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Global realistic approach towards Beehive monitoring system

Most of us are not aware of honeybee’s importance; it plays a vital role in our lives. In case if the honeybees vanish, then human beings cannot live in this gigantic world. They are the main source for the process of pollination. It is our main responsibility to save the bees as they are getting extinct at a faster rate. The entire world is going to an advanced level and technology speaks more value in every sector. 

Modernized beehive technology has been integrated into devices and makes them smarter. As of now, IoT is one of the rapidly developing consumer trends. In another four years, it is estimated that there will be around 65 billion inter-connected devices globally. Day by day we are seeing a lot of changes & enhancements in the units of beehives. It is nothing but a wooden box filled with bees and for further incorporation, it is essential to procure a real-time monitoring product & alter it to preserve the device. 

Know more about Beekeeping

Generally, an exclusive practice of preserving bee colonies is known to be apiculture or beekeeping. In this era, apiary possesses more value due to its intended price value. Its typical wax items are used for manufacturing multiple items like candles, cosmetic products, oil, etc. The apiarists harvest the honey in the form of hives. The hive material arises in different materials like wood, plastic, etc. The shapes and sizes vary in a loop of shapes and sizes & it can be either in fixed or moveable parts. These are designed according to the client’s requirements. The wild form of beehives was followed by ancient human beings. As of now, contemporary trends & techniques are practiced to preserve the overall beekeeping process. Now we can track bees activity on mobile app with smart monitoring system

Interior presence of hive

Generally, a beehive holds three types known to be bee drones, workers & queen bees. The drones are categorized under male & workers; the queen bee is distinguished as female. The queen’s main task is to lay the egg. Typically, the worker’s main task is to preserve the beehive, pointing towards cleaning, collecting pollen materials. 

Driving deep into Smart Beehive

Generally, a smart beehive is an in-built home for the bee colonies. Here, contemporary technology is directly incorporated into the hive bodies to provide you with the details in real-time of what is going on in the hive without a single inspection. At any point, an apiarist cannot be replaced, but standard technologies can be used to gain the data from sensors & AI. The sensors are used to detect the temperature, humidity, the sound is sent to the server (cloud storage). 

Next, a Machine Learning algorithm is used for the smart beehive system. Here, the collected data is tended towards the advanced capability of hives. The usage of GPS aids in the methodology of safer assets. Ultimately, 100% protection is assured for the hive data and information. An instant alert & notification will be sent to the smart devices about the real-time monitoring of data. The historical information is collected over a deeper analysis. The RFID tags preserve the hive integrated with the standard system. The in-built sensors provide real-time information. 

Are you curious to know about Modern Beehive?

In this technological globe, there is 100% feasibility to create a modern beehive which includes design hives, insulated hives, etc. A modern beehive is one that preserves bee health including its overall productivity. By making use of the electronic technologies (IoT) the hives acquire the benefits pointing out the advanced insulating methodologies, water vapor control. For the real-time monitoring of the beehive system, it is essential to integrate the sensors, input/output devices, intercommunication equipment, etc., directly into the constructed bee home and get connected with the smart devices. 

Keen data of IoT

Generally, IoT technology is interconnecting the space of start-ups with cutting-edge & scalable solutions to overwhelm the eco-environmental pertain. A recent report exclaims that the apiarists lost nearly fifty percent of the bee colonies due to the crucial collapse concern. This annual colony loss points out critical issues related to the health of honey bees. At the same time, it affects the food supply products all over the world that triggers pollination. As of now, the start-up IoT firms have started projects to help the apiarists for the real-time monitoring & save enormous bee colonies. 

Through the real-time beehive monitoring system, the apt data is collected to aid the apiarists and to acquire the information of bee activities. The apiarists have the ability to spot out the symptoms of bee health issues in a shorter period. These issues can be of any type like Foulbrood bacteria, Mite parasites, etc. By spotting out the hive issues, the apiarists can modify the environment to hinder the happenings of collapse disorder. In the upcoming points, you can gain detailed information on how the apiarists are making use of IoT technology to aid save the bees in a productive way. 

In-depth details 

Generally, IoT technology is used for the real-time monitoring of weather conditions where the inter-connected sensors collect the data into the weather of concerning locations. The vital factors like temperature, humidity, and other climate data can be gathered & integrated in real-time. In this era, the apiarists are making use of this reliable technology to maintain the pulse of hives. 

The sensors are placed into the beehive to take note of humidity & temperature conditions that affect the health of honey bees. When these conditions change from one state to another, the apiarists receive instant notifications in the form of alerts. A remote alert message will be sent to process a series of climate adjustments. As of now, several projects have been raised to check with real-time monitoring of the health of bees all over the world. Advanced technology like Radio Frequency IDs conquers IoT for the overall tracking processes. 

Different types of Beehives 

In this modern world, the apiarists make use of apparatus and tools for the real-time beehive monitoring system. The sensors are integrated with the beehive boxes which are used to measure the humidity, temperature, etc. They also have the choice of the type of honey to process further on. While discussing hive, there are multiple fascinating choices & options. 

Flow Hive 

Flow Hive is the trendier one and going to rock in the overall preservation of the beekeeping process. Here, the greatest pros are comb can be kept apart from the hive. Once the cells are built by the bees, a special tool is used to differentiate the cells apart. The main target of the Flow Hive is to eradicate the interaction of bees. 


This beehive was invented in the earlier period of 1852. But as of now, the design has been changed to provide 100% convenience for the apiarists. Here, the vertical hanging frames are used for the construction of the comb. The interior gap of frames is typically known to be the bee-space. This concerned gap eradicates the comb or propolis filling. By redesigning the beehive, Langstroth arises with a scalable solution to manage the efficiency of the beehive. The typical bee space was introduced by Langstroth which is a vital design factor of the most successful hive interior designs. This loop mainly includes the beehives such as Warre & Top Bar. Its enhancement factor is easily achieved by placing boxes on the existing ones (additional boxes). The boxes can be designed in different depths which are mentioned below.

It can be pointed as deep, medium & shallow.

This standard beehive is precisely documented with top-notch effectiveness. It is possible to procure components from multiple manufacturers. 


This beehive looks more or less similar to Langstroth and hence it is known to be mini-Langstroth. The beehive mirroring is arranged in a natural setting. The interior design is the relevant choice for the comprehensive bees. The major difference of Langstroth is adding new boxes apart from the existing ones. The unique boxes are small in size when compared to that of Langstroth. Here, every box is moved in the stack including the additional ones. The top roof is known to be the quilt which is typically designed to absorb the generated condensation. Especially during the winter season, the interaction of cluster bees may result in the collapse of the hive. The ongoing maintenance factor may attract most of the apiarists. 

Top Bar

This hive is completely different from that of the other beehives like Langstroth & Warre. It is the most comfortable one in terms of design which is present at the customizable height. Here, there are no any of the heavier frames of comb. Here, there are no enhanced capabilities and it contributes an efficient design. It is much wider when compared to the other options and there are about twenty-four bars made in the wooden type. Here, the starter strip initiates the building comb which is designed in the vertical concern. For the apiarists who prefer foundationless keeping, this type of beehive is the aptest one. For more details regarding the beehive monitoring system get in touch with Gobuzzr


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