Perspective innovation of application for all services

In this intended digital platform, everything has been changed to catch the technological updates globally. The vital factors such as Smartphone devices & the internet play a significant role in this modern world. Typically, the folks cannot live without any technical facilities and it had indulged in everyone’s life. To add it to a nutshell it also simplifies overall human work to a top-notch level.
Starting from the base level of remote control for the television systems to the booking of spa services, each & everything is done through the Smartphone. The present younger generation is more attracted to computers, laptops, web apps & electronic mail, etc due to alluring peculiarity. There is a list of apps for several purposes such as entertainment, providing flexible services, enterprises & communication, etc.

An intrinsic view

In this era, most of the digital marketing firms have started to invest a huge amount of money on mobile applications. Nowadays, most of the people are experiencing better growth, especially in the business podium. To grow well in this technical generation, most of the firms adopt several custom mobile apps to meet the target audience at a lower level of investment. On the other side of the flip, most of them prefer to be the apps to be a handy one so that they can be within their comfort zone. Day by day the service apps are developing to a greater extent & their expectations are satisfied at the doorstep.

Pulse Rated factor- a Greater need

Unexpectedly, most of the houses get some issues with any of the electronic items such as kitchen equipment, refrigerators & television, etc. Here in this critical situation, the need for the electrician or mechanics is in great demand. It is a big challenging task to procure things on the right track as no tasker will be available at the correct time.
In case if a handyman is booked, the charging cost might be too heavy. The professionals involved in these kinds of services are not aware of the concerned users who are in a greater need for services. To give an apt solution for this kind of problem a mobile app came into effect a reliable one for both of the parties. Hence, both of their needs will be satisfied with all the senses.

Working mechanism

It involves methods of a working system between user and tasker. The user seeks a service according to their needs by describing in details like replacing spares or need of new fixing. Once those task is been confirmed by the nearby tasker, then confirmation detail is been shared with the user. If the tasker buys any spars for service that amount is billed as excess charge in addition to a service charge of those workings.
Further case tasker can use a certain option like availability day-wise or time-wise selection because they can make use of their prior time for those respective services. When it comes to payment, the bill amount is shared from the admin panel to both tasker and user and it is cleared by paying in respective given option for seeking the service. Along with its service task is been collected as a commission basis and send to the admin for maintaining charge.

Major key benefits

Saving Time & Money

Generally, no one prefers to waste their time in their busy schedules. This gigantic app service helps to save their precious time by opting for the right service & an experienced tasker. Composing entire services into a single platform enables us to save time. it moreover gives a standard and professional tasker to complete the task. This is one of the best high-lighted points for the intended entrepreneurs. It is an important thing to save money for any age group of people. Based on a loop of factors such as service rate, an individual can book an essential service through which overspending of money can be avoided in all the senses.

Effective work

In this era, many issues have been raised that some of the professionals are costing higher even for the smaller works. At the same time, their work is also not satisfied with the expected level. To avoid these situations, an app is the best choice. Here, the typical service & amount can be selected in a shorter period in an effective manner.

Completely free from stress

If any problem is raised in our day to life activity then automatically it leads to a stressful life. Exploring a perfect handyman is the toughest job and if that too completed in a shorter period, then there is no stress or pressure in our life. To develop this kind of reliable app, skilled code-builders are the most needed ones.

Exclusive Features of Handyman App

Referral Program

Make use of this feature to refer the customer who needs for any listed task. Gain respective benefits for each referral.

OTP signup & Login

Have a secure way of login while signup accounts. Enter the one-time password to access for further process.

User Wallet

Transferring and crediting can be done in this option which is highly secured and controlled by authorized persons.

Availability Day-wise selection

Picking up service is made easy by knowing the availability of the day. It helps to select service according to their preferable time.

Emoji Ratings

Share your feedback by placing the Emoji for our future improvement.

Chat & Call

Connect with the support team and get rid of your queries through their greater support.

Subscriber list

Look at the recent and older subscriber along with their entire details. It helps to plan and allot service according to their activities.

Export User/Tasker

Gain beneficial service with the respective tasker or user. Obtain a format of CSV or excel sheet to view working details.

Apps & Web Reskinning

Using several colors from its panel as per wish is possible. Website Reskinning works add increasing attention to the user.

PayPal & Stripe Payment Gateway

Gives more security and privacy concerns with this type of gateway. Each individual has a separate payment option for an easier transaction.


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