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In this era, having a list of environmental challenges such as scarcity & depleting of freshwater, an increase of water salinity, new age contaminants, etc creates a negative impact on human lives and also in economical health of surroundings.

Reason to undergo smart tech

These water challenges become irreversible, leading to chronic diseases, premature deaths and their impacts more on agricultural progression and industrial growth. So to get rid of this we use superior technology to reduce these concerns.

Hardware used in a device

Since we use a naked device, we initiate to commence it to a micro control device that we use in commercial or industrial places even in the household area. That is undergone R&D according to the user needs we plate with three types of connectivity over the microcontroller they are wifi, GSM/GPRS and Ethernet.

Pulse Rate factor

Water Management SystemAs first step wifi board is taken from TI mold which is inbuilt that is secure, ultra-low power consumption in a model of CC-3220SF which is a customized launch board. Secondly, GSM – MC60 Quectel is used but it does not give that many effects to the water monitoring system. And finally, Ethernet is a wired one so it does not fit the process. So as a result wifi board is been used which is reliable in all places.

Here, in this exclusive platform, there are three ways of sensing; the first initial step is to measure the level of water in the sump and the tank in which the ultrasonic method is implemented.

The second step is to monitor the leakage or overflow of water in this alerting technique is used. The last one is to check the individual consumption of water with a flow meter placed over it these things update its result in the server as per the wifi is connected.


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