Future of Digital Currency: A glimpse of Top 10 Cryptocurrencies

Ideally, Cryptocurrency is defined as digital money either taking the form of coins or tokens. It is endeavored into the physical form, completely remaining incorporeal. It is a standard form of payment that can be interchanged for goods. In this era, most of the organizations possess their currencies known to be tokens. Just, you have to swap real currency for the typical cryptocurrency to explore the good or service. Blockchain technology stands as the backbone for the concept of cryptocurrencies.

This gigantic technology has been used all over the world, distributed across multiple systems that monitor & record transactions. In this generation, most of them prefer quick payments and do not prefer the transaction charge. This is only possible through cryptocurrency technology. It is available through an exclusive online interchange platform. 

Mostly, people acquire cryptocurrency through the mining process. This one mainly requires a series of systems to solve high-level mathematical puzzles. The cryptocurrency can be earned on the external hard drive too. Once payment is done successfully with cryptocurrency, you get the money in return if the concerned individual you paid sends it back. Before buying the cryptocurrency, it is most important to know the information about the seller’s reputation. 

A closer look 

A recent report exclaims that more than 6,700 cryptocurrencies are traded all over the world. It continues to increase through the initial coin offerings. The total value is about $2.2 trillion & the total value of the bitcoin is pinned at $1.2 trillion. Ultimately, cryptocurrencies subject to more supporters for various reasons. Bitcoin is the currency of the future & it has more value too. It eradicates central banks from the management of the money supply. As discussed earlier, Blockchain technology stands behind the cryptocurrency provides 100% security when compared to that of the conventional payment system. Day by day the cryptocurrency value is being increased where the users are more interested to buy it. 

Significance of Cryptocurrency

Top 10 Cryptocurrency

Of course, Cryptocurrency is one of the safest forms of digital currency. Nowadays, most people prefer it as it gives assurance for a vital source of investment for the present era and future too. As of now, cryptocurrencies are in high demand mainly due to their policies. There is no necessity to deal with third parties at any stage. On the other side of the flip, it is a lower-cost means of transaction to inter-change the digital currencies. First, you should know basic knowledge about cryptocurrencies. For the digital currencies form, you have to pay for the transaction process. While speaking about cryptocurrency, there is no necessity to pay for the transaction. The major reason is miners procure the compensation amount from the network itself. The users can accumulate cryptocurrencies in a safer wallet. They can store the money in two different wallets which can be moved to their respective account. There are no charges to store the digital currencies.  

How does Cryptocurrency work?

Typically, the cryptocurrency makes use of decentralized technology where the users can process the payment securely and accumulate money without the need of going to the bank. Here, a series of the system known to be the Blockchain, a distributed public ledger records of every updated transaction. Here, the units are created through a unique process known to be mining.

This one involves system power to solve complicated mathematical issues that produce coins. The currencies can be bought from brokers & accumulate, spends by making use of the cryptographic wallets. In the future, more uses are expected from the cryptocurrency & applications of gigantic Blockchain technology. The transactions hold the financial assets which can be typically traded by using the relevant trends & techniques. 

What is Blockchain technology?

Blockchain Technology in India

Generally, Blockchain is an invariable ledger that alleviates the process of monitoring assets in a complete business network. A typical value of virtual form can be easily tracked, eradicating risk & reducing the cost involved. As everyone knows the enterprise runs on numerical & graphical data. It should be more accurate & better. Blockchain is optimum to provide the data which can be stored on the constant ledger where the accessibility is given only for the permission members. 

This gigantic network can monitor orders, payments, production, etc. The details can be viewed from end to end, giving 100% confidence & opportunity. While discussing the architecture of Blockchain technology, there are two options available: public & private. In the first option, anyone who is interested can join and view the available information & gain deeper knowledge. Here, 100% security is assured by assigning authorized members. In the second option, only the participants who hold the authorized permission can join & read. The writing process is assigned only to few members. The complete architecture relies on the type of business and the location where the implementation is initiated. 

Major Key elements

Distributed ledger technology 

The network members hold the accessibility to the distributed ledger of the entire transactions. Here, the transactions are recorded for one time, eradicating the duplication subjected to the conventional business network. 

Immutable records

No member can modify the transaction after it has been completely recorded. In the transaction series, if any error is spotted then a new transaction will be enhanced to revoke the error and all the transactions will be visible. 

Smart Contracts

To increase the speed of transactions, a set of protocols typically known to be the smart contract is stored on the Blockchain & execution takes place automatically. The smart contract defines the terms for corporate, travel insurance & much more.

Advantages of Blockchain

Enhanced transparency

In the present industrial field, transparency is one of the biggest problems. To optimize the transparency factor, the firms are trying to implement a set of protocols. But it does not make any system 100% centered. Along with this exclusive Blockchain technology, the firms can go ahead with the decentralized system, enhancing the network’s transparency. 

The Blockchain is made up of peers who are accountable to process the transactions & validate them. The peers decide to choose whether to participate in the validation system. To promote 100% validation, the consensus method is consumed. Here, every node keeps a replicate of the record transaction. Through this step-by-step process, Blockchain technology handles 100% transparency. 

Reduced costs

As of now, most enterprises spend more money on the monitoring process of the current system. Hence, they prefer to eradicate the cost and divert the amount to develop the overall process. 

Comprehensive traceability

Along with Blockchain technology, the firms aim to initiate a supply chain for the dealer & traders. In the conventional system, it is difficult to monitor the items that lead to many issues. The supply chain is 100% transparent forever, the party can monitor the goods & ensures that goods are being replaced or misused. 

100% trust & security

Along with the Blockchain, the network members can receive accurate data and it will be shared within the network boundary. The network members hold 100% data accuracy where the validated transactions are recorded permanently. Here, the system admin doesn’t have the right to delete the transaction. 

Greater efficiency 

With the broadcasted ledger, the record reconciliations are eradicated. A set of protocols known to be the smart contract is accumulated on the Blockchain. Here, the execution takes place automatically.  

Top 10 Cryptocurrency to be invested for long term

A known fact, cryptocurrency is reclaiming popularity as the interest is increasing day by day. Here, crypto directly means the development of digital currencies including transactions through a series of decentralized networks. It is mostly subjected to government exploitation through the basic features & enhanced popularity. In this era, popular brands like Facebook, PayPal, and Samsung & Tesla have included cryptocurrency in the longer period of the crucial plan. Most of the present generation are showing more interesting in the procurement of cryptocurrency. 

Bitcoin (BTC)


Bitcoin, a decentralized digital currency was created in the year 2008. Without the usage of middleware, Bitcoin can be sent from one user to another. Here, there is no central bank or administrator where the cryptography concept is used to verify the transaction details. Finally, the details are registered in the Blockchain, a well-known distributed ledger. In case if the price falls, bitcoin keeps on dominating the cryptocurrency zone. The value of the bitcoin cannot be predicted, it always holds on with the stable increasing trend. Bitcoin is the most prominent cryptocurrency, as it holds the value of market capitalization of $1.01 trillion. The traders are more benefitted as long it captures a high ratio of market stability.

Ethereum (ETH)


It is a decentralized platform where smart contracts are designed uniquely without any intervention need. The non-hierarchical nodes generate a series of blocks known to be Blockchain. Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin & it was proposed in the year 2013. In the initial stage, there were supplies of 72 million coins. This typical cryptocurrency is used in the differential fields like decentralized finance, NFTs, ICOs, etc. At present, the coin market capitalization is about $195.54.  

Tether (USDT)


Popularly known to be Realcoin, initiated in the year 2014 and it is one of the 1st cryptocurrencies pinned to the US dollar. It captures Blockchain technology, backed by the traditional currencies assembled in a bank account like dollar, yen, etc. The price is stable as opposed to fluctuation which is precisely regular cryptocurrencies of Bitcoin & Ethereum. As of now, Tether holds a market capitalization value of $24.4 billion.  

Cardano (ADA)


It is an open-source project aiming at the establishment of public Blockchain technology. The development began in the year 2015 & released in 2017. Currently, the trading value stands at $1.19 and holds a market cap of $40.4 billion. 

Polkadot (DOT)


It is a kind of stake Cryptocurrency targeting to provide interoperability. Both the permission & permissionless Blockchain allows series of systems to interact with each other. As of now, it holds a market capitalization of $30.3 billion. Here, both information & transaction can be shared easily in a trustless way. For the creation of decentralized apps, utilities Polkadot Cryptocurrency are used.  

Ripple (XRP)


This Cryptocurrency was released nine years back and it typically subjects to the digital payment network. XRP is used as the payment token for this exclusive decentralized system. More than the Blockchain, XRP is used as a series of nodes. Total market capitalization holds $268 billion & one XRP trading is done for about $0.5926. 

Uniswap (UNI)


This cryptocurrency operates on a decentralized basis which allows for automated transactions. The company named “Uniswap” created this protocol and the total market capitalization value is about $152 billion & one UNI trades about $29.21. 

Litecoin (LTC)


It is an open-source software platform that is subjected to MIT/X11 license. Litecoin is more or less the same as that of bitcoin in the major conditions of technical specifications. Marked as a popular cryptocurrency, it aims to operate a block every two minutes. The transactions are done more quickly than Bitcoin. As of now, the total market capitalization is $13.8 billion & the trading value is $206.75. 

Chainlink (LINK)


It is the topmost chain provider where the smart contracts can be securely connected to the data sources and the payment schemes. The total market capitalization is $12.8 billion and the LINK trade is done for $30.58. 

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash was published in the year 2017 and it allows for an enormous block larger than bitcoin, allowing for multiple transactions to be accumulated in the single block. Even though there are many differences between Bitcoin cash & Bitcoin there are some similarities in terms of technical factors along with the supply limit of the twenty million coins. The market capitalization holds $10.8 billion and one Bitcoin cash trades for $575.17. 

Final thoughts!!

From the above-discussed points, it is clear that the future is going to be completely dependent on cryptocurrency. Initially, the investors should know about the potential prospects. Be keen on the enviable popularity & market terms related to the gigantic cryptocurrency ecosystem. Be wise and make the right choice!!

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