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In this enormous globe, IoT technology possesses standardization strategies and top-notch industrial backing units where NB IoT plays a major role in leading the IoT market to the peak level. For the past two years, enterprises are facing many challenges and pandemic crises. But still, there is a great demand for IoT in every field. Generally, Narrowband IoT aims to inter-connect IoT-related devices and enable its architecture by making use of the existing networks. In other words, Narrowband IoT makes use of LPWAN technologies that can handle a minimal amount of dual data transmission securely and efficiently. 

A closer look 

At present, there are thousands of applications related to the Internet of Things. The main requirement is a loop of networks. The best example is operation that works with LTE or 5G wireless communication remotely. For abrupt series of networks like smart equipment at residential places, a Wi-Fi connection will be the best one. 

For communication purposes, NB-IoT makes use of LPWAN & minimal bandwidth signal within GSM & LTE.  The elemental components stand particularly designed for devices and integrated sensors. Both the base stations and cloud application servers are used for the complete data analysis. Also, raised with 2G to 5G mobile networks.  

Narrowband Internet of Things offers multiple substantial benefits which are not provided by the other technologies. It operates within a well-defined and recognized ecosystem and maintains its constant factor globally. Narrowband IoT attains its inter-operability factor across multiple locations and virtual networks. Additionally, it provides the best QoS services and performance for multiple IoT applications

Significant advantages

NB-IoT India supports an enormous number of devices where its typical network is interconnected to multiple nodes. It provides the maximum range of reliable connectivity. NB-IoT does not require heavy OS, power-packed signal processing which gives 100% efficiency when it is compared to other cellular trends & techniques. By making use of NB-IoT, it is easier to create affordable devices integrated with less complexity. While discussing about the security factor, it includes authentication and encryption functionalities. 

Lists of applications

Generally, nbiot applications have been used in several fields like smart cities, healthcare, smart water management, industries, etc. It alleviates the work of operators and technicians and real-time technological data is applied for the machines. At the same time, NB-IoT supports remote monitoring systems. There are huge potential markets for NB-IoT services which are explained in the upcoming points. 

Agricultural system 

The typical Narrowband IoT provides a smart solution for the agricultural system. It is an interconnected set of feasible solutions that gives fidelity in agricultural techniques, IoT sensors, soil parameters, pollution rates, movement alerts & notifications, etc. 


In the healthcare systems, NB-IoT provides a real-time monitoring process for the people who are affected by chronic diseases. By keeping in mind of geo-social situation, robust solutions are implemented to maintain pandemic concerning policies and keep up with social distance measures. 


Nowadays, NB-IoT enabled devices are also available where it is used to track the location of the wearer accurately. It is specifically designed for aged people and children. At the same time, it can also be used for pet animals. To track the person’s movements and source of contact with other people, NB-IoT plays a major role. 

Smart Cities & Buildings

By making use of NB-IoT, the government units can control street lights, parking spaces, environmental protocols, etc. If any theft in residential or commercial places happens, then an alarm notification will send immediately. On the other side of the flip, it translates to eradicated cost and minimal environmental impact. Additionally, there is a list of smart utilization measurements like intelligent lighting, consuming gas & water and air conditioning, etc. 

Manufacturing units

By occupying Narrowband IoT, day by day the industrial units are showing 100% productivity. Smart factory solutions have already started to enhance logistics, examining status, collecting and storing valuable data, etc. Before a failure occurs, the NB-IoT robust solutions possess the ability to track and identify the objects in real-time.

Smart metering system

Generally, NB-IoT is the aptest one for the monitoring of smart water management systems and data pack transmissions. In underground areas or remote rural areas, network coverage is the major issue. To avoid manual readings, smart metering is the most preferred one. 


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