EV Car Sharing App development

As everyone knows, the electric car is a new conception in the field of the automotive industry. Some of the industries have introduced the proactive model of vehicles which makes use of electricity. Hybrid vehicles have earned a reputation in terms of both electricity and gas. Examples of electric cars are Nissan Leaf, Tesla Model S, and Chevrolet Volt, etc. Generally, Mobile app development companies speak more value than any other firm.

These electric cars help to save money and also promote an eco-friendly environment. The normal petrol or diesel car produces more carbon emission leading to the release of greenhouse gases and producing more pollution. To preserve our environment, the electric car is a great start. The rechargeable batteries are installed in the interior of the car which is typically used to power up the engine and also for the operating of lights & wipers.  For ease of use, the EV Car Sharing App has been initiated for the betterment of our lives. 

Are you interested to know more information about electric cars? Just have a view over the below-mention points. 

Substantial benefits of electric cars

Electric Car App


It is very easy to recharge and there is no need for charging portals outside. Even a socket of the household can be used for charging purposes. 

Save money 

Electric cars can be filled for minimal prices and hence it is the best way to save money too in this costlier world. 


Earlier having an electric car would cost a lot. As of now with technological advancements owning an electric car is easier, not very costlier.

Minimal maintenance

As the EV cars run on electrical engines there is no need for lubrication. And also, there is no need for sending it to the service station as you do it for a standard gasoline-powered car.

EV’s impact on the environment

Electric Vehicle App

Traditional cars release consequent emission of carbon dioxide, possessing a negative impact on the environment. It also affects the health of human beings due to air pollution. These are the major reasons for global warming. Hybrid vehicles hold reduced emissions & EV cars are completely free of carbon dioxide gas. By the year 2050, UK has planned to reduce the emission and it is reported that these cars have a major 40% cut in carbon dioxide emission. The main substantial benefit of electric vehicles is flexible charging. The charging stations are available in the residence, workplace including the public places. An added advantage is that refueling of gasoline or diesel is feasible whenever it is important. 

Future of EV Cars


Replacing billions of cars with electric cars globally won’t take place in a single day. In this era, most of the techies anticipating that usage of electric vehicles are booming day by day. By the year 2040, France & UK have decided to prohibit the sale of fossil-fuelled cars. Most of the European countries are planning to sign an agreement with electric vehicles. For the past few years, electric cars are available for a list of brands like Tesla, BMWi3, and Nissan Leaf, etc. 

But as of now, every car company has started to step into the boundary. About two years back, electrification started to rise and many models came to rise for the production of top-notch products like Volkswagen, Porsche, and Volvo & Audi. In the Upcoming year, Daimler has promised that they would enter the electric phase of its complete fleet concern. A greater ramp in Electric Vehicle adoption will be initiated in India and Japan by 2030. In the another 10 to 15 years. The European & Chinese markets are awaited to represent about seventy-five percent of the passenger EV sales. 

A wider range of options

Tesla, an innovative brand is the only available option for those who seek to transform over green cars. As of now, multiple electric cars are expected to enter the market soon. In another time gap of 30 years, electric vehicles are predicted to occupy about two-thirds of road vehicles. Lists of new exclusive models are BMW i3S, Nissan’s second-generation leaf & Nio ES8, etc. These cars have a luxurious look and the concept of a seven-seater SUV has also been raised. Day by day there is a great development in the market; there will be more choices for the models. An interesting fact that electric cars have been increasing all over the world, there is a list of cost benefits for the enterprises who are moving on to an electric fleet.

Statistical facts 

A recent report exclaims that electric market size all over the world is increasing tremendously. It is expected that electric cars reach about ten percent of commuter vehicle sales in another 4 to 5 years. By the year 2030, the growth may reach about 28% and about 58% in 2040. The EV market is also emerging faster as most people do not prefer petrol or diesel vehicles. As of now, China stands at the top position in the field of battery manufacturing where they are producing about two-thirds of the world’s batteries. By the year 2028, the EU is expected to combine with China by increasing its present share of 3% to 25%. 

A study report reveals that the US stands at the peak level for the massive adoption of electric vehicles. California holds a list of protocols including the incentives for the typical electric vehicle users within the location. It is most expected that the US will continue its growth in the sales of electric car. The electric models like Tesla Model S, Ford Focus target the commuters. The Netherlands stands at the top-notch place with more charging stations. 

A recent report exclaims that are nearly about 40,000 public charging stations by the year 2020. Here, the government has invested in the structure of plug-in vehicles. Due to the major reason of the minimal projections of the charging station availability, the US is a little bit slower to reach the different levels of adoption. By the year 2030, about sixty percent of the US households have nearly two to three electric cars and also catch with the ability to install home charging.

Who stands at the top position?

Of course, China stands at the top-notch place of the automobile market heading nearly 20 million units. It is a step ahead of the US in terms of the electric car market. As of now, it has entered a new phase where procurement level is moving on a different level, hitting of more profit. A count of more than three million batteries is explored on the Chinese roads. Green energy is one of the feasible solutions to enhancing urbanization. This one automatically occupies about thirty percent of the market share by the year 2030.

Electric future- India

EV Car Sharing Apps

Day by day the automobile industry in India has been improving along with the evolution of advancements, trends & techniques. The subject of electric vehicles has attracted more people in India. It is soon expected to catch the bright reality, paving the path for positive changes. A recent study report exclaims that in another few years, the citizens of India would hold an electric vehicle as it holds many advantages. Ultimately, the government will involve in the promotion of electric mobility. Over the recent years, the policymakers are forcing EV adoption and many actions have been taken to develop the capabilities. The battery cost will be reduced in another three to four years and it is also feasible over that concerning time. 

The government is taking many steps to reduce the tax so that people will buy EV s without any hesitation. By the year 2030, India is expected to reach 100% of the vision in the procurement of 2030. Now, the petrol price is at the spike level and the people are suffering because of it. There is no signal for the cut-off for the petrol price and hence there are many chances the people can change their mindset to put an endpoint to the traditional cars. Now, most of them are planning to buy electric cars, vehicles as they are available at an affordable cost too. 

An exclusive car-sharing platform

EV Rental Car Sharing App

Technological advancements have bought tremendous changes to our life. Ultimately, trends & techniques are involved in the reduction of carbon emission where the concept of EV car sharing App has been raised.  


The first-time users can register the information and the approval takes place within few minutes. 


An efficient sign-in feature is mandatory for the car-sharing app. The users can make use of the social media account to login into the app. 


In the context of the EV Car Sharing App, the users are allowed to reserve or request a car in a while. Booking a car for later dates is also possible. 

In-app payments 

An efficient cashless payment for the services is a major benefit that attracts the users to typical mobile apps. 

Smart lock

To increase the security of the car and to allow for keyless locking at the end of the trip smart lock is the best option. 

24/7 support

In case of any issues, the customer can contact the support team at any time. For any kind of technical problems, they will assist you. Just in a single dia,l your problems will be sorted out. 

Rating system

Here, in the EV Car Sharing App, an advanced rating system is provided. Once the trip gets completed, the user can give ratings for their drivers which will be helpful for the other passengers in the future. At the same time, they can also review, comment and, express their ride experience. 

Push notification 

This feature can inform or advertise any news directly to the users. 

GPS Tracking 

GPS tracking is integrated to show the exact location of the vehicle in real-time to provide 100% security for the customers. 

General preface- EV mobility

Generally, EV mobility provides electric cars as an amenity in luxurious hotels, apartments, and commercial buildings. The residents, guests can easily operate the vehicles located in their building at ease of comfort. 


The EV cars are featuring reasonable monthly membership fees and available at low per min rates.


Well-defined accessibility is feasible around the central locations.


Exclusive and comfortable EV cars are especially suited for urban driving.


It is 100% electric fleet helps to preserve an eco-friendly environment.

EV Car Sharing App Development

How does it work?

The EV Car Sharing App holds a greater possession which is briefly explained below. The buildings (hotels/ apartments/ commercial) possess dedicated EV cars which will be available for the residents/guests to use at any time. The charging stations will also be installed along with the exclusive parking spots. With the aid of a mobility app, the resident or guest can reserve an electric car free of cost. During the concerned scheduled booking time, the users can operate the car. The building administrators can manage the usage of the car and the app is used to unlock, operate the vehicle. Maintenance of car & charging station, cleaning & insurance cost is included in the monthly flat fee. 24/7 customer service support is also provided. 

Exclusive benefits

For Property owners

Enhanced resident retention is offered by accessing zero-emission transportation. The residents can enjoy the exclusive, luxurious perk. You can optimize your building’s sustainability with pure air quality & reduced emissions. 

For Residents

The residents can access the on-demand transportation and can eradicate the personal carbon footprint by making use of evergreen transportation. By paying without any insurance or maintenance fee, you can possess a car based on the membership or hourly package. 

How to create an EV car sharing App?

EV Car Sharing App



The user has to provide the email address and password to login into the app. In case if the password is forgotten, the user has to give the contact number or email id, a new password will be sent. By using the new password, login can be done easier. 


For a new user, personal information should be provided like first name, last name, email address, password, and contact number including date of birth. A verification code will be sent to the mobile number, by entering that verification code, the account will be verified. 

Select the membership type

There are two membership types are available: standard and community. In the standard membership, the accessing of a complete EV rental fleet with a low usage rate ($5 per month) takes place. The community membership provides accessibility to EV cars at $1 per month. Here, proof of income qualification is required.  

Upload the document

While describing the EV Car Sharing App. The documents should be uploaded for a new user like driver’s license, proof of qualification, and upload a photo. 

Add a payment method

By either using the credit card or debit card the payment method is processed. The user should provide name, card number, card expiration date including month and year. 

Choose your preference

To know your document is verified or not, it will be known through app push notification, text message, and email. Mostly, the documents will be verified in less than 24 hours. 

Available cars

The user can book the available cars easily through the app and can choose the package like 3 hours package, 5 hours package. Membership is also available and the consumer can also make use of it. 

Pre-rental checkup

On the usage of the EV Car Sharing App, you are allowed to take pictures of the car both interior and exterior sides to inspect whether the car is damaged or not, and can give the report accordingly. 

Smart key 

The electric car can be automatically locked & unlocked through the app. The EV’s ON/OFF controlling also takes through the app itself.  


Once the driving gets completed, you can drop off the car by leaving the pictures of both interior and exterior. In case of any damages, you have to pay an additional fee. 

Mobility as an amenity 

Our community-based electric car-sharing platforms provide electric cars as an amenity to apartments, hotels, and workstations. They are conveniently located on the property with parking spaces. Electric cars can easily reserved through the app. Mobility as an amenity is dedicated to any working or staying place. A luxurious property can offer tenants, customers, access to the on-demand Tesla. The charging stations will be provided at your locality. Through the mobile app, the users can book and access the car by using a passcode which will be controlled by the building administrators. 

EV Charging Station

Each electric car possesses an enhanced charging station allotted into a concerned parking spot in the property’s vicinity. 

Exclusive Mobile App

The EV Car Sharing App is easier to use and free to download for the residents to reserve and operate an electric vehicle. 

Vehicle Maintenance

Maintenance & cleaning is provided then & there at free of cost. 


Vehicle insurance & liability insurance respectively for insurance and property is provided. 

Customer support

The 24/7 support team helps you with any issues through email or phone. 

Data & Management Platform 

The property managers can view & manage the usage of vehicles efficiently. 

Final touch!!

From the above-discussed points, it is clear that electric cars are in the path of enhancing greenhouse gas levels. In more precise words, the advantages of EV cars have surmounted the cost factor. By conducting educational awareness programs about the significance of electric-powered vehicles may bring a tremendous change all over the world. Be ready to give a warm welcome to the dedicated EV cars!!


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