GoBuzzr – Smart Beehive monitoring System, the beginning. Ideas will be born whenever there is a need!

Beekeeping is one of those tasks that need constant monitoring every day, especially during the spring season. It takes a lot of manpower and dedication to monitoring beehives to keep them safe from any kind of unwanted disturbances. GoBuzzr – Smart Beehive Monitoring System is the latest IOT technology to monitor the health and weight of each beehives.

One of our clients from Zimbabwe is maintaining more than 30000 beehive boxes in their beehive farm. 30000 beehive boxes are no easy task, as maintaining a small farm is already a hard job as it requires a lot of time and effort. They needed a machine that can drastically simplify all the work needed. That is the point where we started to think of creating an IOT device that can help all the beekeepers around the world. The most reliable IoT Company in Chennai, known to be Team Tweaks is involved in the analysis & managing of devices

As a bee’s buzz, we named our device GoBuzzr – Smart Beehive Monitoring System

To prevent any kind of accidents or interruptions to the beehives, routine monitoring is needed. To monitor is our purpose, and that is the sole reason that led us to come up with this innovative idea for a device.

At first, we tried to find various ways to monitor bee houses without disturbing the bees. Numerous ideas came to our mind; one of them is fixing a camera inside the beehive. But that didn’t seem to work out as bees can block the lens easily, and setting up a camera inside all the boxes can cost a lot of money to monitor and maintain it. Fixing a light sensor didn’t seem to be a good idea as it will also be expensive.

Finally, we came up with an idea to monitor the boxes according to their weights. The idea is to scale the weight using an embedded system. We decided to test it using a microcontroller called Atmega328 interfaced with a weighing load cell sensor and connected a small LCD to check the readings. It worked perfectly with accurate readings. Thus, the result was a success!

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