Uber like model for School Students Pick up & Drop services every day

Generally, IT Companies are the major reason to enhance the growth of our country. In today’s era, we hear about daily accidents indulging school vehicles, parents have become more concerned about the safety of loved ones, while they travel to school. Ensuring the safety of the kids is the topmost priority of each & every family. Starting from caring about minute things to honoring the infant’s achievements; every parent looks for a safer environment to grow for their children. Nowadays, parents are more worried about the child’s security continues to disturb every parent’s mind about safer transportation to and from school. More broadly, some of the parents cannot accompany their kids at every place. Typically, the working parents find it difficult to drive children to schoolkeeping in their overall busy working schedule. Nowadays, equal importance is given to IoT companies similar to that of Android app development companies. Typically, software companies are involved in the production & distribution of software.

Let’s go deeper – An intrinsic view

Everywhere in the world, millions of kids go to school every day. As most of them depend on public transportation, private transport forms an important base specifically in urban areas. This one varies from a list of vehicles like school buses, auto-rickshaws & parents dropping kids in either bikes or cars. The safety of kids in means of public transport & school buses is always a major worry for the parents. Next option is the auto rickshaws. The kids will be packed together just like sardines & also transported on chuckhole ridden roads at the mind hallucinatory speeds. Still, now, there are several reports of kids falling off vehicles & getting hurt severely. On the other side of the flip, there are not any strict guidelines in terms of safety measures. In the extensive urban areas, school transport always tends to be costlier when compared to auto rickshaws. Most of the kids staying within five to the six-kilometer radius of the school, the autos seem to be an alternative one in the absence of the vehicle.

Imagine a seamless system where parents can schedule and track their child’s daily commute to and from school with the convenience of a tap on their smartphone. This vision is now a reality with our Uber-like model for school students’ pick-up and drop-off services, seamlessly integrated with cutting-edge school management software. Our innovative solution brings peace of mind to parents and school administrators alike. Through the school management software, parents can set up pick-up and drop-off locations, view real-time tracking of the school bus, and receive notifications upon arrival.

Need to know: Riding with Children

In this digital platform, most of the families use the Uber app in their day-to-day lives, whether it is transporting the kids around to offer school activities. The folks in and around the world are using the Uber service to make their usual lives less delirious. There is a list of things to be considered when it comes specifically using Uber like app model for children.

Basic Protocols

When it comes to the major point of requesting rides, the overall guidelines state that infants under the age of 18 years are not allowed to have any Uber accounts. If an individual is using an Uber account for typical family profiles for the infants to request a ride, they must be accompanied by an elder person. In sometimes, the drivers may also ask for ID verification to check information such as rider’s age if it is necessary.

Major Key tips for using Uber like app model for Children

Here is a list of tips to process the most of taking Uber like app model as a service for school drop/pickup kids from school.

Keep everyone connected

Generally, an Uber app has a loop of safety features to give peace of mind for a family when using Uber, with kids & more. One of the solitary features is sharing trip status to let the well-wisher or anyone else exactly to know all the details starting from scratch. Pre-selection of five trusted contacts is a possible one to receive the ride status whenever a person travels.

Uber Family Profile

Along with the Uber family profile, the travel can be an easier one for anyone like partner, kids & grandparents, etc. Typically a family profile allows inter-connecting of about five people to an Uber account. This one directly means that requesting of rides is proceeded on by indulging payment methods, with exclusive records being kept on an account.

It is a unique way to manage transport for an entire family & take care of everything. From the above-discussed points, one can easily understand the rules & tips for using Uber with Kids, arranging transport for an entire family is not complicated too.

A rising trend of cab Usage

In this exclusive platform, most of the mothers are using UberPool to drop off & pick up kids from school each & every day. From the financial view, it works out as a cheaper one as an auto-rickshaw with the safety of a car & an accompanying parent.

Major Types of Customers

1) The working parents drop the kid at school, then on the way to work. A regular cab is a one, fits in all the ways, as there are many steps involved. In case of any daycare, the parents used to pick up their kids on the literal way back to home. On the other side of the coin, if it is school, they depend on one-way transport like a school bus or caretakers like an elderly person to pick them up.

2) The homemakers who drop off & pick up kids each & every day from the school. The solitary UberPool works in a realistic situation as the cost is less & there are major four trips involved each day.

  • Home to school in the morning- includes mom & kid
  • School to home in the morning- includes only mom
  • Home to school in the evening- only mom
  • School to home in the evening- includes mom & kid

A complete customer journey details

The initial start of the ride begins with a certain set of instructions if the kid’s parents are working they have to use a regular cab because of waiting in multiple drop points. In case parents are not working then they use an Uber pool to gain a cost also it is been hired for one destination location to drop their kids and picking back from school will be the end of the process.

Whereas working parents need a daycare for their children if they don’t have anyone, its parent’s a routine to pick and drop kids before leaving and going to their place and complete their ride. When it comes to daycare they have accompanied with kids while dropping in school in case if children are coming by a school bus in the evening then they can be dropped by school transportation itself else children must a be accompanied by their caretaker like their grandparents and then get back to their destination by completing the ride.

What are the existing challenges?

Let us consider a scenario where it involves multiple trips each & every day. Here the challenges are described below.

Some mothers do not use a Smartphone & depend on the spouse to book the cab. At the same time, most of the moms do not use a credit card too. So they should process tendering exact cash for the payment process. The booking process multiple times a day is typically a tedious & time-consuming activity.

Proposed Solution

To overcome the above problems, an exclusive option of the recurring booking will be a helpful one. The parents can select a specified time, a total number of seats including days required. Once the booking is completed, the user gets an updated notification about the upcoming booking. The user can also cancel the booking only within a specified period. In case if there is no action is taken, then a cab can arrive at the doorstep at the concerned time. The booking can be either edited or deleted from the overall “Upcoming Trips” section in the app.

At last, but not least the major addition is known to be the dedicated digital wallet for Uber. It is mainly useful for users who use the app many times a day without having to empower credit card transactions or carrying out the definite change all the time. The Uber team pointed out the significance of including cash payments, the right time to consider for possessing a dedicated wallet. Uber platform even though does have a solution to link their platform with the school kids pickup and drop facility now, they are somehow connected the school with their driver partners helped the educational system easily accessible for the driver partners children.


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