Smart is the new replacement for Metropolitan

IoT, Connectivity, Smart City, Smart homes, Smart Water these are the few words that are echoing these days. But what are these things? Today is IoT day; let’s have a brief rundown of the highlights of the Smart city accomplishments over the past year. IoT is the newest technology that acts as the soul of the Smart city, where the world witnessed some of the cool and interesting executions in the past one year.

IoT Cities in Canada

The Canadian minister of Infrastructure and Communities, Amarjeet Sohi and the President of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), Jenny Gerbasi proclaimed that they will fund 72 Smart cities initiatives across Canada through three funding programs; the Green Municipal Fund (GMF), the Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program (MCIP), and the Municipal Asset Management Program (MAMP). According to the statement they have made, the project and the work will be demonstrated in the large and small municipalities of 69 cities. Among them are Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Kingston, Smoky Lake, and Coquitlam.

The City of Stratford, located in the province of Ontario has stepped ahead by a pilot project that is designed to enable to track the usage of public municipal parking place, and will eventually release the data to the public. It brings the city together with its partners through an initiative called Smart parking initiative, few of the partners are Eleven-X, Canada’s Open Data Exchange (ODx) and Fox Net. With its fast-growing environment Internet of Things is taking places in many fields. Previously it has conquered the home appliances, which is integrating the home appliances and also the home itself. Internet of Things can be implemented anywhere and on any object. With the help of IoT, any object and device can be converted into a Smart Object.

Smart Cities in India

The government of India has come up with the idea to spread awareness and also to implement the IoT applications in India. The government has leveraged the IoT technology implementation to create an environment that is sustainable in the country. Under the visions of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the estimated project value crossed half a billion US dollars. The country is making changes by bringing solutions to the cities like Chennai, Pune, and Ahmadabad.

Internet of Things in a Nutshell

The IoT is the combination of both hardware and software; many integrated circuits and chips are used in the project development. Some of the devices used in the development of IoT are Raspberry Pi, and many other devices and chipsets are used in the entire process. The chips are connected to a computer and are coded, which is providing instructions to the computers are done once the connectivity is over. The commands are typed in the prompt that is designed for the IoT project development. The fully developed project is tested with many other physical devices that are connected to the mainframe computer.

Advantages of IoT

The traffic is the crucial part of the entire problem, the signals and the cameras that are associated with the traffic maintenance are all interconnected to each other through cloud computing technology. The main objective is to maintain a transparency between the processes and also the individual users. With the help of interconnecting evrything to each other, and also providing data efficiency for the worker who has indulged in the management and the maintenance of the projects, it is very easy to regulate a smart, fast, reliable and efficient way to have an easy lifestyle.

Private Firms That Are Into IoT

There are many companies like Cisco, AT&T, IBM and many other companies have come forward to implement the Internet of Things in the real-life applications. Initially, these companies have done a study about the Smart city management and the, as a result, they have come up with many cities that can be interconnected with the information that is gathered and can provide better infrastructure for the residents of those cities. The information includes the data collected from the residents of the cities, devices, and the assets that are possessed by those residents in order to provide easy access and lifestyle to them.

In The USA

There are many benefits that one can get from the usage of the Internet of Things, few are data security, asset security, data reliability, ease of access, and most importantly the data redundancy and remote and automated access. In the United States, there are many finalist cities; they are listed in according to the state. Ann Harbor & Detroit, Michigan; Las Vegas, Nevada; Arlington & Dallas, Texas; Boston, Massachusetts; Kansas City, Missouri; Miami – Dade County; Florida; Chicago, Illinois; San Diego, California; Virginia Beach, Virginia; New York City, New York; and many more.

Cisco has agreed to spend an amount of $1 million for Adelaide, Australia to reduce the traffic congestion and to lay the foundation to deploy autonomous vehicles on the busy roads of the city. With many other features and facilities and the reception that IoT receives, it seems this technology will surpass beyond the human thinking.


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