Sensing the secured room or closed environment for monitoring its temperature, the movement of humans makes a more considerable factor. This seems to be more important for sensitive products to be stored or transported. It often goes hand in hand with humidity measurement that finds as an example of monitoring in industries, auditorium, hotels, etc.

When it comes to industries they are used in the restricted area for checking the room temperature same thing is been approached for auditorium along with security purpose and motion of human deduction. In hotels, fixing this kind of platform makes to monitor the rooms that are available and not available by just viewing in the monitor so that those guests cannot get disturbed and booking is done effectively.

Initiative working feature

In earlier days, room temperature, secure maintenance is managed by humans in the form of admins, security or other names. As technology improves there comes a massive growth of sensing devices. In this device we intended with temperature sensor device of TI sensor in it because this is available in the form of analog shows an exact measure of the degree in negative to positive with perfect accuracy.

For motion deduction, we have worked in with the PIR sensor for the deduction movement of humans.

It is inexpensive, small and easy to use in all kind of application and gadgets made of pyroelectric metal that can be fixed in anywhere in place of business area or other needful places that makes an effective result.