How to develop an Android App?

With a constant spike in the usage of Android devices, the demand for new and updated Android applications is increasing and will only continue to grow up. The Statistics report exclaims that an overall number of smartphone users cross 3.5 billion in 2021, the market for android applications is at its peak. Generally, an Android app development company is subjected to flexible and scalable support.

In this dominated globe of promising mobile app development, Android is placed in a sensational place. Most of the developers prefer Android development as the projects are more interesting, thriving to success & also the best pay in this digital market. Have you ever wondered how the development of the Android app takes place? This article helps in understanding the basics of how to develop an Android app. In this enormous world, most entrepreneurs are relying on mobile app development companies for the development of their businesses. 

What is an android app?

Before delving into the question of how to develop an Android app, let us be clear of what exactly is an Android app. 

Android app is software, which is developed and designed to run on an android device. It comes in a Zip archive file which comprises functional codes and other information. This file is generally called APK files.

One of the fascinating things about android as an operating system is that it is an open-source platform. Thus it enables developers and designers to incorporate technological advancements in the ways they want. This provides an array of opportunities for those who want to develop android apps in the way they want. Longing to build an Android app? This article guides you in all the phases. 

Gain exclusive knowledge about Android

Gain exclusive knowledge about Android

Android’s basic structure is portable and it can handle any unit of complicated multitasking. Day by day the market for Android development is growing and the most reputed famous manufacturers started to adopt Android to enhance the power packing performance of their products. There is a great demand for Android developers all over the world in the industrial niche and organizations. 

So, how to develop an Android app? What exactly are the skills and tools that are required to develop an android app? Let’s delve into that.

Android Build System

Groovy is a domain-specific language, helps to enhance the prominent factors of productivity and speed by incorporating with the Java program. With the aid of Groovy, automation of the software is feasible and delivers the builds efficiently. 

Programming languages

One of the common confusions that may arise before start developing an android app is which programming language should be used. The fate of programming languages is changing with the wave of new demands in the market. While wrapping up with the topic, how to develop an Android app it is important to stay updated with the market requirements. 

  • Java 

Java is one of the most popular & standard programming languages, currently being used in this gigantic IT world. Almost half of the android apps in the Google play store are coded with Java. Though it requires a strong foundation, the results that can be delivered are promising. Series of typical classes run on the ART, a competent virtual machine.

  • C#

It is quite similar to the above one, but it can also be used for developing desktop and web apps. With simple syntax, it can come in handy for developers. With its wide range of tools, it makes the answer to the question of how to develop an Android app

  • Python

As an object-oriented programming language, the usage of Python is sharply increasing. One of the main reasons for this is that it requires low program maintenance, and it is cost-effective. 

  • Kotlin

It is a popular & concise language since 2017 used for Android development. As Kotlin is an asynchronous programming language, you can give your ideas seamlessly. 

Striking steps 

First, you should understand that building an android application is a normal process just like that creating and placing it in Google Play Store. The development process consists of a set of steps that should be followed carefully. 

Development of strategy

Initially, plan everything and collect details about the timelines. First, you should be clear about the purpose of the app and it should include vital checkpoints like user research, testing, prototyping, etc. Most of the mobile app development companies initiate the process by commencing with Blueprint. Most of the time, companies also create timeline infographics to visualize all the projects and processes going on.

It mainly includes the timeline, projected cost, design & development strategy, etc. In this step, be wise to choose the apt requirements of the app; categorize the features based on the top-notch priority, and also examine the deliverable products of your relevant competitors.

Study and examine more

Once you are done with the brainstorming, be sharp to grab the ideas with data. Before moving on to the design & development plan, check for the data-backed evidence which is mandatory in every phase of the development cycle. 

Develop your wireframes

Generally, the wireframe is nothing but the detailed sketches which include an overview of the product, descriptions, etc. It targets to set the initial framework of the app, but it is not the final one. 

Building a prototype

Developing a prototype means, raising capital amount for your app and getting approval from potential investors. To exhibit features of your app, a prototype can be used in user testing design planning, etc. 

Implement the coding 

Once the designs are finalized, you can build your code. It is recommended to use Android Studio, an official IDE for Android


It is always safe to test your app over again & again during the development. You can keep on updating with the changes to your developer. Thus time & money will be saved and you can be out of trouble in the long run. In specific when you install an app either on a computer or smartphone, check the quality in a live environment. It is of utmost a simple and you can start it instantly without any delay. 

Create your android app

Be ready for launch

Once your app is recovered from the bugs, your app is ready for launch. Now, you can release it in Google Play Store. Continual support and maintenance are mandatory for your new app to enhance its functionalities. 


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