Mastodon app downloads have increased by more than 6,000% since Musk took over Twitter

Recently, Elon Musk has taken over the control of Twitter, planning to process verification for the paid features & other controversies are gradually rising. Twitter Users have started to look for alternative platforms. Day by day downloads of Mastodon have started to increase tremendously. It has increased by over 6000% all over the world. Mastodon is an apportioned social network, which earned a better reputation where the app users can sign up on different nodes. They have unique themes, protocols, and forbearance policies. It exclusively works on multiple platforms like mobile, web & native mobile apps

Mastodon- an exclusive online platform 

Mastodon is a top-notch alternative to Twitter. It shares a few features similar to that of Twitter and many differences. In this exclusive online platform, the app users can develop their networks and apply their protocols. It provides the content to the users in a chronological manner & does not host any advertisements. Mastodon possesses nearly 1 million users and the searches have been enhanced by 283% in past two months

Downloads of Twitter alternative Mastodon skyrocket

worldwide download from the app store and google play store

Statistical reports

Twitter stands at the seventh position of the most downloaded app in the US.

It’s nearly 636k download during the 1st week of November, when compared to Mastodon platform. Twitter holds three hundred and seventy million overseas users.

A recent report exclaims that Twitter’s user base has dropped this year. 

Mastodon searches are up in November

Mastodon searches are up in November

What are the other available social networking platforms?

Mastodon is facing many obstacles to be a strong competitor of Twitter. UI is not familiar, and the marketers are in a dilemma whether to support Mastodon. The main reason for the predicament is that there is no well-defined advertising infrastructure. Apart from Mastodon, there is a list of alternatives to Twitter. These social media apps are Geneva, Discord & Substack, etc. The Bluesky app has a great reach of near enhancement of about 207% and holds nearly thirty-thousand users on the waitlists. 

End note!!

From this article, it is clear that Mastodon download users have increased to an enormous extent. This app offers a unique approach to online social networking. One can post a message that can be liked and shared & follow other users. The Mastodon platform is more or less similar to that of Twitter. 


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