Build a WhatsApp chat app clone for Android

Typically building a WhatsApp Chat App Clone for Android may be the best decision of your life!! In this era, almost every person is using one type of messaging app or another. As of now, many new messaging apps are being introduced & you can monetize them too. Hence you can make your messaging app a popular one. A recent report exclaims that messaging apps possess the highest number of downloads globally. 

Series of records from Web analytics & marketing intelligence shows that there are about two billion messaging app users at the world level. By the year 2025, it is expected that the number will increase to five billion. It directly means that about one-third of the population all over the world will be using IM apps. Even though there are many messaging apps. WhatsApp stands in the leading position with more than one and half billion users.  While viewing the list of Android app development companies. Team Tweaks is standing at the peak position.

Points to note: Build a WhatsApp chat app clone for Android

In this technological world, the techies started to combine calls & chats into a single app and started to add more exclusive features. First-ever, WhatsApp has introduced the video call feature along with the other enchanting features. While adding novel features, some of the messaging platforms possessing a massive number of users found it extremely different. Which WhatsApp messaging app is one among in it. 

They did not include Application Programming Interface or Chatbot in their typical platform. While speaking about Build a WhatsApp chat app clone for Android. The most difficult task is development architecture. Broadly, the techies try to add additional features without causing any complications. At the same time, they are trying to focus on the innovations along with the list of standard features. Over a decade, Team Tweaks have earned better fame in the list of iOS app development companies.

Some of the expected features in future 

Some of the expected features in future

Reels on WhatsApp

The users can watch the Instagram Reels from WhatsApp directly and it is a part of the integration with Facebook exclusive apps. For the people who are not aware of Instagram, Instagram Reels is a video feature integrated with the picture-sharing app, which came into existence after the banning of TikTok

Logout from WhatsApp

This option is similar to the Logout feature of social media apps. It is explored on the beta version and soon it is expected to release on Android platforms. 

Multi-device support

The login is feasible on multiple devices, subjected to the beta version. In precise words, it allows the users to add multiple devices to a single account. 

Read later

It is an enhanced feature of the Archived Chat feature. In case if a chat is marked read later, WhatsApp won’t send any further notifications. Here, customized settings are allowed with an edit button. 

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Concluding remarks!!

 An important point to remember that only with the aid of experienced developers building a WhatsApp chat app clone for Android can be a successful one. Initially should be tested in the client environment scenarios. As chat applications are complicated, the developers should choose the apt tools right from scratch to achieve 100% success of the project. The scalability level should be in a high score without degrading the performance of the app.


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