Top 10 IT Companies in New Zealand – 2024

Are you searching for the best software outsourcing company in New Zealand? But you are confused which one to choose. This blog will guide you to get the best high-quality solutions in your business. The New Zealand-based IT services deliver the best software and custom solutions across the globe. However, you have to choose the best software service provider in your business according to your organization’s needs. In this post, we will look at the Top 10 IT companies in New Zealand. We hope this blog will help to find the best IT software outsourcing services for your business.

Top 10 IT Companies in New Zealand

  •  Datacom Group
  •  XERO
  •  Intergen
  • Vista Group Limited
  • Assurity Consulting
  • Tradify
  • Vend software
  • Fronde
  • Jade Software
  • Lexel

1. Datacom Group

Datacom Group is a leading Information Technology firm. The headquarters is located in Wellington, New Zealand. They deliver multiple services to their clients such as cloud computing, IT consulting, custom software development, payroll services, and so on. In 2014, Datacom Group acquired the Tauranga-based software company, named Origen Technology Ltd. They offer software solutions across 23 countries around the globe. The Datacom Group has successfully delivered the world’s largest SAP migration to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform as well as it has earned the best reputation award in 2013. (“Microsoft’s Cloud Enterprise Award” ).

IT Companies in New Zealand

2.  XERO

XERO is a cloud-based software development company, headquartered in Wellington, New Zealand. It offers services like cloud computing, accounting software, IT consulting, and payroll services to small and medium businesses. In 2011, XERO company launched its first mobile apps for android and iOS devices at the same time providing its services across 180 countries. The XERO company acquired Waddle, an Australian-based financing firm in Aug 2020. Additionally, it has received the most prominent award for “Accounting Excellence Software” in 2018.

it companies in new zealand

3. Intergen

Intergen is an Information Technology & Services firm. The headquarters is situated in Wellington, Auckland. It delivers multiple services to its clients such as IT consulting, Azure DevOps, cloud migration, ERP applications, mobile app solutions, etc. In 2019 Intergen successfully received the “Microsoft Partner Award”. The Intergen provides a wide range of solutions across the 3 countries. Also, they have supported organizations within sectors including education, financial, healthcare, and retail industries.

software development companies in new zealand
4. Vista Group Limited

Vista Group Limited is a Film Industry Software Development company. The headquarters is located in Auckland, New Zealand. It mainly focuses on designing and developing cinema management software for film industries. They offer a variety of services like cloud-based software, film distribution software, business intelligence solutions, etc. This Vista Group provides services across 80 countries. In 2012, Vista group company earned the superior award for the “Success & Innovation Award”. Recently it has acquired the best entertainment software company(Retriever Solutions). Furthermore, the vista group is continuing to acquire more technology firms that provide business solutions to the film industry.

top it companies in new zealand
5. Assurity Consulting

Assurity Consulting is a Software Technology & Digital Consulting company, headquartered in Wellington, New Zealand. They deliver services such as digital transformation, agile DevOps, software testing, ERP software, and so on. In 2012, Assurity Consulting acquired the Christchurch IT firm named Clarus. They provide robust & scalable solutions across the 50 countries as well as it has received the honourable award for “professional service firm of the year” in 2016 march.

best it companies in new zealand
6. Tradify

Tradify is a Cloud-based Software & IT Consulting company. The headquarters is situated in Auckland, New Zealand. It offers multiple solutions to its clients such as software development, job management software, trading business software, etc. The Tradify job tracking software is used for 54 countries around the globe. It has earned the most prominent award in Dec 2018 (“XERO App Partner of The Month”). Moreover, it has launched the App that makes the fastest & easiest way to run the trade business.

top 5 it companies in new zealand
7. Vend software

Vend software is an E-commerce retail management company. The headquarters is located in Auckland, New Zealand. They offer a wide range of products and services including retail management, E-Commerce services, web-based software, etc. Vend software has launched the iOS APP known to be Vend register. At the same time it provides their best software & retail solutions across 140 countries. It has received a reputation award for “Hi-Tech Exporter of the Year” in 2014. Furthermore, in 2016, they launched the App for inventory management named counter.

it companies in new zealand
8. Fronde

Fronde is an Information Technology & Services company, headquartered in Wellington, New Zealand. They provide technical services such as software development, cloud computing, business consulting, IT consulting, and so on. The Fronde systems group acquired the internet software & services firm named online one in 2013. Additionally, it has won the most honourable award in 2016. (“Netsuite solution provider partner of the year”).

best it companies in new zealand
9. Jade Software

Jade Software is a software development firm. The headquarter is situated in Christchurch, New Zealand. It aims to deliver the services like mobile app development, digital consulting, DevOps, software development, and risk management.

In 2007, it acquired the largest risk management company Methodware. They are offering their wide range of solutions & services across 80 countries. Moreover, it has released the product consisting of multi-user development, object-oriented database design, and distributed runtime environment.

software development companies
10. Lexel

Lexel is an Information Technology & Services Company. The headquarters is located in Auckland, New Zealand. They offer a lot of services to their clients like cloud computing, digital transformation, business consulting, network & ERP solutions, hybrid IT, and so on. It delivers digital solutions in 65 countries across the globe. In 2021, the LEXEL firm earned the reputation award named as reseller news innovation award. Also, it provides various benefits to its employees.

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