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Generally, the Facial recognition is a biometric technology that uses in human resource management for distinguishable facial features along with figure print to identify in the business place or company for monitoring the staff or other people when they are entering or exiting.

The functioning of facial recognition

A major advantage of this technology is to gain a safe environment securely. This adds convenience for tagging the photos, to check in their working place. It has countless computer vision and model that includes several sub-problems. Detecting and locating at the same time in some system is detected to perform first and then it is delocalized for further steps.

An intrinsic view

Once the face is detected the immediate step is feature extraction that involves procuring important data from elements such as face regions, variations, angles or measures that has a phase of other tracking applications. The amount of source defines in a large set of data for simplifications while analyzing with complex data, massive variables to led some problems.

Our working

As our early project time tracker helps this kind of IoT based face recognition software to enhance it by using an open CV method. This open CV is an inbuilt package that is done R&D works as the convenience of the working methods. This efficient detection system performs a massive play for detecting the face of the workers and it has the capacity of extracting useful information to perform the task.


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