your business to reach peak level. They achieve the target within the deadline. It may be either small-scale as a choice large-scale businesses. The company’s experienced professionals do not hesitate to put in their full effort. Their Flutter developers follow contemporary styles & techniques to develop exceptional projects.

By using their services, the clients can acquire the highlighted values of proprietary widgets, code reusability, minimal testing, better maintenance, rapid performance apps, faster implementation cycles, alluring UI/UX, and endorsing for traditional devices. As of now, the organization’s strength is above two hundred. Team Tweak’s rating is nearly 4.3. 


app development company in Chennai

Casperon technologies an outstanding Flutter app development company that is known for its reliable services. The organization affords custom-built & server-oriented Application Programming Interface to deal with business needs & use cases. Their quality analysts assure to produce 100%secure and best quality apps. The organization’s team helps to evaluate the standard of their concerned services exquisitely. They afford a secured cross-platform app promptly. The total company’s strength is nearly 150-200. At present, this gigantic company’s rating is nearly 4.1. 

Zartek Technologies

Zartek Technologies is a reputed Flutter app development company where developers are well-known to develop customized apps. They adopt result-oriented trends & techniques to deliver the projects at the right time. The organization’s accentuated values are efficient MVP development, multi-mode platforms integrated with the single code base, optimized layouts, and cost-effectiveness. To date, they have dealt with hundred plus clients. Around 100 experienced developers are working in Zartek technologies.

The company possesses three plus branches. They have successfully developed above seventy mobile apps. Apart from the Flutter app development, the company is focusing on the development of various services like game development, UI designing, digital marketing, app security audit, Android & iOS app development, etc. The company’s total strength is nearly two hundred. This typical company’s rating is nearly 4.2. 

Deligence Technologies

Deligence Technologies

Deligence Technologies is one of the eminent Flutter app development companies in India. Its headquarters is located in Canada. They focus on the delivery of magnificent apps. Their techies develop robust apps for different platforms like Android and iOS. The team uses contemporary technologies like Flutter to build exceptional apps.

Starting from the design to deployment, they take care of everything. As well experts in various sectors like Edutech, Healthtech, and FinTech. Apart from the Flutter app development, they focus on the different types of cloud services like Sales, Service, and Health & Management concerns. At present, about fifty to a hundred employees are working in Deligence Technologies. The firm’s rating is nearly 4.2. 



Intelivita is a well-known Flutter app development company located in Gujarat, India. To date, they have served nearly one lakh clients. The organization possesses branches in global countries like Canada and the US. They offer versatile services like Mobile app development, Flutter & Game app development, Android & iOS implementation, etc. Their techies provide dynamic solutions like Food delivery, Taxi Booking, and more. They possess 650 plus clients at a worldwide level. 

Their client retention rate is about 92%. The firm holds an experience of 11+ years. Above 80+ experienced developers are working with Intelivita Technologies. The total employee count is nearly 50-100. Intelivita rating is about 3.9. Using Flutter, they have developed apps for Pay N Park, Sports Planner, Travel Guide, Meritec Digital Learning, LTB operations, and more. They are dealing with various clients like Oxitec, Toxicfox, Samsung, and more. Their major highlighted values are cross-platform accessibility, a single code base, and eradicating downtime. 

ICoderz Solutions


ICoderz Solutions is an outstanding Flutter app development company in India. They have developed customized delivery apps for Grocery, Pharmacy, Medicine, Food, and more. Their top-rated services are MVP, Mobile app, Website & Enterprise Solution Development. The organization is dealing with 650 + clients at the global level. The client satisfaction rate is about 99%. Their experienced global developers are above 65+. As the leading Flutter app development company, they level extensive apps satisfying the needs and requirements of their prospective customers.

Apart from medium-level enterprises, ICoderz Solutions have served above twenty Startups. Around five hundred apps are live on the app store. ICoderz Solutions possess 65+ developers at the global level. The repeated client percentage is about seventy-two percent. By adopting Flutter, they have developed apps for various sectors like eCommerce, Education, Health & Medicine, Tour & Travel, Food & Grocery delivery apps, etc. 

JPlotf Solutions


JPlotf Solutions was established in the year 2013. Its headquarters is located in Jaipur, India. The employee strength is around 350. JPlotf Solutions is a prominent Flutter app development company. The company possesses 10+ years of relevant industrial experience. Their techies work hard to attain top-notch quality mobility solutions.

They have developed delivery apps for different types of on-demand services like Grocery, Dating, Laundry, Food, Fuel, Matrimony, and more. They offer different types of robust services like website & mobile app development, eCommerce solutions, Full Stack, Content Management Systems, CRM solutions, Game development, and Digital Marketing Services.

Their prominent clients are Red Bull, Whirlpool, Blazepod, WFFA, Nike, WFFA, Homesbasket, etc. Right now, they are focusing on major fields like Education & Learning, eCommerce, Startups, B2B, B2C, Automotive, Travel & Hospitality, Banking & Finance, etc. This gigantic company’s rating is nearly 4.9. 



Appinventiv is one of the leading Flutter app development companies in India. They focus on the development of scalable apps for different versions like web, desktop, and mobile. In the initial stage, the organization validates the client’s ideas aswell assures that the overall framework is completely technical-oriented. Starting from scratch, the techies help to explore products and deploy across multiple platforms.

In the end, migration takes place on different platforms like iOS and Android. They are well known for the development of platform-oriented agnostic apps. Appinventiv is the most reliable Flutter app development company in global countries like Asia, European locations, and the USA. They have attained a greater landmark at the worldwide level. This famous company’s rating is nearly 3.7. 



Quytech is one of the distinguished Flutter app development companies located in Haryana, India. Their exclusive services are technology outsourcing, mobile app porting, eCommerce app development, IT Staff Augmentation, Game app & Blockchain app development, and more. They are offering robust solutions for different industries like Fitness, Finance, Education, Travel, Retail, OTT Sports, and more.

Their standard services are rapid development, interactive UO, best performance, and affordable pricing. They have successfully built the Flutter app in different sectors like Healthcare, Social Networking, Fitness, eLearning, etc. Their leading clients are NTPC, DAMAC, Gabriel, HP, First Choice, Eastman, and more. They adopt standard tools and dynamic features to develop an impressive app to satisfy the needs of their clients.

Their specialized features are an engaging User Interface & User Experience, minimal development cost, and the best native performance. Their techies are available in three different working streams part-time, hourly, and full-time. Quytech’s rating is nearly 3.6. As of now, 180-200 employees are working in Quytech. 



GeekyAnts is the most notable Flutter app development company in India. Their unique style is developing magnificent apps for different kinds of sectors. To date, they have successfully developed 500+ projects seamlessly. They have earned a reputation in different fields like web and mobile app development. The organization is serving various industries like Manufacturing, Education, Healthcare, eCommerce, Travel & Hospitality, FinTech, and more.

Their exceptional services are web app development, QA & Software Testing, Mobile & Full Stack development, UI/UX, and in-depth business analysis. The company possesses branches at the global level in countries like the USA and UK. This gigantic firm’s rating is nearly 3.9. Around two hundred employees are working in GeekyAnts. 

flutter app development company in Chennai


The above-mentioned Flutter app development companies are the top-rated ones in India. As a whole, developing a Flutter app relies on various factors like complexity, customization, features needed, and the relevant experience of developers. Its unique features are hot reloading and unit codebase.

These typical features enable rapid development cycles and reduce implementation time. While selecting a Flutter app development company, it is essential to look for multiple factors like the portfolio of their projects, pricing schemes, communication skill, and their innovative approach. It is mandatory to have a precise understanding of the implementation timing and procedures before going ahead with the decision.


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