Mobile App Development By 5 Mins Read

Thinking about developing a mobile application? Here is an article that helps everyone to build a mobile application from the scratch. According to a research by AYTM, a research firm, it takes 18 weeks to develop and publish a native Android and iOS application, including all back-end and front-end process. The factors of time and cost are interrelated to each other and also contrast to the concept and other features.
The mobile application development is growing as it the demand for the usage of the mobile application is hiking each day. It is important to have a feasibility study done before commencing the process. Few of them are, how long does it take to build the application? What is the process of developing the application? What type of application is about to be developed? And also make sure that you have all the software and hardware requirements ready. Let’s take a look at a vivid account of the development process.

Operating System and Platform That Supports App Development

The development price of the application depends on the platform that is being developed and also with the devices that are designed to run on, for example, phones and tablet or both Android and iOS. And then you have to decide, whether you are developing a native, hybrid or a web application. For best user experience, native apps always come in handy and they are always robust when it comes to architecture. But on the other hand, the hybrid app costs less than a native app and also takes less time compared to the native built application. The conversion of a web application into a mobile application may work well when a minimum number of native requirements is listed and there would be no requirements for mobile view conversions. Web app development method is one of the inexpensive methods.

The Business Model

Business model helps to decide the expense of the development of the mobile application. One’s ultimate goal of the business should be glued to the profit that comes from the project development. And the other factor of the application is based on how you offer the application, if the application is for free to download then the in-app purchase should be charged or to be in a safe zone, selling the entire application to someone for a fixed price is a better choice. But if you decide to go for the in-app purchase then it will take more time, as this includes more modules to be focused, this takes longer time for the development and also for the implementation of the application, and the cost for development for the application also increases.

App Design

The design of the application has a lot to do with the complexity of the app, the experience and the knowledge level of the developer, and also with the geographical location of the developer, and the size of the project. To make the application look good, you need to come up with good design in both high level and low-level design. The high-level design is the program flow and the low-level design is the algorithm of the program. And have a virtual design of the project, it is nothing but having a prototype of the application.


The development of the application is the coding part, where this needs to be robust. Here is where you need to put a lot of effort, even though the task seems to be hectic. There are two parts of work involved here, one is the functions and the other is the designing. This designing is different from the previous design. XML deals with the design of the application and Java take care of the functions of the application.


Testing of the app has various methods and processes involved. There are many types of testing that are involved to test the application, but keep in mind that testing is a never-ending process. The more you test the more bugs and changes will appear. The simple testing processes are behavior testing, functionality testing, system testing, unit testing, performance testing, UI testing, user acceptance testing, integration testing, and many another testing. But the important thing to test is that test the app behavior on various platforms and devices, for instance, different types of mobile phones and in different types of tablets.

Deployment or Implementation

mplementation needs only less amount of the time, the work of deployment includes works like licensing and publishing on the Apple’s App store and also in the Android’s Google play store. Google charges $25 when you want to upload any application on the Play Store, where Apple charges $99 per year.
Upon deployment of the application in the Play and App store, you may enhance the app with advanced features. And here app marketing needs to be done, this can be done with the help of social media.


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