How to make a social media app

Day by day power of social media is growing massively, and the entire world is relying on it. From the business point of view, the idea of developing a social media app is the most prominent factor. The present current market is flourishing with more & more opportunities, and hence an entrepreneur should not miss this chance to be a part of this enormous growing market. To attract massive users, this article “how to make a social media app” that guides you from scratch. Along with the rapid development of updated technology, you can instantly transform your ideas into a real social media app. 

Distinguish the right product

While developing the social media app, the startups should be adaptable to their typical approach. In some cases, the final product may reach the top-notch position which can be different from the base ideas. The organizations like Instagram, Twitter have earned a reputation by keeping on accommodating until they explored the right product. The entire process is an overwhelming one and when an app has reached its peak point, the same methodology is replicated for another. 

Market analysis

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The success of social media app entirely does not rely on coding or deploying processes. A greater part of the success shadow is due to the market research done at the right time. First, the entrepreneurs should know about their competitors and each detail related to their strategy. Of course, a new app must hold a unique position in the present competitive market. 

Choose the apt model

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Typically, a social media app should have all the potentialities to earn more profit and well-noted by every user. It is always vital to opt for a business model that initiates healthy growth, keeping an eye over the revenue part. On a deeper discussion of “How to a make social media app” dual well-known models are used for the development part. First, the Freemium model allows for free sign-up along with the basic features. The users can pay the money & make use of the premium services. For example, in LinkedIn to access the tools like job match service, a concerned fee amount should be paid in advance.

Most of the social media sites like Facebook & Instagram depend on advertising tactics to earn revenue. Their main target is to increase the user base and make use of the data-driven approach with relevant ads. In some rare cases, personal data like age, gender, address details, etc are collected. Most of the companies are willing to pay an amount for advertising purposes to make their brand a popular one. 

Develop an MVP

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An MVP is the major backbone of the app that possesses basic functional features. It typically integrates with the app features where you can develop your app backend. This one mainly includes the Application Programming Interface, servers, and databases.

Promoting the app

For the marketing of the app, video guides, screens & quality content is used. A social media app should stand at the top-notch position at both Google Play Store & Apple store. While interrogating with “How to make a social media app”, an app should be defined with the relevant tags so that it reaches the distinguished users in a shorter period. This step is the most important one which assures 100% success of the social media market. 

Support & Maintenance

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In this stage, just be ready to fix the issues and also update the app to integrate lists of new features. Now, you may have a question what is the duration time to make a social media app. The answer is that it takes about 10 to 12 months, around 450-470 development hours to integrate features. In some cases, the development time may vary depending on the capability of the developer. The other factors included are exclusive platform, stack technology, etc. 


There are several ways to earn money from your social media app. To sustain a longer period in the market, proper strategies should be followed. Initially, give a try for the sales directly to the audience. Next, video marketing is one of the best ways to earn well. If the videos attain a top-notch hit you can gain more revenue. By generating leads from social media, you can achieve success and it leads to catch with more profit. 

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