Top 5 messaging apps of 2020 and how to build a technically oriented chat app

We all know that technology is updating the world day by day with constant creative features in all fields. So when it comes to the communication system, the experts have designed various messaging apps that allow people to get connected and share information quickly. These kinds of apps are available free of cost whereas some of them require a subscription or pay to install them. Team Tweaks has acquired the reputation of a prominent Android App Development Company in differential units.

To know about such kind of application in the market, here is a detailed view of mobile messaging apps that creates an impact in society. It allows several users to utilize them with various features like voice calls, video, instant messages, photos that get connected to people in a single device. Mostly these messaging applications are used for chatting use, especially to make communication more quickly. This one can be installed through a smartphone device irrespective of its operating system. By offering alluring services in various sectors, Team Tweaks has earned the best fame in terms of iOS app Development Company too.

In-depth facts

Multiple devices use Android & iOS holds a specific store to download this kind of chatting apps. The purpose of this messaging app is to get connected with their well-being, even though they are long-distance. It sets with a reliable platform enriched with various options in forms of media support to share them with their friends. When messaging apps are done more probably with ease of use, installing along with productiveness then it delivers high usage in the market. Utilizing such sources can help to share details in the form of media are done in the best manner that could be seen anywhere in any time zone.

When it comes to using a method, it is all about internet connection on the device. It gets to run with the help of the internet and spontaneous response for the messages that are sent. There are some popular applications available in a day to day life, and also we routinely use them. It sets common features for all type of OS like the ability to proceed with voice, video calls at free cost with the support of instant messaging along with many other updated features are available. Some well-known messaging platform is as follows:

Facebook Messenger

It is Facebooks own venture that created a productive impact in the mobile messaging field. This real-time app can be used in both Android as well as in iOS platform that builds on chatting network. It gets more mobile features with various extensions and add-ons to undergo a reliable impact on messaging. These things hold additional features like GIFs, sending of photos, sharing live locations. It can be installed from the respective operating store. Mostly, these Facebook messenger enables us to communicate in real-time space with their device. It holds some benefits like one can use this platform even though they have not logged in to their Facebook account.


This one is the most popular chatting application in mobile, designed for smartphone users that allows operations like sharing of photos, chats, videos. It is globally used, which is easy to configure and a user-responsive platform. Moreover, this gets installed freely and easily that helps to send live location, document, contacts, photos, audios to other people in a single operation. These sources are enhanced with popular app bowled out of group video calling by connection to more than two people. Focusing on statistical data WhatsApp holds one billion users followed by Facebook’s second used messaging app in this world. It also involves end-to-end encryption concepts for security purposes.

Google Hangouts

These are exposed from Google+ and Gmail that can be used in iOS and Android devices. A well-known instant messaging solution gets manages with ease of communication and gets on-demand of the corporate environment. While focusing on its users, one billion people are using this platform where it all needs google account to enable them. This app can be used on the desktop as well as on mobile devices. Once the google account is created, then it is set with default arrangement on using for chats. When it is installed separately, it needs a Google account link for use in a convenient manner.


One most frequently used desktop application that can be installed through browser app and mobile app which uses on low-cost calls, to connect with people worldwide. Skype can be used for professional usage as well as for personal ones. This source offers an instant messaging process, and also one can transfer files more easily. It provides an instant messaging app that can be downloaded on smart devices or pc and can probably consume this platform. Skype platforms can be used to attend all sorts of commercial calls that are used to reach people in different time zones of people. It also holds features to reject calls, block from unknown or unwanted calls by viewing their profile in random works.


Best among social chatting apps that bears similarity to other sources. Viber can provide voice & video calling, sending messages, and share photos with their contact. It reaches out to 500 million users with a growing platform and can be downloaded at no cost. These works are done on various devices that access regardless of their location by sharing with their friends. It also holds some unique features to do in a group conversation and sends them in short video messages. These things make additional features that can contain unlimited members to use this Viber application.

Quality apps for chatting

These messaging apps hold important aspects of daily usage that aids in keeping touch with people. It gets close to people from different parts of the world are getting connected. These things hold several additional features with customized designs are used.

Benefits of messaging apps in the corporate world

Communication is the key to human survival. Wherever you look at the history, communication might have saved millions of soldiers at a battlefield or played a decisive role in controlling a global pandemic. So, it is no wonder that there are over a hundred inventions in the last couple of decades dedicated to enriching human communication alone. Messaging apps are a dominant player in this category since their introduction democratized communication among the masses. Everyone nowadays can share their thoughts or ideas with anyone located at any end of the planet.

An initial view

The rise of the internet, combined with the rapid growth of smart devices have made messaging apps an indestructible force in the world of communication. Centuries ago, people used letters to engage with individuals who are distanced. Then, science leads to the creation of wired communication involving sharing cryptic messages.

This particular method evolved into SMS or better known as short messaging services in the later part of the history. SMS gained widespread popularity among the global population because of the convenience and the sheer speed at which messages are transferred. Then came the MMS, with multimedia at its introduction part. This one enabled transferring multimedia files like images, music, and videos.

These SMS and MMS are the ancestors of today’s instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Skype, snap chat, or Viber. However, these are far more superior in the things they are capable of. An individual can transfer enormous bites of files in an instant to any location. All the needs is a network connection and a smart device. Apart from our day-to-day lifestyle, messaging apps play a significant role in corporate settings improving their efficiency and productivity.

Real-time communication

Emails are a burden to real-time communication. Besides no one is going to hand around looking for new mails unless they have a definite purpose to do so. With instant messaging, team leaders can communicate an idea or prompt across every member in an instant. These are much more efficient and time-saving than traditional means of communication like emails. Even with video meetings, not everyone can find time to schedule for the discussions, hence messaging seems like a better option for organizations valuing time.

Monitor progress

Many corporate companies make use of special forms of apps known as the enterprise chat application that can be typically used to manage milestones or track an employee’s progress towards a particular work. This one is particularly important during work from home situations where constant monitoring could get tricky. Leaders can initiate a notification and tag a worker upon completing a specific milestone. It makes real-time tracking easier for long term goals.

Increased productivity

In a typical way, notifications are distracting to work, especially alerts from social media platforms. But, when streamlined, these notifications are a great way to increase a team’s productivity. Organizations could make beneficial use of these instant messaging apps to boost their employees’ ability to complete a task on time. This one is advantageous for everyone involved in a corporate setting.

Nowadays, the messaging application has been revolutionized in this technology market. It sets a productive trend in making the concept to clone arrangement for gaining a profitable result. Due to its responsiveness and simple functionalities, these things give a needful and competitive platform when compared with other phases of the chatting system. Knowing its functions and working process delivers the mechanism as well as using this becomes an efficient one.

Technical perceptions

For developing a Whatsapp like App, the messaging applications are involved in the concept of ejabberd server, which is exposed to spontaneity on transferring information between two or multiple users on a real-time basis. It gets involved in high reliability as well as creates an impact on getting high traffic with sustainable functions.

Focusing on ERLANG that is used to code this messaging app. It gets restructured along with some changes done minimally to achieve optimal performance. These platforms adapt to making instant updates by responsively fixing issues that helps to push the changes to live implementation without any restarting process. Some of the functionality exposed in the messaging application is as follows

Transferring of data

Using this chat application, one can able to send billions of messages in a day. This one would lie on reliable data processing works that message depending on queue length. These things are determined by the entire process that is associated with node whereas, some messages which involve multimedia containing audio, video, that need to be uploaded into the HTTP server. This functionality has to get connected with content and send it to the receiver node based on viewed process or discarded functionality.

Functionality of protocol

Addressing a primary service in which XMPP is used, and DSL makes an impact on dealing with network security. It helps in preventing private data transfer, queued on server. As per the priority and functionality of the algorithm used, the messages deliver on the user side with notified double tickmark for verification. Certain simple functions make a resource to run in a user-friendly manner.

Entering process

As a user of these message applications, one needs to register with their authorized mobile number. Once the verification process is completed, then a person can proceed to use the app further on.

Managing data

In this concept of App like WhatsApp, there is an involvement of Mnesia DB to handle traffic issues with a continuous flow of tasks on making database management. These platforms distribute to make default accessibility and achieve quicker response on improving overall efficiency in this process. There is also an involvement of FreeBSD in setting the OS for building more successive. By improving the views on chatting apps and optimizes them to achieve better performance for setting exclusive server functionality.

Enriching App

Addressing the technological assumption of chatting apps involves analyzing the possibilities of creating alternative works. More applications in the market appear to set perfect clones. When it comes to reality, there is an enormous attempt of messaging apps that facilitate them in following productive technical aspects. Addressing the framework structure, we deliver the functional building of the chatting application. This one can be used for enriching messaging clones used in a different operating system like Android, iOS to set an enormous preferable operating system.

Architectural phases


This server is an open-source Jabber that is customized by our experts to improve its operations. These protocols are customized as per the needs of the session for protecting the app from DDOS attacks. It gets prevented from spoofing works with the support of HMAC.

Mnesia and MySQL

The entire process of storing data and other functionality uses this platform. It is used to maintain user login, contributing to information by filling user details that are done to other personal accounts.

Cassandra Database

Using this platform relies on chat logs that are key for instant messaging applications. To save chat history, it is done with product options that can be retrieved on better phases.

Amazon S3 Bucket

Most of these multimedia messages are enriched with audio, video, images that are stored in this platform. When it comes to the registration process, they use a better phase on filling details like number, email, name as per customize works.


It uses source code on building real-time communication that is accessed in browsers and mobile app. These things are inbuilt by allowing users to VOIP in support of the chatting application.


This functionality offers layered secureness with the encryption process done on both sides. Entire verification works are done in transmitting data within the chat app process in a secure manner. Using SDK to send a request and Ejabberd server helps to proceed with other functions without causing any delay process on the receiver side and sender side. If this process is done in an offline state, then the message gets queued in the server and set them delivered when the network connection is available.

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