16% of Users are Spending more on Dating Apps

Inflation and economic insecurity impacted many businesses, including the mobile app market. Small and large app publishers have been impacted by factors such as lower consumer spending and higher ad prices. However, according to a new report from mobile experts data.ai, some app categories have weathered the storm.

Not ready to give up Entertainment and Dating Apps

According to the report, consumer spending on dating apps reached $17.8 million in H1 2022 compared to the same period the previous year. That is a 16% increase in spending. Tinder, the most popular dating app in terms of market share, recently reported a 7% increase in subscription revenue. It demonstrates that when it comes to dating, people aren’t ready to stop spending. After all, it is best to handle a crisis as a group.

Be Real, a social app received 2.8 million UK downloads during H1 2022, making it one of the year’s breakout apps.

Who are the Top Spenders on In-App Purchases and Subscriptions?

non gaming apps

TikTok, a short video app, performed the best in terms of overall consumer spending, with users spending close to $606 million on these apps. OTT apps, utilities, and audiobooks also performed well.

TikTok, Audible, HBO Max, Google, and LinkedIn are among the most popular apps in terms of consumer spending

breakout apps by consumer spend

Shopping returns to the high street, while gaming remains popular

UK eCommerce and food delivery app downloads, on the other hand, were down 16% and 33%, respectively. It is due to a greater number of consumers returning to eating out and shopping in-store.

Hyper Casual and puzzle titles dominated first-time app downloads. Action and strategy games saw the most growth. Users are also spending more time in simulation games led by Roblox, but less time in shooting games.

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Top-performing game genres
Top-performing game genres

Signs of cautious optimism

While consumers may be strapped for cash, it appears that they are content to spend time on their phones. Time spent in apps increased 11% year on year to an all-time high of over 2 trillion hours on Android phones.

Global downloads also reached an all-time high of 74.4 billion on iOS and Android, a 13% increase year on year.

Summing up!!

From this article, it is clear that app users are spending most of their time on entertainment and dating apps. When compared to the previous year, there is an increase in the user count of about 16%. A recent report exclaims that there was a decrease in the downloads of food delivery apps & e-commerce. In the upcoming days,  we can expect more users of dating apps seamlessly. 


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