How much does it cost to create an Uber-like app? [2024 Updated]

Do you have a long-term goal to launch a taxi booking app in this present digital market? Then you have to acquire a thorough knowledge of the development model and modernized technologies. Before going ahead with the mobile app development process, procure a complete analysis report regarding the subject of the ride-sharing market. In this gigantic era, the cities & towns are filled with traffic roads, no spacious parking facilities.

The Uber-like app is an optimal solution for all the congestion issues. As of now, there is a great demand for both official and personal card rides. This one automatically led to a new way, where the entrepreneurs have thought to develop an Uber-like app and promote it both remotely and globally. More clearly, the development of Uber-like apps is the best decision for business people and transportation firms. If you think that building an Uber-like app is simple, you are wrong. Be creative and change your mind!!

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In the below image you will how uber profit is increasing year by year

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A comprehensive view

Before moving on to the topic, first, gain knowledge about the basics of Uber apps. It was launched in the year 2013. As of now, the Uber-like app is the most demanding one among people. The app has been operated in more than 80 countries where its booking services are available 24/7. With its well-defined app framework, the Uber-like app inter-connects drivers & riders. This app is compatible with both the Android and iOS platforms. With the aid of the GPS feature, real-time monitoring of the location is a feasible one. This feature is facilitated on the driver, app-user, and admin panel. It automatically eradicates the risk of a communication gap. Uber is standing in a prominent place due to its alluring UI, error-free communication, efficient navigation, top-notch promoting campaigns, and hassle-free reports. The Uber-like app is running smoothly on both the front-end and backend. 

The time needed for the development process

While discussing the front-end app development, Uber Driver App takes nearly 140-180 hours. The building of the admin panel takes about 375 hours. The programming of the Uber passenger app takes about 375-400 hours. The backend development is similar to the CPU of a system. Without it, there is no chance for the processing of functionalities. The Server collects the requests from both the driver app & passenger app. Then processes the requests and sends an apt response. The Uber-like app possesses a well-defined backend that works on the processing of data and ensures 100% functionality of the app. 

development process

Working process of Uber-like app

Building an Uber-like app involves a series of steps. First, you have to hire an on-demand app Development Company, explaining all your needs and requirements. Then the techies start the development work satisfying your expectations. In this era, Uber has attained its peak place due to its seamless functionality factor. Generally, the Uber model possesses a list of steps, straightforwardly maintaining the process. To build an Uber-like app, first, you have to understand the following steps. 

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App user ride request

Once the installing process is completed on either the Android or iOS platform, the user can send the request based on availability. The request will be received by the nearby drivers & contact details will be automatically shared. 

Explore the right match 

The driver can either accept or reject the request. In case the driver declines the request, it will be automatically passed to another driver. 

Knowing the estimated time of arrival

Once the contact details have been sent to the driver, the traveler can monitor the real-time location of the car & acquire details subjected to the estimated time of arrival. 

Payment process

Before starting the ride, the Uber-like app provides the details of the ride cost. Cashless payment is also feasible through integrated digital payment options.

Ratings & Reviews

Once the ride is completed successfully, the customers can give their ratings and reviews about the drivers. 

To build an Uber-like app, it is mandatory to follow the above-mentioned steps. 

An insight over features

Before developing an Uber-like app, you have to gain important details like development cost, the time needed, the number of developers needed, etc. If you are ready to hire Android app development techies, then you have to discuss complexity levels, functional modules, and features with them.


The secret to the success of the Uber app’s reach is Geolocation and routing servers. Building Geolocation is the most essential feature in the Uber-like app. The cab booking apps rely on GPS systems. It completely covers the intricate architecture and functional module to calculate the apt distance & route. Instead of depending on the GPS, a routing server is mandatory which is needed for seamless routing. 

Cashless payment

To develop an Uber-like app, the payment feature is essential. It must be a completely 100% secured one. To calculate the ride cost, the Uber-like app makes use of a fare calculator. It computes multiple factors providing the apt cost to users. The fare rate relies on the type of vehicle booked, fare amount, cost per mile, cost per hour, etc. To build an app in either Android or iOS app development, you can add Paypal, various credit cards, etc. 

Registration & profile

For the Uber-like app development, a user registration profile is the most essential feature. The customers can also make use of social media sites for the registration process. You can also add the phone number or email. For the completion of the driver’s profile, minimum details like photo, name & driving license have to be filled in. To process an Uber-like app (feature-rich), it is mandatory to check with the ratings and review system for a comprehensive client-oriented. 

Instant notifications

The customers have to be updated each & every day. Hence, it is necessary to send details like the latest orders, discounts, budget-friendly packages, etc. In the development of an Uber-like app, two important tools are used. For the building of Uber Android app development, FCM is used & APN is used for iOS respectively. 

Scheduling of ride

The ride can be booked in advance through the app. This option is available for the people who have an idea to go for weekend trips or outstation travel. If you want to add this feature to your app, you have to hire an Uber-like processing on-demand app development company

Well-defined UI/UX design

This is the most important part of the mobile app development cost. Though there are multiple ride-sharing apps, Uber stands in the top-notch position. It is the most secure one and also easier to use. From the above points, it is clear that Uber is the most dominating app globally. You can recruit the developers to build an attractive User Interface. If you wish to develop an app for Apple devices, iOS techies will help you in all ways including customization. 

Canceling a ride without paying a single penny

This feature provides a comfort zone for the riders. If the travelers wish to cancel their ride in two minutes, they can immediately cancel it without paying a single penny. It is the most convenient feature when compared to the other features. 

Cost of developing an Uber-like app

Now, you will be clear that mobile app development possesses different needs and requirements. The cost is not a static one, it completely varies dynamically. If you wish to develop the above-mentioned features, then the estimated cost varies between fifty-five thousand dollars to one lakh dollars. It is calculated for both Android & iOS platforms. 

The cost factor also relies on the hired mobile app development company, the relevant experience of the developer, and their talent. At the same time, the entrepreneurs can choose the features that typically suit the requirement and economy to promote the app. The app is enhanced with advanced features to match the Uber-like app

What are the Technologies used?

To develop an Uber-like app, you can gain ideas from the technological stacks. The team of techies is well trained with the updated technologies. They can integrate functionalities & features to the app along with implementation language. The structure of the Uber-like app and technologies are not enough to promote the app. You have to consider more than this. To reach the top-notch place in this gigantic world, first sign an agreement of tie-up with a prominent mobile app development firm. 

what are the technologies used

This one automatically gains details about the pulse factor of the digital market & best proceedings to build an app with creative strategies. The cost to process an Uber-like app can be an expensive one. To build an Uber-like app, it is better to recruit developers based on the period of hours. The latest technological features are discussed in the upcoming points. The Passenger app possesses Search Flat, ride price, Smart e-wallets, and Loyalty Points. The Driver app possesses Heat Map, On-Board Rides, average earnings, and forward rides. The Admin panel possesses a dashboard, details from booking, channels, and managing taxi. 

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Final note!!

Developing an Uber-like app is a long process and 100% dedication is needed. Also, an enormous amount of money and time is needed. The entrepreneurs can go ahead with the customization of the app that is apt to the budget and requirements. 


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