Is doing business in Chennai very hard?

Yes, off course! But that’s not because of the clients/projects/market/staff. Few people, with the same domain, who couldn’t accept seeing others grow, that too located very close to the business, will mainly target in destroying them than making or preparing themselves to develop with a positive motto. This is why most of the people in Chennai preferring to be an employee rather than being an employer.

Absolutely this is true as we face some wicked characters recently. After 4 years we now, concentrate specifically on the website of our company Team Tweaks and it is ranking as the top for Mobile app development company in Chennai as well as India. For the past 4 years we were mostly focusing in the international market – developed many mobile apps & web portals for small entrepreneurs, recently we have stepped in establishing our business in Chennai market also. After knowing about our growth, the wicked people have paid to the spammers of social media to post very bad reviews about our company in our profile from various parts of the world.

team tweaks technologies
We ourselves haven’t posted anything in our profile in the social media since 2014. But the spammers have chosen it particularly and have given low star rating. Even the Facebook couldn’t find and block such spammers.


We would like to convey that we are never agitated or dismayed with these kinds of fake reviews. We continue focusing in our business with tireless efforts and due diligence in order to be the No. 1 in the market.



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