How To Hire a Dedicated Android Developer? – 2024

When you are planning to build a mobile app for the Android platform, primary you have to hire dedicated Android developer. In the process of finding Android developers, you have to face multiple challenges. The main job of an Android developer is to build apps for Android devices that execute on Android-oriented OS.

The developed app should be compatible with different operating systems and fits unique screen sizes and resolution. The Android professional should know the basics of the Android platform and its functionality. They can work either in a large sourcing team either as a freelancer. 

Competency level of Android developer

Mostly in IT industries, there are three levels like junior developers, mid-level techies, and senior developers. Initially, the developers start their careers at the junior level. In this stage, the techies will develop the apps and do not have relevant experience in software development. The junior developers help the two mid-level and senior developers. The middle-level Android developer is highly talented and can work on complex projects. 

Senior Android professionals are experts possessing skills of above five years. Usually, these developers lead enormous projects, managing the execution of technical tasks. The team leaders are Android programmers who have relevant skills and high-level experience. At once, they should be able to manage a team. 

While hiring a freelance developer, you should find the right developer with a professional degree. Next you have describe the complexity level and requirements of the project from scratch. If you wish to update the white-label app, next you have to recruit a junior developer. To develop a power-packed mobile app, it is better to hire a team of experienced developers. 

Major responsibilities of Android developer

Major responsibilities of Android developer

In this section, we have listed the major responsibilities of an Android developer. 

Exclusive designing and developing

The Android professional should be talented to design the app and enhance its functionality. To develop good software, writing clean code is mandatory. 


The team of developers should cooperate with each other to develop the app. Each member has their own responsibility to build a good product. 

Operating with database and API

Hire a dedicated developer in India who should deal with API and databases extricated from other software built by other external programmers. All together, they must have the potential to operate the code created by other developers. 

Unit test implementation

The experienced professionals execute the unit testing after completing each development cycle. They test the functionality to spot the issues and fix them instantly. The Agile methodology assists in the development of top-notch quality apps rapidly. 

Fixing of issues

In case any issues are uplifted, they will be fixed by the QA engineers. Android professionals solve bugs and other malfunctions. 

Updated with contemporary technologies 

Android developers should learn advanced technologies to update an app and develop it with a top-rated efficiency level. 

Different types of Android developers

There are different types of Android developers and you can select the most experienced and most talented one. 

In-house developers

You can build your own team where you can control everything. For all that you should possess the skills to manage the entire team. 

Freelance Android developers 

If you wish to reduce your cost, next you can go ahead with the option of a freelance developer. Previous to choosing a freelancer, you should check their profile twice. 

Technical skills

In the main, an Android developer should have essential skills to develop the app. The following mentioned skills are necessary to develop an Android app. 


Java is the most prominent language at the global level. To develop mobile apps Java is used by Android developers. It does not rely on any platform. With the aid of JVM, the compilation is done in the bytecode. The greatest advantage is that Java is easier to learn. Initially, an Android developer needs to acquire the basics of OOPS.

It is not possible to develop apps for Android OS without knowing Java. In this era, most Android professionals come to know about Kotlin language to be updated with contemporary technologies. 


XML stands for Extensible Mark-up Language, which is used in web development. While developing a mobile app, XML is the most essential one. The Android app developers in Chennai should necessarily know how to use the XML language. This language is mainly used for the wide range of information exchange on the web.

Accordingly Android techies can use XML to acquire access to internet-oriented data. If you wish to transfer data to the web service, XML plays a vital role. The developers use XML for mobile app development. This mark-up language is used for the construction of layouts.  

Android Software Development Kit

Android Software Development Kit

Typically, Android SDK is an essential tool for the development of Android-oriented mobile apps. It possesses an enormous number of incorporated functional tools. These tools are mainly used to test the source code and debug it. On the other side of the flip, these tools are used to check the compatibility factor with various versions of the Operating System.

The Android SDK possesses substantial features integrated with tools for creating several apps. The Software Development Kit will be update in every phase and the techies can explore the contemporary tools too. 

Android Studio

The Android Studio is the incorporated implementation environment where Android techies build an entire set of apps. It supports multiple versions of Android-oriented SDKs. The Android Studio allows the developers to give their best ability to develop excellent and exceptional apps.

Due to the presence of a huge number of advanced features, techies can view how modernized apps look in the different OS versions. It is a little bit tedious to build Android-enabled apps with the technical skill of Android Studio. It is a mandatory tool in the list of Android developer skills. 


Multiple apps handle a massive amount of data and it is will store on smartphones. The techies use the database to store the entire amount of data. Whenever needed, the developers call the data from the database. A specialised cloud service called Firebase allows for the exquisite storage of enormous amounts of data. The app developers in Chennai use the Application Programming Interface of these cloud-enabled platforms.

The main benefit of these platforms is that it offers a set of libraries. The techies can use these libraries to incorporate into the app. It allows for the transferring of data from the app to the cloud server and the cloud server to the app respectively. The developers can also use the Structured Programming Language to handle the local databases. 

Material design

About two years back, Google introduced a contemporary UI that is available in different Android apps. A certain set of protocols is known to be Material Design. The screen and color elements were completely changed. The developers can adopt the guidelines of Material Design. When you hire a dedicated Android developer, they should be ready to implement the Material Design in their Android app development

Initiate your requirements for an Android developer

If you are longing to select the right Android developer, first you should be clear about what you need and what functionalities should be all-embracing. Most importantly you should determine the software requirements which are mandatory for Android app development. Hence, it is declare that you should assign your requirements in a well-defined manner. 

Describe your goal

In the initial phase, you have to describe your goal. You have to write all your plans. It helps you to acquire the scalability factor and the app should look. In case you have any doubts either do not have the optimal solution, hire dedicated Android developer to provide the answer. 

Outline the functionality of your future app

While developing an app, Android developers should provide the major features. The requirements are a broader version of the reliable app. 

Explain the requirements for Android developer 

An Android app developer in Chennai should indicate the used tool or technology in the app. Accordingly, it is essential to define the scope. 

Advantages of hiring an Android developer

Open source

The techies use Android Software Development Kit and they do not pay an extra amount for licensing. The Android market stands at the top place in terms of popularity among OS. Android platform provides 100% liberty for the developers. 

Flexible User Interface

Google is copious towards Android techies, allowing them to build tailor-made apps with compliant UI. With the bespoke UI, innovative apps speak more value. 

Reduced Cost

Most developers do not pay the amount for the usage of the Software Development Kit. So the implementation costs are completely do away. To launch an app, the developers pay a registration fee. The final cost relies on several factors of the complexity of incorporated trends & technologies. 

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Rolling up!!

To hire dedicated Android developer, you have to check the client’s feedback and analyze the portfolio of executed apps & websites. As discussed earlier, Android developers should have the skills of Java, XML, API, Android Studio along with others. The rate of Android developers differs from from one location to some other. In this vast globe, while choosing the Android developers clearly discuss the package with them. 


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