How to make an app

The Statista report exclaims that about five years back, nearly 180 million apps were downloaded and it is expected to reach 260 billion by the year 2022. In this era, there is a great demand for apps that personalizes heavy competition. Generally, mobile app development is a little bit expensive. If you are longing to create an app, this article How to make an app helps to earn reputed fame for your business.

How to make an app: Lists of steps to be followed

How to make an app: Fix the goal

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Before moving on to the technological facts define everything from the scratch and think over what you want to achieve. Take a piece of paper and write a set of questions as given below. Do not create queries subjected to complex coding or designing. 

What is the major purpose of your app?

What are the issues it is going to solve?

How will you promote your app?

What is the result of the app and how it will be appealed to users?

Your business may be halted in between the process, so be clear while setting goals on the discussion of How to make an app. If there is no proper vision then it will affect the entire team members. 

Step 2: How to make an app: Build your Ideas

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Just wait do not move on to the system immediately. By using your pen & paper first answer all the queries about the purpose of the app to build a sketch of what it will resemble at the high end. You can convert your innovative ideas into visual form & decide to release the app with the ads to monetize money or be dedicated as a paid download. You can also opt for the different options available in the sensational app purchases. Before processing to the next step of How to make an app, capture a sketch of all the creative ideas. 

Now, this is the time to log in to your system. Initially, focus on sales & marketing. Plan well, how you are going to earn revenue with your app. An alluring aspect is the most vital one for your final product.  

Do you want to change your ideas? Or going to give slight changes?

What is your specialty?

For whom your marketing has to reach?

Step 3: How to make an app: Choose the apt technology


You can choose the apt technology for How to make an app according to your requirements looped as native apps and Progressive Apps. Apps play a crucial role in our daily lives and we are depending on them for several purposes. 

Native Apps

About 10-15 years back there were five hundred apps available in the App Store. As of now, there are about two million apps available in the Play Store. These apps create about 80 percent of mobile traffic. Both the iOS & Android platforms are the backbone of the intended mobile development. This one is mainly due to the reliable high-end products that can access across the huge native Application Programming Interface available on smartphones & tablets. If an app is processed with native coding, it directly means there will be independent outputs for each OS. 

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web App is the integration of both web & native technologies. There is no need to download or go through the Store publication process. On the deeper discussion of  How to make an app PWA can be installed on the Home screen of smartphones & tablets. Just get adapted to the desktops and mobiles. We can be benefitted from SEO and also can work offline. It is exclaimed that about seventy percent of the web traffic comes from Smartphones assuring a speculative mobile presence integrated with all the devices. PWA enhances about three times visitors when compared with that of the native apps. The end-users can access the complete geo-location features by rendering beacon technology. 

Step 4: How to make an app: Wireframes

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Ideally, designing the wireframes of an app allows targeting the vital parts of an overall interface before moving on to the design elements & alluring styles. By typically processing this step it will be easier to spot out the vital key components of an app to make it accessible to the end-user. By making the wireframes you are allowed to initiate changes to the design at the aptest speed similar to the working of the end of the mock-up stage. 

User Interface Design

The aspect and feel of the app play a vital role in the achievement . This is the procedure for how the interacts with the end-user.  

User Experience

This is mainly the user’s view and it is precise impacts how the users view the brand. The major protocol is that it should be seamless. In case if the users are surfing the app on a normal screen, the apt size for a touch screen should be 44 pixels. 

If you want your Apps to be successful, the design should be simple and interactive. On the interrogation of How to make an app, it should have a good reach among the users and hence it increases the interest in the app too. In case if an apps is complicated to use then there will be no good reach as expected. 

Step 5: How to make an app: Identify the backend
How to make an mobile app

It is better to make use of an intended storyboard to start to analyze the functionality modules. With the aid of a wireframe, you can depict the servers, Application Programming Interface, etc. If you are not aware of technical jargon, make use of the hosting service and the apps that collects relevant data. 

Step 6: How to make an app: Examine your model
How to make an Apple app

Once examining the model, show the app’s demo to everyone. Do not hesitate to revise the layout or navigation path. Always think from the user’s perspective for the betterment. Finally, decide the apps structure & foundation without delay. Check on the working process before adding the design.  

Step 7: How to make an app: Start the development & testing process

How to make an iOS app

While capturing the solution for How to make an app you can start building the apps. First, the code-builder has to fix the servers, databases, etc. Once the apps is developed successfully, the testing process should be carried on by the quality analysts. Collect the feedback from them and modify the apps functionality in case if it is needed. 

Step 8: How to make an app: Launch the app 

How to make an android app

Once the apps is developed with the complete functionalities & features, you can go ahead with the launching of the apps without any second thoughts. There are certain protocols for both App Store and Google Play which are mentioned below. 

App Store

Here, the submission of the apps is not an easier process; it is slightly a complex one. You should be prepared in the nook & corner to proceed further. It possesses a high set of standards and guidelines to maintain the App Store as it offers high-quality apps. First, Apple checks the Apps before approval is given. While submitting the app in the Store you should provide the necessary information like screenshots, name of the apps, category & additional keywords, etc. The review process takes place for a few days maximum of two weeks. Apple will contact you through email and explains whether the app is selected or rejected. In case if the apps is rejected, you can contact the Resolution Centre and you can resolve the issues according to their instructions.  

Google Play

Here, there is a list of choices available for the distribution of the apps. After creating your apps, it is mandatory to register the complete details on Google Play. Till now, Google supports over more than one billion active users. On the interrogation of How to make an app it is mandatory to specify the title, description, graphic assets, contact details, privacy policy, etc. With the aid of a keyword planner, choose the relevant keywords. Once the listing is completed, you can instantly upload your file. Once the apps is approved by Google, it will be launched within a few hours. Do not skip the protocols at any cause, because the apps may get terminated if the rules are violated.  

Step 9: How to make an app: Support & Maintenance

How to make an app

Give first importance for the user’s feedback and make use of the standard analytics which is provided by Google Store & App Store. Every entrepreneur should keep on updating new content & features to promote their business’s apps. By releasing new updates or upgrading the pre-functionalities, you can reach the top-notch position in a shorter period. In these ways, you can keep the audiences in a more engaged manner more than expected. You can alert about the new release by sending push notifications. In case if enormous modifications are made you can submit a completely new version of the apps. 


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