Top 10 Smart Water Management Companies in India – 2024

Generally, Smart Water Management is a well-defined system that gathers information on the supply of water, particularly in urban locations. The main goal of Smart Water Management is to provide water continually. This gigantic system focuses on the field of electronic communication and computerized systems to enhance analytics & data. Smart water management gathers power-packed data on the supply of water, especially in urban locations. The top-notch features of this system are controlling its flow, and pressure of water, checking leakage, smart water metering, etc. The IoT & AI-enabled smart meters send energy consumption information to consumers and servers. In this blog, you can grab details about top 10 Smart water management companies

The dominant technological solutions are GIS, pH sensors, SCADA, digitized meters, etc. Lists of services of this enormous system are managed services and professional services. The end-user sectors are residential, commercial, and industrial. The robust solutions are related to real-time monitoring, SCADA, analytics, smart water meters, asset management, etc. The Smart Water Management system accumulates & shares the data subjected to a series of the water network. These enormous systems explore the leakages, eradicate energy consumption water, preserve water, detect the failure and assure 100% compliance. 

Top List Of Smart Water Management Companies in India

  • KarIoT solutions
  • Team Tweaks
  • ABB Limited
  • Trimble Inc.
  • Siemens AG
  • Itron Inc.
  • Suez Group
  • Badger Meter Inc.
  • Arad Group
  • Oracle Corporation 

Statistical Facts

 water scarcity

In the upcoming years, the CAGR rate is expected to achieve nearly fourteen percent. Due to  the enhanced population, there is an enormous demand for water globally. The cost implication is one of the primary factors of market development. This systematic structure uses ICT and real-time information, which is a vital part of the optimal solution. Smart water management examines water quality, quantity, control of flow, pressure, leakages, etc. In another three years, it is expected that water scarcity affects nearly twenty percent of the population & the remaining part is the species. 

The Intelligent water system includes the integration of the Internet of Things, AI, and Big data. It prevents the damages produced by the indiscreet consumption of water resources. The IoT field is expected to grow in the present digital market. The advanced smart meters are integrated with modernized solutions like Geographical Information Systems, Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition. These solutions have altered water management to solve the challenges of residents and industrial owners. For the inaccurate billing system, dynamic calculation enabled with an IoT system is the best solution. 

Top 10 Smart Water Management Companies in India

Smart Water Management Companies in India

KarIoT solutions

The company’s unique features are an instant alert system for leakages, statistical reports of the consumption of water, dynamic billing, and real-time monitoring of water level & flow, and more on. They are dealing with clients all over India and also overseas. The company has completed different projects like Residential, Industrial units, government units, private sectors, and more on. Its substantial features are a Smart monitoring system, automated alerts, continual quality controller Artificial Intelligence enabled analytics, etc. The main benefit of KarIoT is audits of water & energy consumption, controlling of water valves remotely, instant alerts, etc. Just by minimal investment, KarIoT satisfies the customer’s expectations. If any customization is needed, the company is ready to process it. They maintain healthy relationships with their potential clients locally and all over the world. 

Team Tweaks

Team Tweaks is one of the top-rated Smart water management companies that examine the challenges of Smart water management systems. They scrutinize the overall process & incorporate contemporary technologies like IoT & AI to provide ideal solutions. Their exclusive product is completely IoT based on inspections for water consumption and leakage issues. It is one of the best products which suits different fields like agriculture, commercial sectors, industries, etc. Apart from Smart water management, the company is a well-known mobile app development company too. The ultrasonic-based technology plays a vital role. Team Tweaks is known for its services like tech support, IoT, web development, web design, WordPress development, DevOps consulting, etc. 

ABB Limited

ABB Limited is one of the well-known companies which have earned a reputation in different fields like automation, electrification, Smart water management, robotics, etc. At present, they are dealing with a list of digital services & transformation solutions. They are providing sustainable & resource-enabled products. The company is inter-connecting with different fields and they are manufacturing power-packed units. Their portfolio proves the empowerment of smarter & secured operations. ABB is driving innovative solutions that enhance industrial transmutation. Their passion is to achieve accomplishments and their employees are committed to bringing creativity to every field. Apart from Smart water management, they are involved in different sectors like power generation, marine & ports, and Oil and gas. 

Trimble Inc.

Trimble Inc is one of the best Smart water management companies that provide innovative technology solutions that aid in the transformation of enterprises from the scratch. They are dealing with multiple industries like construction, transport, architecture, engineering, etc. To date, the organization has delivered top-notch digital products. They assure their customers with 100% safety and quality products & it has been delivered to more than 140 countries globally. Trimble is the leading company offering value propositions and they have a tie-up with multiple dealers & distribution partners. Apart from the engineering products, the company has invested in the IoT field to a huge extent. In terms of Smart water management, they provide ideal solutions for GIS mapping, wastewater management, network monitoring, and more on. 

Siemens AG

Its headquarters is located in Plano, U.S. Their digital industries are subservient to Siemens AG. As of now, the company has been operating through a series of segments like Transportation, Oil & Gas, Finance, Insurance, transport, healthcare, and more. The organization provides innovative IIoT solutions for different sectors like software, communication, automation systems, enterprise communication, etc. As the foremost technological firm, they have incorporated digital work & aid potential clients to grow their business. They develop reliable products by using contemporary and trendier technologies. 

Itron Inc.

It is one of the leading companies at the global level & earned good fame in terms of utilities. Itron provides innovative solutions to its prospective customers globally. The company is offering a list of software and hardware scalable solutions in every hospitable sector. By examining the overall challenges, the firm provides a technological framework for the customer’s needs and requirements. Itron mainly targets different units like gas, electricity, analytics, energy management, etc. The company speaks more value by affording reliable IoT solutions. At the same time, Itron provides key value for Automated Metered Reading and Automated Metering Infrastructure. The company possesses multiple worldwide branches in North America, Latin America & European countries. 

Suez Group

For many years, the Suez group has been successfully running the business in terms of water treatment. They are handling multiple projects in different sectors like sanitation, wastage ETP, STP, restoration, etc. Suez group is providing robust solutions for optimization. The organization is standing at the leading position in water services, energy management, digitized technology, etc. At the same time, the company is providing affordable solutions in different industries like chemical, food manufacturing, construction, medicines production, etc. The firm is located in many parts of the world like France & Europe. 

Badger Meter Inc.

This company focuses on the products of flow measurement, water utilities, and commercial sectors. Badger Meter provides optimal solutions to their potential clients with analytics to enhance multiple operations and achieves sustainability impeccably. The organization is providing a series of metering solutions to explore its cutting-edge system. The company is located in multiple global parts like Asia, Canada, Mexico, etc. Badger Meter is affording contemporary technologies subjective with metering products. The company provides product documentation, 24/7 technical support, software, firmware, etc. The organization possesses more than a hundred years of experience which are well-known in terms of consistency. They help their promising customers in all ways and guide them from the scratch. 

Arad Group

Arad Group is a well-known Smart Water Management Company that supplies affordable water meters to different sectors like residential, commercial, and agricultural units. Additionally, Arad Group is focusing on ultrasonic-enabled technologies to implement reasonable water meters. These exclusive intelligent water meters are an integral part of Smart Water Management. They provide standards for different factors like reliability, sustainability, and accuracy. The company plays a vital role in different units like Smart data solutions, analytics, IoT, Automated Meter Reading, Automated Metering Infrastructure, etc. It is a top-rated leader in the sectors of digitized water metering. Their Smart water meters are installed at the global level. The company’s subsidiaries are Arad technologies, Master Meter, Water Tech, Cicasa, Contazara, etc. 

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Oracle Corporation 

The company supplies top-notch products to several industrial end users. Oracle provides enterprise analytics, tools, technological solutions, ERP, supply chain management, etc. The organization has designed innovative solutions for different sectors like education and multinational corporations. Their main goal is to increase productivity and overall performance. Oracle is operating in multiple fields like finance, automotive, healthcare, retail, industries, etc. The company possesses a series of branches at its global level such as Europe, Latin America, Asia, etc. 

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Summing Up!!

This blog describes the top 10 Smart water management companies. In 2023, these companies will occupy the top ten positions. The leading positions can change at any time. Let us be patient & check it in the upcoming year. 


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